Pushing back refugees

Last update : December 2019

Since month May 2018 slovenian authorities have started to systematically push back migrants, which is an illegal practice. Despite asking for asylum, which the authorities are obliged to process according to international law, slovenian police at the border with Croatia is pushing back migrants and sending them to Croatia. Croatian police then beat up migrants, take their money, destroy their phones and send them further to Bosnia, outside of European union.

دوستان عزیز
متاسفانه این صفه هنوزدرزبان فارسی ترجمه نشده . اگر خواسته باشید برای ترجمانی با ما کمک شوید میتونید با این ایمیل با ما تماس گیرید
برای بدست اوردن معلومات در انگلیسی این لینک را فشار دهید.