Last update : July 2023

The following organisations ALL offer services free of charge. They work independently from the authorities (they are non-governmental organisations, NGOs) – you can contact them no matter your immigration status. Some of them provide for more than one service, i.e. legal aid and social support and others specialize in specific services or even population groups. At the end of this list, you will find some emergency numbers and helplines from the Greek government.

Note! Where contacts do not include an address of the office, you will receive further information on where you have to go if you arrange an appointment through phone, email, helpdesk, social media contact of the given organisation.

Note! This is an incomplete list. We prioritized organisations that are currently functioning and more accessible. Projects and services change quickly. This is an update from July 2023 and will be further expanded.

Table of Contents


    • Athens

      • Greek Council for Refugees (GCR) - (legal and psychosocial support and educational program)

        The largest and oldest Greek NGO working with refugees. Ask for support by calling their helpline
        Via direct contact, WhatsApp or Telegram
        Monday from 9 to 12 o’clock
        Arabic +306936543493
        Farsi / Dari +306907035832
        Lingala/ French +306948065771
        Kurmanji / Sorani +306907035845
        Turkish +306936543491
        Tel.: +30 210 3800990-1
        Address: Solomou 25, Exarchia, Athens

      • Refugee Support Aegean (RSA) - (legal and social support)

        Offices in Athens, Chios and Lesvos.
        The small organisation supports individual cases during all levels of the asylum procedure or family reunification (specially with Germany and Switzerland). Also supports specifically beneficiaries of international protection sent back from other EU-countries and survivors of shipwrecks or family members in search for their relatives at the Greek borders.
        Contact general email for your help requests. If you are a supporter fill in the referral form (here). and send it to the general email
        Te.:+30 2271100466

      • Refugee Legal Support (RLS) - (legal support in Athens)

        Office in Athens mainly offering preparation for interview and assistance with family reunification
        Contact +30 6940662583 – only able to answer in English, interpreters available in all languages if appointment offered.
        If outside Athens, information and signposting only!,

      • Equal Rights Beyond Borders - (legal support)

        Specialising in family reunification cases to Germany.
        Offices in Athens, Kos and Chios.
        Contact directly on WhatsApp:
        French +306944707738
        Arabic +306946941716
        Farsi +306946716406
        English / Turkish +306946210994

      • HIAS - (legal aid and psychosocial support)

        Offices in Athens and Lesvos Island.
        Focus on supporting children, survivors on torture or gender-based violence and other highly vulnerable groups.
        First contact via phone, Whatsapp / Viber call or message
        Farsi +306944134160
        Arabic +306944134335
        French and Ukrainian +306942248387

      • Solidarity Now - (legal, psychosocial, employability/accounting support)

        Go directly to their office to be registered and explain your needs.
        Monday-Friday 9:00-17:00
        Address: Domokou 2, Athens

      • ELIL – European Lawyers in Lesvos (legal aid for first instance asylum procedure)

        Offices in Athens and Lesvos.
        In Athens you can find them on Mondays 10-17 in the Victoria Community Centre.
        Address: Filis 68, Victoria Square, Athens

      • Generation 2.0 for Rights, Equality and Diversity (legal advice about immigration residence permits and citizenship, employability, career counselling)

        For immigrants and beneficiaries of international protection only!
        By appointment only!
        Tel. +30 2130884499,
        Weekly listings of relevant job vacancies for all Greece:

      • Greek Forum of Refugees – (community and information provision)

        No legal representation and advise only by appointment!

    • In Northern Greece / Thessaloniki

      • Greek Council for Refugees (GCR) - (legal and psychosocial support and educational program)

        Request support by contacting their Helpline – direct call, Viber or WhatsApp:
        Monday-Friday 9:00-16:00:
        Arabic +306936543485
        Farsi / Dari +306936543501
        Somali +306936543431
        Tel. +30 210 3800990-1

      • Solidarity Now - (see above)

        Monday-Friday 9:00-17:00
        Address: 29A Ptolemaion str.

      • Equal Legal Aid - (legal support in Northern Greece for all levels of the asylum procedure)

        Contact directly on WhatsApp +306970017915
        Monday-Friday, from 9:00-18:00

    • On the Greek islands

      • Lesvos

        • Legal Centre Lesvos

          Contact directly on WhatsApp: +306949618883
          Litigation support: +306949618650
          Sapfous 2, Mitilene, Opening Hours: Monday – Thursday, 10:00-14:00
          Tel. +30 2251040665

        • Greek Council for Refugees (GCR) - (legal and psychosocial support and educational program)

          (See Athens)
          Monday-Thursday 9:00-16:00
          Farsi / Dari +306945841229

        • Refugee Support Aegean (RSA)

          (see Athens)

        • HIAS (see above)

          First contact via phone, Whatsapp / Viber call or message
          Farsi +306944134160
          Arabic +306944134335
          French and Ukrainian +306942248387

      • Samos

        • Human Rights Legal Project (HRLP)

          The Human Rights Legal Project is a legal aid organisation defending the fundamental rights of people on the move in Greece, and seeking accountability for state criminality at the EU border. There are lawyers to support.

          email :
          Phone : +30 694 545 3546

        • I Have Rights

          Contact directly on WhatsApp: +30 6973528096
          Address: Gimnasiarchou Katevaini 3, Vathy

        • Avocats Sans Frontières (ASFF)

          Legal aid Center on the island of Samos, Greece, to defend the rights of asylum seekers.

          Adress : Dim. Petrou 0 Samos, Sámos, Greece
          Phone number : +30 697 766 8614
          Email adress :

      • Kos

        • Equal Rights Beyond Borders (see above)

          Contact directly on WhatsApp:
          French + English +306989887971
          Arabic +306987461732
          Farsi +306987462602

      • Chios

        • Equal Rights Beyond Borders (see above)

          Contact directly on WhatsApp:
          French, Arabic + English +306945531748
          Farsi +306947799438



      The grassroots projects provides for legal information on the asylum procedure, family reunification, as well as social rights for beneficiaries and questions concerning residence permits and travel documents. INFOMOBILE also visits the outside areas or the camps in Attica region for group advise.
      You can visit the open advise every Thursday 11:30-14 in the garden of STEKI Metanaston, opposite Tsamadou 15 in Exarchia, Athens.

    • Mobile Info Team

      Mobile Info Team provides free information and assistance about asylum procedures; including registration, travel documents and residence permits, family reunification or other topics relating to legal issues in Greece.
      WhatsApp hotline numbers:
      English hotline: +30 694 828 5026
      Arabic hotline: +30 694 222 2325
      Farsi hotline: +30 694 228 8922
      Urdu hotline: +30 694 828 5104
      French hotline: +30 694 828 5102
      For general information :


    • Athens

      • Network for Children’s Rights - under the National Emergency Response Mechanism (NERM)

        Psychosocial and legal support, along non-food items (NFIs), is provided to unaccompanied and separated children.

        Children can either contact the NERM or visit the offices directly.

        Address: Konstantinoupoleos 187 ave., 10444 Athens
        Open Monday-Friday 10:00-20:00
        Tel. : +302121214062

      • Velos – (activities and support for young people aged 16-25, including legal and social support, employability services, English classes, showers, laundry, hot food)

        Young people can come directly
        Address: Tzortz 26, Athens
        Open Monday-Friday 11:00-17:00

      • Faros - (activities and support for minors, including social support, showers, clothes, laundry, food)

        Young people can come directly
        Address: Elpidos 7, Athens
        Open Monday-Friday 9:00-18:00

    • Thessaloniki and Ioannina

      • ARSIS (legal, psychosocial and support for minors including request for accommodation)

        As implementing partner in Thessaloniki of the National Emergency Response Mechanism for Unaccompanied Minors mobile unit searching streets for homeless unaccompanied minors and office where minors can come directly
        WhatsApp +306908070490, +302316015307
        Address: 6 Orfanidou Street, info desk Monday-Friday 10:00-18:00, also accepting calls between 18:00-22:00

      • ARSIS in Ioannina – (can provide guidance and initial information only!)

        Address: Dodonis 10, Ioannina
        Monday-Friday 9:00-17:00
        Tel. +302651400823


    • Athens

      • DIOTIMA – (legal aid and psychosocial assistance for victims of sexual and gender based violence)

        Offices in Athens, Thessaloniki and Lesvos.
        Farsi +306988587846
        French +306988587809
        Arabic +306986921161
        Sorani +306988528460
        Contact the Helpdesk (English) here:

      • Amurtel – (medical and social support for pregnant women and new mothers, educational and group activities)

        Contact directly by WhatsApp message:
        English +30 6909935228
        French +30 6906860158
        Arabic +30 6998772432
        Farsi +30 6939440225

      • Action for Women – (psychosocial support, activities and education)

        Contact directly by WhatsApp message, +30 6945039807,

      • United African Women’s Organisation
      • JRS Women’s Day Centre – (community centre, showers, laundry, activities, social support)

        Can come direct to centre in Athens
        Address: Smirnis 27
        14:30-17:00, Tuesday and Thursday 9:30-13:00 only
        Message on WhatsApp for appointments/information +30 6947697830

      • The following organisations offer also support but are currently more difficult to access. You can still try contacting them directly or through your lawyer or social worker:

        • Melissa Network (safe space for women, integration program including language classes, psychosocial support and community activities)

          Address: 18 Feron, open Monday-Friday 10:00-17:00
          French Arabic and Farsi/Dari interpreters
          Tel. +30 2108218486

        • Amina Centre, by SAO Association

          Psychosocial support, different workshops for women, language classes, humanitarian aid. Note: ONLY upon referral by partner organisations!
          Monday-Friday 9:00-17:00
          Tel: +306907496550

    • Thessaloniki

      • IRIDA women centre

        Venizelou Street 59, 54631 Thessaloniki
        Tel. +30 2311296392

      • DIOTIMA – (legal aid and psychosocial assistance for victims of sexual and gender based violence)

        Offices in Athens, Thessaloniki and Lesvos.
        Contact the Helpdesk (English) here:


    • Metadrasi – (specialist service of certification for survivors of torture)

      25 Martiou Street 4, 17778 Tavros, (2nd floor)
      Open Monday-Friday 9:00-17:00


    • Emantes – (support line for LGBT persons)

      WhatsApp +30 6971693446

    • Safe Place International – (Activities and support for LGBT persons)

      Tel. +306986752325


    • Athens

      Social services are provided by some of the NGOs that also offer legal aid. If you have a lawyer in one of those NGOs seek social help there. If you still need the help of a social worker contact:

      • Lighthouse Relief (social workers)

        The offices are located in the Victoria Community Centre, Filis 68 where you can find an Info-Point on Mondays-Fridays 10:30-16 and social service Monday- Wednesday and Thursday 11-16.
        In any case, better you contact first directly on WhatsApp by message from Monday to Friday at 10:30-16:00:
        Arabic +306940919938
        Farsi +306946130898
        French +306949241496

      • You can also address the following three organisations:
      • Red Cross Multifunctional Centre for Refugees in Athens (information and referrals to other organisations, psychosocial support, help booking appointments and interpretation at hospitals, classes and activities)

        Address: Kapodistriou 2 (1st floor)
        Monday-Friday 9:00-15:00
        For some services appointment is required
        Whatsapp / Viber: +306934724893

      • Caritas Social Spot - (social support, training and activities, accounting service, job counselling)

        Have to make an appointment by emailing first
        Services are available in Greek, English, French, Ukrainian, Farsi and Arabic.

      • Action Aid - (social support, accounting service, employability service)

        Please note that there are no translators available. You should speak Greek or English or bring along someone to translate.
        Address: Petras 93, Monday-Friday 9:00-17:00
        For services, appointments must be booked - in person or by phone
        Tel. +302155557345

    • Thessaloniki

      • Red Cross Multifunctional Centre for Refugees in Thessaloniki (information and referrals to other organisations, psychosocial support)

        Address: Ionos Dragoumi 34, Monday-Friday 9:30-15:30
        For some services appointment is required
        Whatsapp / Viber: +306955563471

  • MEDICAL SUPPORT (Athens / Thessaloniki)

    • Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders, MSF) - ATHENS (general doctor, medical services for sexual and reproductive health and care for new babies and family planning, medication and care for non-communicable diseases like diabetes, asthma and epilepsy, care for survivors of sexual violence, psychological support)

      Athens, address: Solonos 140
      Open 9:00-15:030 Monday-Thursday, Friday 9:00-12:00
      Can contact by WhatsApp message:
      Farsi + Urdu +306956609762
      French, Lingala, Swahili + Kirundi +306951936455
      Arabic, Kurdish, English and other languages +306956609760
      Ukrainian + Somali +306952350920

    • Medicins Du Monde (Doctors of the World, MDM) – ATHENS and THESSALONIKI

      Athens, address: Sapfous 12, By appointment only, call +302103213485
      (General doctor, gynaecologist, cardiologist, neurologist, orthopaedics, paediatrician, dentist, physiotherapist)
      Schedule announced here every week:
      Thessaloniki, address: 29A Ptolemaion Street, 3rd floor, by appointment only, call +302310566641, open Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 16:00
      (General doctor, pathologist, cardiologist, dermatologist, gynaecologist, psychologist/psychiatrist, ophthalmologist, urologist, orthopaedic, diabetes, endocrinologist, pulmonologist, gastroenterologist, pediatrician)
      Schedule announced here every week:

    • Babel - (psychological and psychiatric support in Athens)

      Go directly to request support.
      Address: Ioannou Drosopoulou 72
      Tel.: +302108616280

    • International Rescue Comittee (IRC) – (Psychosocial support in Athens)

      At Victoria Community Centre
      Address: Filis 68, Athens
      Tuesday-Thursday 9-17:00

    • Medical Volunteers International (MVI) - (initial consultations from international volunteer doctors)

      ATHENS and surrounding camps. WhatsApp message only for enquiries/appointment. Do not call but send text or voice messages introducing yourself and your health problem you seek help for.
      Tel. +306947486324

  • Medical support on islands

  • Other health related services

    • Positive Voice - (medical and psychosocial support for people living with HIV),
      Address, in Athens: Ag. Anargiron 13, open 10:00-14:00
      Address, in Thessaloniki: Egnatia 112, open 10:00-14:00

    • Checkpoint - (sexual health counselling, information provision and testing for HIV and Hepatitis)

      In Athens: Ref Checkpoint: services are provided in 9 languages: Arabic, Urdu, Farsi, Dari, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and English. Address: Michail Voda 200, Thursday + Friday 16:00-20:00, Saturday 10:00-14:00
      In Thessaloniki not a refugee specific service but open to everyone.
      Address: Egnatia 112.
      Open Tuesday-Saturday 12:00-20:00

    • Give Med - (connecting you to social pharmacies with the free medicine you need)

      download the MED4U app (available in Arabic, Farsi, French, English, Greek, Ukrainian) which allows you to see which social pharmacies have the medicine you need, for free.


    • One Happy Family Community Centre in Athens
      Address: Fylis 68, open 10:30-17:30, Community space with free wifi, activities and support
      English, Greek and computer classes, employability support (provided by A Drop in the Ocean)
      Mental health & Psychosocial support sessions (provided by IRC)
      Emergency response services (provided by Lighthouse Relief)
      Free legal aid services (provided by ELIL)
      Women’s and kids’ spaces, tailor shop, and tailoring, crocheting and German classes (provided by Glocal Roots)
      Housing project and social support for refugee women and families (provided by Meaalofa Foundation)
      Lunch distribution, everyday from 13:30 to 14:30 (provided by Saffron Kitchen and Project Armonia)

    • Red Umbrella - (for sex workers – practical support including legal psychosocial, addictions and sexual health counselling, activities), +306971977971,
      In Athens, address: Favierou 42, open Wednesday 16:00-20:00
      In Thessaloniki, address: Egnatia 112 (3rd floor), open Monday 16:00-20:00

    • KETHEA - (for people with drug addiction)

      Offices in different cities in Greece.
      Main office in Athens, address: Sorvolou 24, 11636 Athens
      Tel.: +302109241993-6


    • Yoga and Sport for Refugees – (offering free sports classes and activities, in Athens, Lesvos and Ioannina)
    • Steki Metanaston Athens - (language classes)

      Mainly Greek, sometimes also English or other lessons. Lessons start usually in September of each year, but feel free to ask if you can join in later also.
      Address: Tsamadou 13, Exarchia, Athens

    • ANKAA – (Language classes, as well as tailoring and cooking projects and employability services)

      Address: Ithakis 29, 11257 Athens. Monday-Friday 9:00-17:00
      Mobile: +30 695 119 2126
      Tel.: +30 2110138521

    • Stagona Centre by Drop in the Ocean, Victoria Community Centre

      Greek, English and Computer Classes as well as employability support
      Monday-Friday 10-18
      Address: Filis Street 68, 10434 Athens

    • PYXIDA – GCR Athens (Greek language classes)

      For Greek classes contact by email or phone or visit the offices.
      Address: Solomou 20, Exarchia, Athens
      Tel.: +302103814710

    • Kyclos Day Centre - (Languages classes, tailoring, soap making, cooking, empowerment)

      Address: Tositsa 9, Exarchia, Athens

    • Metadrasi

      For courses in Athens, enrollments take place on-line by email to, or at METAdrasi’s offices in Tavros (7, 25 Martiou Street, 1st floor, “Kallithea” train station), Monday to Friday 10:00-17:00.
      For courses in Thessaloniki, enrollments take place on-line by email to or at METAdrasi’s education centre (76 Egnatias Street, 7th floor, in the center of Thessaloniki), Monday to Friday 12:00-19:00.

    • Second Tree (education, integration, youth well-being in North Greece, Ioannina and nearby camps)
    • Steki Metanaston Thessaloniki – (Greek lessons and independent legal advise)

      Valaoritou 20, 6th floor, 54625 Thessaloniki

    • NAOMI (tailoring workshop, emergency aid)

      A small organisation operating mainly a textile workshop in central Thessaloniki with refugees and supporters.
      Address: Ptolemeon 29a, 6th floor, 54630 Thessaloniki
      Tel.: +302311233415

  • FOOD

    • Project Armonia

      As a food-based organisation, we are built around the idea that food brings people together, allowing us to share a diverse range of tastes, traditions and talents across language, cultural or political barriers.

      Avlonos 14, Athina 104 43, Grèce

    • “O allos Anthropos” social kitchen – (free cooked meal, Athens,Thessaloniki, Chalkida)
    • “Khora” social kitchen – (free cooked meal, Athens)

      Address: Kastalias 13, Monday, Wednesday Friday 13:00,,

    • “El Chef” – (free cooked meal, Athens)

      Address: Tsamadou 15, every day except Thursday 11:00-14:30,,

    • Mano Aperta – (free cooked meal, Athens)

      Bridge (Gefira) - Salaminos 73 Sundays 17:30-18:00, Steki - Aristidou 121, Kallithea, Saturdays & Sundays (contact in English or Greek to arrange collection),,

  • CLOTHES (Athens only)

    • Khora Free Shop

      Address: Asklipiou 113, open Tuesday-Friday 11:30-16:30, must first book an appointment:

    • Jesuit Refugee Service Free Shop

      Monday-Friday 10:00-13:00, must first book appointment via WhatsApp +306985899691

    • Cribs Free Shop

      For baby and children’s clothes and hygiene products, must first register by contacting:
      Tel. +306970630040


    • STEPS – (street work, food, legal aid, drop in centre “Koukkida” in downtown Athens)

      Email: or

    • The ITHAKA mobile laundry Athens

      Schedules may be changing. Check on:
      Mondays: Mikalis 51, Piraeus, 10-14
      Tuesdays and Thursdays: Koumoundourou Square, 10:30-16:30
      Wednesdays: Avlona prison, 9:00-14
      Fridays: Alikarnassou 49, 10-14

    • PRAKSIS Daycare centre for homeless Athens - (showers, laundry, safe place etc)

      Address: Deligiorgi 26-28, 10437 Athens
      Tel.: +302105244574
      Open Mondays-Sundays 8:00-20:00

    • WAVE - (providing basic needs for homeless people in Thessaloniki)

      Open seven days a week, every week of the year : warm meals, providing information, referrals to medical care and legal organisations, hygiene kits, clothing, blankets, sleeping bags, shoes, basic showers and laundry services.


    • ROSA e.V.

      Rolling safer space for women visiting the camps: Malakassa, Thiva and Ritsona offering also medical support, sportsand excersize as well as discussion groups, childcare, distribution of menstrual and hygiene articles.

    • CHEERing

      Mobile grow clinics, breastfeeding support, public health and football visiting camps around Attica.

    • HABIBI Works

      Intercultural makers space near Katsikas camp, metal and wood workshops, Sports, women only sports etc)
      Tel.: +306947845835


    • Greek Ombudsmen

      You can report any human rights violations by Greek authorities here in this independent institution. Your complaint will be documented and followed-up. You can file a complaint in person here:
      Address: Chalkokondyli 17, Athens
      On Monday — Friday 08.30-14:00, and every Wednesday to 16:30
      You can also file a complaint online:

    • Racist Violence Recording Network

      This is a network collecting information on incidents of racist violence occurring in Greece. A great number of NGOs supporting asylum seekers and refugees in Greece are part of this network and you can report to them in order to document what happened to you and learn your rights as a victim/survivor. Note: This does not substitute a formal complaint before the police.
      The internet page of the network can be found here:

    • Recording Mechanism of Informal Forced Returns

      If you have experienced one or more forced (unlawful) returns from Greece to Turkey or elsewhere, you can contact one of the Greek NGOs participating in this network to document (if you want anonymously) what happened to you. To know where you can report this, contact the network here:
      Tel: +306947977706 or +302107233224

    • Border Violence Monitoring Network

      This is a transnational network documenting pushbacks and border violence.
      You can contact them directly on WhatsApp +306989133548


    European Emergency Service 112

    Police: 100

    Fire Service: 199

    Medical Emergency: 166

    Coast Guard: 108


    SOS helpline for women experiencing gender based violence: 15900 

    Support helpline for unaccompanied minors Whatsapp/Viber +30 6942773030 Monday-Friday 8-22 and Saturday 11-19.

    For survivors of trafficking, operators in English and Greek can connect to interpreters as required: 1109

  • STATE HOSPITALS / PHARMACIES to find which hospital open/on duty to find which pharmacy open/on duty