INFO SHEET: Actions you can take on your asylum case yourself

Last update : November 2023

Dear women, we believe knowing your rights means accessing your rights! On the website of the Ministry of Migration and Asylum, you can find applications that are free to access and where you can YOURSELF take many actions for your asylum case. The applications are simple online forms - you fill the information and when you press “submit” your request is sent to the Greek Asylum Service office responsible for your case. Attention! Other than yourself only a certified lawyer holding a power of attorney signed by you can make the applications on your behalf.

We often hear from people that they are not aware of the possibility to file such applications by oneself or that they are unable to fill the forms. This info-sheet is to help you understand how to use these applications without anyone’s help and without paying fees to private lawyers unnecessarily.

The forms are available in different languages (amongst others: English, French, Spanish, Farsi, Urdu, Turkish, Arabic, Kurmanji, Russian, Sorani, Albanian, Lingala etc). Change the language on the top right side after opening the form.

To use these forms you need to understand one of the provided languages, have internet access and be able to find the information needed (such as your case number) on your asylum applicant’s card. You also need to have your own email address and phone number in order to receive the asylum service’s answer to your request. Every adult person has to file their own application – also within a family (i.e. wife and husband), while parents apply also for their minor children.

All forms ask for the following information:

Case number (CASE NO)
Personal file number (FOLDER ID)
Phone number

Then you should chose the Asylum Service handling your case from a list. Attention! “Katekhaki” is officially named “Regional Asylum Office of Attica”.

Where it says: name & surname of authorised lawyer you should write: “no lawyer”, when applying yourself. If you don’t write anything in this box the form cannot be sent! If you’re applying yourself you can then ignore where the form asks you to upload a legal ID and authorisation with original signature - these are used only by lawyers when applying on your behalf.

Fill in the requested information according to the form and click the correct boxes for your request if boxes are provided. In some forms you have the option to upload documents. Before filling in the form you should check what evidence the form you are filling requests and have the relevant documents ready as scans inside your phone in order to upload them.

At the end, all forms ask for “place” - here you should write where you are, for example “Athens”. The date is inputted automatically. Finally, in order for the form to send, you must click to tick the boxes to show you are a person applying (this is a standard security feature) and that you accept the privacy policy (another formality, because you are sending your personal data).

Attention! If you send requests / forms without your lawyer’s help, do so by giving your own contact information (phone number and email) and not anyone else’s.
Attention! Filing the applications properly does not always mean you will get an answer and does not necessarily mean you get a prompt answer or an adequate one. Often the first response is an automated answer. You may have to wait for some days for the actual answer. Do not delete any of the answers of the asylum service as these may be needed later.

Find the page providing for an overview and the links to different online applications in English/Greek here:

List of forms / applications available

  1. If you need to visit the Asylum Service, you need an appointment in advance so that they allow you inside. File an application for an appointment with the asylum service, here:

  2. An application to change the contact details should be used if your phone number or your address changes. If the Asylum Service can’t reach you this may have negative consequences on your asylum procedure. If it’s your address that has changed, the form asks you to upload proof of your new address, such as a tenancy agreement, utility bill, tax number certificate (AFM), or paper from the camp / organisation hosting you. Attention! If authorities transferred you to a/another camp they should normally update the system with your new address.
    Apply here:

  3. The application to change your personal/identification data can be used if your personal details have been recorded incorrectly by the Greek authorities. You can request a change of your name, family name, father’s/mother’s name, birthdate, country and/or place of birth and nationality. You can use the form for yourself and your minor children, if their details are (also) incorrect. In order to request your data be changed/corrected, you must have an original official document with you in Greece that shows the correct information. This document could be for example a passport, ID card, birth certificate or family status certificate issued by your home country’s authorities. You should upload a photo/scan of this document when you fill the form and when you tick the box to say which document you have, you are also saying that you hold the original and can bring it to the Greek Asylum Service office when they ask you to. Attention! If during your registration you stated that you do not hold any such documents, but later on you got hold of them, then you can still notify the Asylum Service, send copies or scans through the form and later hand in the originals. Original passports are kept by the Asylum Service, since your claim for asylum means that you are not safe in your home country and cannot return there. Attention! Consult your lawyer before filing any copies of documents.
    Apply here:

  4. With the application for statement of application status you can request:

  • A statement saying that you have applied for international protection as well as the stage of your procedure (you can use this option if you would like to know if you have any decision on your asylum case)
  • A statement saying that you applied for residence permit renewal
  • A statement confirming that your personal information has been changed or
  • A statement due to loss of your asylum applicant card (that shows you’re in the asylum procedure - white with red border)
  • A statement due to loss of your residence permit (your ID card if you’ve got a positive decision as a refugee - blue and pink)
    Apply here:
  1. A very useful application is where you apply for a copy of your personal file at the asylum service. You need copies of your file to know what you have stated so far in your procedure, i.e. during registration, your first interview, what the decisions stated etc. These documents are all important to prepare for your case going forward. You can choose to apply for the following individual documents:
  • the international protection application
  • the interview minutes
  • the recording of my interview
  • the decision on the international protection application
  • the decision on the application for change of personal data
    Select “other” if you require another specific document
    You can also select the option to receive your entire file. Attention! We recommend applying for your entire file.
    Apply here:
  1. If you have received a rejection, want to appeal and do not have a lawyer representing you, you have a right to request a lawyer who will be paid for by the Greek authorities. These lawyers are independent lawyers and if allocated to your case they will work for you. However, some of these lawyers are experienced in asylum law, while others are not. They receive only little money with great delays from the state, so they will probably only meet you once for preparation and won’t be able to invest a lot of time. However, if you could not find a lawyer at any of the refugee rights NGOs and are not able to pay a private lawyer, this is the best solution in order to not remain without help. Usually camp authorities apply for their residents for state lawyers in such cases. Yet, you can also apply yourself here:

Attention! there is no possibility to request a lawyer paid by the Greek authorities before your claim has been rejected. The lawyers you apply for here are for appeals only. Lawyer for earlier in the procedure must be found privately (paid) or at NGOs (free).

Attention! The following applications should not be submitted without the advice of a lawyer!

  • The application to expedite or postpone an interview needs reasoning and proof. For example vulnerability could be a reason to expedite an interview, sickness a reason to postpone. Expediting the procedure may seem desirable to get things over faster, however, if you haven’t yet managed to prepare your case with a lawyer or legal advisor, to collect relevant proof and to find a lawyer to represent you, this may harm your case. If you apply to expedite, a new date may be issued even within the next days or weeks and leave you unprepared. If you already have a good lawyer and did interview preparation, you lawyer also can apply in your place for expediting your case.
    Attention! This application requests you to upload evidence (photos/scans) that show the medical or other reason that your interview needs to be quicker or postponed. This evidence should be from a professional, for example a doctor or psychologist, and explain why your interview should be sooner/later..
    Attention! If you have a lawyer but they cannot accompany you to your interview, so for this reason the interview date needs to be changed, your lawyer should submit this application and select this reason.
    Apply here:

  • If your case is joined to your close relatives (i.e. your husband, father, mother or child), you will have the same case number. You may have a reason to apply for a separation of your files. For example, if you separate from your spouse. Attention! You should seek advice before applying for a separation of files as this is something that should only be done in specific circumstances.
    Apply here:

  • The application to submit additional documents is used when you want to add evidence or relevant papers to your file. If you have a family reunification case, such documents might be the identity documents of your relatives you aim to reunite with, marriage certificates.. If you have an asylum claim in Greece, you may wish to submit medical certificates or photographs or papers from your country showing your experiences there. However, a lawyer should first check these documents in order to make sure all relevant data included is correct and not contradictory to any information you have already shared during your procedure. You cannot take things back once they are sent!
    Attention! If you have a lawyer, they should submit documents for your case to the Greek Asylum Service, you do not need to use this form and it may cause confusion if you do so
    Attention! Even if you do not have a lawyer, this application is not your only way to submit documents. You could for example bring relevant documents to your asylum interview and submit them in person to the Greek Asylum Service.
    Apply here:

INFO SHEET: Actions you can take on your asylum case yourself - as PDF for download