آخرین به روز رسانی : فوریهٔ ۲۰۲۰

Right to work

With the asylum status or subsidairy protection you also have the right to work. To get the work permit you need your Foreigners’ Registration Number, which you can ask for personally at the Asylum Office and then make a request at the National Employment Service. Therefore you must pay a tax and hand out a photocopy of the first and last page of your decision on asylum, aswell of your ID.
As the unemployment rate in Serbia is high it’s quite possible that you are unable to find an employment. But you should be granted to the right to welfare if you register into the Register of Unemployed Persons. This process can take long time and also if you will get this financial support it won’t be much, maybe even not enough for a basic daily life.

During the asylum procedure

If you asked for asylum but didn´t get a final decision within 9 months, you have the right to obtain a personal work permit, with which you should get full access to the labour market.