Medical Assistance

Last update : December 2017

If you did not apply for asylum, family reunification or relocation in Greece to regularise your stay, you can visit public hospitals only in emergency cases. If it is not an emergency, consult one of the following NGOs. If they cannot offer the needed medical service they will arrange an appointment for you at a hospital but you will need to find a translator to accompany you by yourself. Another main problem is free medicine. Ask the following NGOs for advice where to get it.

Attention! As soon as you have registered as asylum seeker in Greece and have the asylum seekers card, you should seek to get a social insurance number (AMKA). This is needed for the public health care provision. You can get the AMKA in one of the many KEP offices around town, for example at Aristotelous Street (near Victoria Square), in Syndagma or in Akadimias Street (near Kanigos Square).


A. Day Care Center: mainly focuses on sexual and reproductive healthcare, mental healthcare and vaccinations for pregnant women.

Open Tuesdays to Fridays 9am to 4pm

Solonos 133, Athens,

Tel: (0030)210-383.93.72

B. Victoria Square Clinic: provides primary healthcare and mental healthcare during afternoon and evening hours. MSF facilitates patient transfers to public health facilities or a private psychiatrist when needed, and provides Arabic and Farsi-speaking cultural mediators to facilitate the exchanges between patients and those healthcare personnel.

The clinic is open every day from 17.00 to 21.00.

Elpidos 7, Athina 104 34 (operates at Faros Family Centre)

Tel. (0030)693-13.70.546

C. Primary and Mental Healthcare

Ferron 22, 10434, Athens (near Victoria square)


Please check the weekly program online before consulting or go in the morning early to get an appointment. The program is changing weekly as many doctors help on voluntary basis. Arrive early (7am-8am) to receive a number / appointment for doctors who arrive later.

Peiraios Street 33 (near Omonia)

Tel: (0030)210-32.13.485 or (0030)210-323.62.24
E-mail: info(at)

Weekly changing program:


Primary medical care: General Practitioner, Pediatrician, Gynecologist, Dentist. Pharmacy. Arrive at 09:00 to receive a number. There are limited numbers of patients examined daily according to capacity.

Peoniou Street 5 [&] Aharnon Str. (near by Victoria Square)

Tel.: (0030)210-82.13.704 or (0030)210-88.22.066

Fax: (0030)210-82.13.713

Monday-Friday 9-17

e-mail: info(at) –


For psychological and psychiatric support for migrants and refugees with interpreters speaking your language. It opens daily from 9am to 5pm – on Tuesdays and Thursdays it remains open until 8pm.

Ioannou Drosopoulou 72 (near Platia Amerikis) – Athens
Tel: (0030)210 – 86.16.280 or (0030)210–86.16.102 or (0030)210-86.16.266

E-mail: babel(at)

5) Community Clinics

The social clinics are run by volunteers. They provide primary medical care to the uninsured, the unemployed and the needy that present the following documents:

  1. Personal or Family Health Insurance Booklet that is no longer valid or
  2. Unemployment card or
  3. Destitution booklet

They also provides free medicines if prescribed by a MCCE physician (or another doctor) and subject to availability, as all drugs are DONATIONS from citizens.

6) Athens Community Polyclinic and Pharmacy

Gynecology (male doctor), endocrinology, Ear Nose Throat, hematology, dermatology, psychiatry , cardiology, dentistry (including child dentistry), ophthalmology, surgery, psychologists, social workers, reflexologists, pharmacists.

Iktinou 2, 105 52 Athens

Tel. (0030) 210-380.20.37

7) Metropolitan Community Clinic at Elliniko

Opening Hours : Monday – Friday 10:00-20:00, Saturday 10:00-14:00

Medications are distributed: MONDAY 17:00 to 19:30; TUESDAY 14:30 to 16:30; WEDNESDAY 17:00 to 19:30

For dental appointments please call 210 9610353 only during morning hours, MONDAY – FRIDAY 10:00 – 14:00


Bus stop “American Base” (“Amerikaniki Vasi”), 200 meters from Vouliagmeni avenue.

Tel. (0030) 210-9631-950


Providing mid-wifery care for pregnant women, and mothers and babies. Diapers available here for the women who attend the centre.

Platia Victoria 10-12

(near Viktoria Square)

Tel. (0030) 211-184.84.36

Booklet Arabic

Booklet Farsi