Last update : May 2018

An application for international protection can be made by anyone who has suffered from or who is at risk of violence, persecution, threats and, in general, violations of their fundamental rights in their country of origin for reasons of ethnicity, religion, nationality, belonging to a social group (e.g. on sex, gender, sexual orientation, family, culture, education, occupation), political opinion, if your country is involved in an international armed conflict or internal armed conflict, or if, in case you return to your country, there are risks of being condemned, killed or tortured or exposed to inhuman or degrading treatment that violate your freedom and your dignity.

You have the right to special measures of help if you are a minor, an unaccompanied minor, a disabled person, a senior, a pregnant woman, a parent alone with a minor, a victim of trafficking or torture, a person with a serious illness or mental disorders.

• Pregnant women and those who have given birth less than six months cannot be expelled and are entitled to a residence permit;

• For victims of trafficking there is a specific path of acceptance and protection in specialised facilities;

• Patients with a physical or psychological condition are entitled to a special reception system which provides specific help;

• Torture victims are entitled to assistance and appropriate medical and psychological care.


If you are a victim of human trafficking, forced prostitution or begging or if you feel you are exposed
to pressures after your arrival in Italy, you have the right to report it to the local authorities and you have
the right to be included in special support and assistance programme.
This programme is also planned for unaccompanied and separated foreign children, victims of
human trafficking, who, according to new law, will benefit from a specific programme of
assistance that will support them even after the age of 18.
WARNING! do not spread or publish (for example through facebook) your photos, information
and data if you do not want to be tracked by people who can hurt you and put you in danger.
Victims of human trafficking may apply for a specific permit of stay (social protection - article 18)
For any need and help contact the NATIONAL ANTI-TRAFFICKING FREE NUMBER 800290290
and contact the associations of the city you are now.