Last update : May 2018

The contact list below was last updated in May 2018. Other contacts will be added in future editions of this guide.

Note that some numbers may be active only on some days or only during working hours (i.e. only in the morning and/or afternoon and/or only from Monday to Friday). If you don’t find here the contacts for your region or city where you are now, look for the nearest contacts from the place you are or call the national contacts.

For any emergency and information, you can always write to or and visit and the”contacts” section.

The services and activities provided by contacts included in this chapter are free

If you do not have an Italian phone number, you have to type 0039 at the beginning of the number

IMPORTANT: If you are in touch with friends, relatives or acquaintances who might arrive in Italy or another European country by sea, tell them to call in case of emergency the ALARM PHONE NUMBER +33486517161. This is not anumber for direct rescue but it is an emergency number to solicit rescueoperations. You can also call if there is a risk of expulsion and pushback.

                                           LOCAL  ASSOCIATIONS, GROUPS OF VOLUNTEERS, ETC. 

Here you can find a list of contacts who have been active for many years, carrying out local support activities for migrants and initiatives for the protection and promotion of human rights, as well as fighting against racism and discrimination.
Along with each contact, you will see the kind of help that each organisation can provide. We suggest that you use their contact details only if you are located, or are going to be located, in that city/district/region, or if you have a specific reason to contact that organisation. In some cases you will find local contacts of NGOs and national associations that carry out specific projects and activities at local level.

Remember that also local institutions (municipalities, provinces, regions) provide services and support for migrants and asylum seekers. In any case we suggest you to ask for information first to contacts you can find here.



Borderline Sicilia Onlus - email: website: facebook: (information, monitoring, support)

LasciateCIEntrare campaign - email: facebook: (information, monitoring of reception centres)


Forum Antirazzista di Palermo - email: facebook: Forum Antirazzista Palermo (information, political support)

Osservatorio contro le discriminazioni razziali “Noureddine Adnane” - email: facebook: Osservatorio contro le discriminazioni Noureddine Adnane phone 3881749722 (information, support to victims of discrimination)

Laici Missionari Comboniani - phone 3280920872
facebook: (information)

Poliambulatorio Emergency - via G. La Loggia 5/a phone: 0916529498. It is open from Monday to Friday from 09:00 am to 07:00 pm (health assistance, social and health advices, social and cultural mediation, information)

CLEDU, Clinica legale dei diritti umani - Piazza Bologni 8 – Wednesday 15-17 facebook: CLEDU (information, legal support)

ARCI Porco Rosso - Piazza Casa Professa n.1 - phone: 3207889409 - from Monday to Friday from 3 to 7 pm / Saturday and Sunday from 8 pm to midnight - website: - facebook: (information, political and legal support)


Rete Antirazzista Catanese - phone 3803266160 /3209532159 facebook: Rete Antirazzista Catanese (information, political and logistic support)

Centro Astalli - Via Tezzano, 71 - phone095535064 - email: astallict@virgilio (information, legal support, health assistance and Italian lessons)

Community Center - Diaconia Valdese e Oxfam, via De Felice 52, , phone: 3291275212 - 3296952351 (information,support)

Civico zero - Save the Children, via Gorizia 32/34 tel. 3922831798 (day centre for minors, information)

LILA Catania - Via Finocchiaro Aprile, 160 telefono 095 551017 email: (information, medical support)


Associazione AccoglieRete - via Piave 122 (presso Centro CIAO) facebook: (support activities forunaccompanied underage migrants)

Emergency – clinic near the reception centre Umberto I: via Canonico Barreca, 7 – phone: 3357203964. from Monday to Friday 9.30 – 13.30 and 15.00 – 18.00 (health assistance, health and social advices, socio-cultural mediation)


Caffè Letterario “Rino Giuffrida” - phone 3348361675 - facebook: Caffè Letterario Rino Giuffrida email: (information, support, Italian lessons)


Team MEDU (Medici per i Diritti Umani) in the reception centres of Ragusa area -
email: phone 3662391554 (information, health assistance, social andhealth advices)

SCICLI (Ragusa)

Casa delle Culture – Mediterranean Hope - email: - facebook: - phone: 09321838807 (information)


Sportello Immigrati - via Re D’Italia 14 phone 3335468651 / 3387000682 (social assistance and advice, socio-cultural mediation. information, legal assistance and advice)


Associazione Garibaldi 101 - email: - phone 3280364920 (information, political and legal assistance, first assistance, support to the victims of torture and the people threatened by camorra);

Je so’ Pazzo (ex OPG occupato) - Viale Matteo RenatoImbriani 218 – email: – website: (info, support)

Less ONLUS - Corso Garibaldi 261 - phone: 081455270 email: (receptionservices, legal assistance, cultural mediation

Cooperativa Dedalus - website: phone 0817877333 – 08119571368 (support to minorsand victims of human trafficking, cultural mediation)

Emergency clinic - via Pacioli, 95 phone 0811 9579909 - 3428627270 - from Monday to Friday 09.00 am – 01:00 pm and 02.00 – 06.00 pm (health assistance, health and social advices, information)


ASD Atletico Briganti - fb:, sport activities)


Campagna LasciateCIEntrare - email: - website: - facebook: - phone: 3280364920 - 3381167397 (monitoring of reception centres, information, legal support)


Spazio Pueblo - Via Raffaele Baldi 1; facebook: (information)


Csa Ex Canapificio - website: - VialeEllittico, 27 - phone 0823216332 - facebook: Csa Ex Canapificio email: Call center 3804739467: Tuesday and Friday from 09:00 am to 01:00 pm (reception, information, legal support. Wednesday andFriday desk office for immigrants and refugees);

Emergency – ambulatorio di Castelvolturno - via Domitiana, 288 Castel Volturno (Caserta). Phone 3420999790. It is open from Monday to Friday from 09:00am to 06:00 pm (health assistance, health and socialadvices, socio-cultural mediation, information).


Emergency – Poliambulatorio di Polistena via Catena, 45 – Polistena (Reggio Calabria) phone 0966 444400. It is open from Monday to Friday 09.00am – 06:00 pm (health assistance, health and socialadvices, socio-cultural mediation, information);

Cosmi at CSOA La Cartella - fb: - Via Quarnario 1, Gallico Marina (RC), website


Altra Lamezia - website: -facebook:, legal support)

Campagna LasciateCIEntrare - email: - website: - facebook: (monitoring of reception centres)


Ass. La Kasbah - website: e-mail: Tel. e Fax: 0984.76339 (legal support, reception, support for victims of torture)

Campagna LasciateCIEntrare - email: - website: - facebook: (monitoring of reception centres)


Rivoltiamo la precarietà facebook: (information, housing emergency);

Associazione Gruppo Lavoro Rifugiati - via Dalmazia 139 phone 0809242286. email - website: (support to minors, legal assistance, cultural mediation).


MEDU (Medici per i Diritti Umani) – clinic for migrants - Via Appia 64 phone 3474730097 - email: (health assistance,health and social advices, information)


Baobab - Via Candelaro N90 F (legal support, information) every morning from Monday to Friday – phone 08811961401


Ass. Meticcia - Piazza S.Pietro 13, Campi Salentina (LE) e-mail: (Italian language school, information, legal support)


Centro interculturale “C’entro” - via general Messina 71 – email: - website: - facebook: Babele aps (information, Italian language courses)

Associazione Ohana - via Blandamura 7 Orientamento legale, facebook: - phone: 3512539943 (information, Italian language courses)


Presidio Piazzale Trento – information desk for migrants, phone 3510044055 email: (information).


Emergency – Clinic - c/o ASL 1 via Monte Grappa 82 - tel: 345 3719597 - e-mail: from Monday to Friday 9 am – 1pm (nursing services and socio-medical orientation); Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 2-6 pm (information, medical assistance)


Campagna LasciateCIEntrare - email: - website: - facebook: (monitoring of reception centres)



Yo Migro – Strike spa Via Umberto Partini n. 21 email: - facebook: (health advice, political and legal support);

Lab! Puzzle - Via Monte Meta n. 21 – email: - facebook: (information, legal support, Italianlessons);

Infomigrante – ESC Atelier Via dei Volsci 159 email: - facebook: (information, Italian lessons);

Action Diritti In Movimento - Social support desk: Wednesday 3- 5 pm via di santa croce in gerusalemme 57-59 - facebook:
Action Diritti in Movimento - email: (legal, medical andwork support);

Scuola popolare Icbie Europa Onlus - Wednesday 18-20 (Italian lessons);

CSOA La Strada - Via Francesco Passino, 24 - website email: phone 06 5143 6006 

Be Free Cooperativa Sociale - phone: 0689533659 – email: (support to victimsof human trafficking and violences);

Baobab Experience - - website: (information, support, first aid);

Laboratorio 53 - Via Valeriano 3F phone 3286640571 /3297297314 email: (Italian lessons, legal support, psychological support);

Senza confine - Via di Monte Testaccio 23, Monday and Wednesday 06:00 – 08:00 pm tel. 0657289579 (legal support);

Asinitas Onlus - Via Ostiense, 152/b - website: - facebook: email: (information, italian lessons for asylum seekers, for women and for children);

Associazione di volontariato Binario 15 Onlus – Stazione Ostiense phone 3292243129 Email: (information, logisticsupport);

Medici senza camice - every two weeks on Friday from 6 to 8 pm in SPINTIME in Action via santa croce in gerusalemme 57-59 (health support);

Casa dei diritti sociali - Centro di Tutela eOrientamento Via Giolitti N. 225 phone 06.4461162 email:; scuola di italiano (Italian school) via Giolitti N. 241 phone 3338040906 (information, legal support, Italian lessons);

Progetto Diritti - via Ettore Giovenale 79 - email: Monday and Tuesday from 9.30 to 12.30 and from Monday to Friday from 04:30 to 07:30 pm (legal and health support).

Sportello globale Villaggio Globale Testaccio ex mattatoio - e-mail: - Tuesday from 4 to 7 pm (legal support, monitoring of reception centres) fb

Medici Senza Frontiere (Doctors Without Borders) - Rehabilitation center for torture survivors and victims of cruel and degrading treatment- Via Biancamano 28 - phone: 06 70495842

Centro MEDU Psychè - telefono 0631078379 - 3275727801 – email: (psychological and psychiatric support for victims of torture and cruel, inhuman and degrading treatments)


The Road Onlus - website: - Via delle Lancette 27- Tel. 0861796666 -0861762327 e-mail: (reception, information,legal support, support for victims of human trafficking)


Ambasciata dei Diritti - phone 3475349286 email: website: (information, political and logistic support in all Marche region)


MEDU (Medici per i Diritti Umani) - Via Monsignor Leto Casini, 11 – phone 3351853361 - website: (information, socialand medical support);

Gli Anelli Mancanti Onlus - Via palazzuolo 8 – phone 0552399533 - email: (information, social and medical support, Italian lessons).



Community Center CSD Diaconia Valdese - Oxfam - via PorroLambertenghi, 28 - facebook: - email: phone: 3355963982 (support for Dublin cases: legal support, information and other services)

Associazione NAGA: website: - facebook:
NAGA Clinic from Monday to Friday 8:30am - 2 pm and 2 pm – 5 pm;
NAGA Information Desk SOSExpulsions from Monday to Friday from 7 to 9 pm (legal support against expulsions, detentions, rejections of asylum applications) – phone 0258110001. Via Zamenhof 7A;
Centro NAGA Har per richiedenti asilo, rifugiati,vittime della tortura (Centre for asylum seekers,refugees, victims of torture) – Via San Colombano, 8– Milano. It is open every day from 02:30 to 06:30 pm. Phone: 023925466-338 67 57 563;

Associazione Interculturale Arci Todo Cambia - Via Oglio 21, Monday from 6:15 to 8:30 pm - website: - email: (information, legal advice)

Associazione “SOS ERM” (Emergenza Rifugiati Milano) - Sottopasso Mortirolo (Central Station) - website: - facebook: (first help,information);

Comitato “Cambio Passo” - phone 3511073743 /3512116910 (from 5 to 12 pm) email: - facebook: (information about reception services, legal support and assistance);

Emergency Politruck - from Monday to Friday from11 am to 6 pm - phone 3441996250 (health assistance, social and health advices, sociocultural mediation, info)

Network “People before borders” - facebook: (information, political support)

Bresso a misura di - facebook: Bresso a misura di - email: - website: (information, political support)


Rete “Como senza frontiere” (Network Como without borders) - facebook: - phone 3466270950 – email (info, support)

Network “Como Accoglie” - facebook:

“Porta Aperta”aid services - Via Tatti, 18 (Mon-Wed-Fri 9-12) – phone: 031267010 - (information, legal, administrative and health support, access to services as food, dormitory, clothes and essential goods)

Porta Aperta info point - Via Primo Tatti n°18, opening hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 9 to 12 am (information, legal support)

Osservatorio Legale (legal office) - Via Grandi n°6, Tuesday and Friday from 2:30 to 5:30 pm (information, legal support)


Coordinamento migranti Emilia Romagna -, phone 3275782056 (information, political and legal support)


Sportello Migranti: Centro sociale TPO – ViaCasarini 17/5 - Wednesday from 6 to 8 pm - website: (information, political and legal support);

Scuola di italiano Newen Centro Sociale TPO - Via Casarini 17/5 phone: 393341826860 – 0510935901 email: (Italian language school)

Sportello Lavoro Migranti Labàs - Vicolo Bolognetti2 – Monday from 4:30 to 6:30 pm; Friday from 10 to 12am email: (jobsearch and orientation: CV preparation, research fortraining and work opportunities, guide to usefulservices, defense of labor rights)

Associazione Sokos - via Gorki, 12 phone051.0416380 (free health care);

Sportello medico-giuridico XM24 – Via Fioravanti, 24 - website: - facebook: (free medical and legal support).


Casa Madiba Network - Via Dario Campana n. 59/F: Sportello diritti per tutti - phone. 349 9745299 website: - facebook: (information, support);
Scuola popolare Madiba - Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 4 to 5:30 pm (Italian language school);
Guardaroba Solidale Madiba: Monday and Thursday from 3 to 5 pm and Friday from 10 to 12 am(distribution of clothes and essential goods, shower service and cellular recharge)
Casa Don Andrea Gallo #perlautonomia - Via L. DeVarthema n. 26 Rimini (night and day centre for homeless people); Sportello Ascolto: Monday from 4 to 6 pm (information, general and health support)


Cross Point- website: - via Battaglie 33/b (information, political and legal support).

EMERGENCY – info point Vicolo delle Lucertole, 1E tel: 3421830402 email: – from Monday to Friday 9 am – 6 pm


Associazione SOS Diritti - phone 3285548382 - email: (support, information about local services);

Scuola di Italiano Liberalaparola (at Centro Sociale Rivolta) - website: - email: (information and Italian lessons);

Boutique Solidale - Centro Sociale Rivolta (information, support) - facebook: Boutique Solidale - Via F.lli Bandiera 45-Marghera

Aps ComuniCare - phone 3289276156 (support ,information about local services);

Emergency Poliambulatorio di Marghera - Via Varè 6 (Marghera) phone 0410994114 from Monday toFriday 9 am – 6 pm (health assistance, health and socialsupport, socio-cultural mediation, information).


Cso Django via Monterumici 11 - facebook: (information, political support)

Casa dei Beni Comuni Via Zermanese, 4 – phone: 0422403535 - facebook: - website: (information,Italian lessons and legal support).


Scuola “Libera la Parola” presso CSO Pedro - Via Ticino, 5 email: (Italian lessons, information, political support);

Legal Point Vis à Vis - Via Brigata Padova 5 – telefono: 351 277 8336 – Saturday from 3 to 6pm (information, legal support)

Office against discriminations and racism - Ponte San Leonardo 1 – email: – Thursday from 6:30 to 8:30 pm (information, support to victims of discriminations)


Centro sociale Bruno - Via Lungadige San Nicolò 4 - phone 3289173733 - email: (information, political support, Italian lessons);

Centro Astalli - Via alle Laste, 22 - phone: 04611238720 email: (information, legalsupport, cultural mediation, Italian lessons);

Antenne Migranti – phone 3494554670 – email: – facebook: (information, support)


Antenne Migranti – phone 3738687839 – email: – facebook: (information, legal support)

Associazione SOS Bozen – tel. 3339566666 – email: – facebook: (first aid, information and support)

Schuetzhuette/Rifugio – tel. 3756160432 – email: (temporary reception centre for vulnerable migrants)


Centro Sociale Bocciodromo - via Rossi, 198 - website: facebook: BocciodromoVicenza (information, political support);


Carovane Migranti - facebook: – website: (info, support);

Comitato Solidarietà Rifugiti e Migranti - Ex-Moioccupata - Phone: 3293384406 - facebook: (information, housing and logistic support, political support, Italian lessons)

Csoa Gabrio: sportello di autodifesa “Il-legale” e ambulatorio popolare autogestito - via Millio 42 (ZonaSan Paolo), email: - facebook: (information, political and legal support, health care);

ASAI - Associazione dei Animazione Interculturale - Via S. Anselmo 27/e - phone 011657114 - email: (information, Italian lessons);

Associazione Mosaico – Infopoint Casa del Quartiere di San Salvario - via Morgari 14 (Wednesday 3 – 6 pm) phone 3203895841 - email: - website: (information, legal and social and medical assistance);

Camminare insieme - ambulatorio medico gratuito - Via Cottolengo 24/A phone 0114365980 - website: (Specialist medical visits and info about the medical services in the territory);

Cammini di salute - Via Lemie, 29 - email: - website: (medical and social assistance and support, psychological support, information)

Medici Senza Frontiere (information about local health services) – tel.3426721045


Laboratorio Paratod@s - Corso Venezia, 51 - facebook: (information,political and legal support);


Rete Accoglienza FVG - at Associazione-Centro di accoglienza E. Balducci. Piazza della Chiesa 1 Zugliano– Pozzuolo del Friuli (Udine) ) 0432560699 - website: (information, support)

Tenda per la Pace e i Diritti (Peace and Human Rights Tent) - email: - website: – facebook: (information, first support)


Rete Solidale Pordenone - facebook: - email: (information and support);

Associazione Immigrati di Pordenone - email: (information and legalsupport).


Associazione Ospiti in Arrivo -– facebook: – website: (information, logistic and political support, information about local services)

Circolo Arci Misskappa - Via Bertaldia 38 – email: - facebook: (information, support, Italian courses);

Associazione Nuovi Cittadini Onlus - Via Micesio 31 - phone: 0432502491- email: (attività di informazione, orientamento e accompagnamento)


Network “No border No CPR” - facebook:

Casa delle Culture - Via Orlandini 38 - facebook: - website: (information, political and logistic support);

ICS - Consorzio Italiano di Solidarietà - Via Di Scorcola n. 2 - phone 00403476377 email: (support, information, legal advice, first and second reception);


Insieme con voi Onlus - email: - facebook: ( information and first assistance);


Casa di Quartiere Ghettup - Sportello “Sans papier”- Comunità di San Benedetto al Porto Vico Croce Bianca, 7 (information);

Ufficio Migranti ARCI – Via al Molo Giano (casa 25aprile) – tuesday and friday 9am – 1pm wednesday 2-6 pm – phone 3484719581 (information)


Progetto 20K: Italian number +39 3533925926, international number +40 772421747 - facebook:

Caritas Intermelia - Via San Secondo 20 - phone: 0184355058 - facebook: (information, food, clothes, health care)

Terre des Hommes Italia - phone: 3337143639 /3337453952, email: (information, legal support to minors and families).

Oxfam Italia-Diaconia Valdese - phone: 3511181423 / 3493508473, email: (information, legal support)

Intersos. (Informazioni, Assistenza legale a minori e famiglie). Mobile road unit and/or inside Caritas and Campo Roja centres

Croce Rossa Italiana – Campo Parco Roja, Località Bevera- Ventimiglia (food, accomodation, clothes, health care, legal support) IMPORTANT: read before the information about Ventimiglia at page 27 

                                                         NGOs, NATIONAL ASSOCIATIONS, INSTITUTIONS

Here is a list of national and international organisations which usually have a central office (often in Rome) and offices/projects/activities in other Italian cities.
You can call these contacts for information and to find out if the organisations have offices, contact persons or carry out activities in the city or region where you are.


Emergency - website:
Milano Via Santa Croce 19, tel 02881881 – email:;
Roma: Via dell’Arco del Monte 99 A - tel 06688151 email:;
Venezia: Isola della Giudecca 212 – tel 041877931 - email:
In addition to those listed above in the individual cities, Emergency is currently present with its projects in Sicily at the seaports of Pozzallo and Augusta, in two reception centers in Noto and Rosolini, in the province of Latina, in the city of Milan and in the province of Caserta.

MEDU (Medici per i Diritti Umani) - Roma Via dei Zeno, 10 phone 0697844892 - mobile 3343929765 email: - website:
In addition to those listed above in the individual cities,MEDU is currently present with its projects in Sicily at the “Centro Polifunzionale” in Ragusa, the CARA di Mineo and the CPSA of Pozzallo, in Calabria in the “Piana di Gioia Tauro” area with a mobile unit and in various areas of Rome with “Un camper per i diritti”.

Croce Rossa Italiana - free number: 800166166 - website - email:


A-DIF (Associazione Diritti e Frontiere) - - website: - facebook: (information, legalsupport);

ASGI (Associazione Studi Giuridici sull’ Immigrazione) - email: / - website: - facebook: ASGI
ASGI Service against discrimination: email: Phone: 3894988460 /0114369158 / 0432507115. You can find ASGI lawyers and offices in many Italian cities;

Associazione Onlus “Avvocato di strada” - Headquarter: Via Malcontenti 3, Bologna - phone 051227143 - email: - website:
Their offices are in many Italian cities: Ancona, Bari, Bologna,Bolzano, Catania, Firenze, Genova, Milano, Napoli,Padova, Palermo, Roma, Salerno, Siracusa, Torino, Trieste, Venezia, Verona, Vicenza and others.

Campagna LasciateCIEntrare - email: - website: - facebook: - phone: 3280364920 - 3381167397 (monitoring of reception centres, information, legal support) - email for information and support about Dublin cases:


UNHCR – United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees - Address: via Alberto Caroncini, 19 - Roma - Phone: 0680212 - website:

C.I.R. (Italian Refugee Council) - Headquarter: Via del Velabro 5/A Roma - phone: 0669200114 - email: cir@cir-onlus - website:
C.I.R. offices are also in Catania, Caserta, Salerno, Bologna, Milano, Bergamo, Verona, Gorizia.


Terre des Hommes - Via M. M. Boiardo 6, Milano- phone 02 28970418 - email: - website:

Save the Children - Via Volturno, 58 - Roma - phone: 064807001 - email: - website:


ARCI - Free national number: 800 905 570 - website: - - Address: Via dei Monti di Pietralata, 16 -Roma (information,support and advice);

Caritas - Address Via delle Zoccolette, 19 - Roma - Phone: 06 6861554 – 06 6875228 - website: (first reception, information, other reception services);

Centro Astalli – Servizio dei Gesuiti per i rifugiati in Italia - Address: Via degli Astalli, 14 Roma - Phone: 06 6781246 / 0667700306 - website: (information, legalsupport for asylum application, health assistance, etc.);

National hotline against human trafficking: 800290290

                                                PLACES WHERE YOU CAN EAT AND SLEEP FOR FREE

Consider that some places where to eat and to sleep may be full, so if you do not find space in any of the places below,ask the organisations where you are located for information, so that you can be directed to another place. Rememberthat in some of these places you could be asked to show a document.



where to eat

Help Center Caritas - Piazza Giovanni XXIII (opposite the train station) phone 095530126;

Centro Astalli - Via Tezzano 71 - phone 095535064.


where to eat

Caritas - Binario della solidarietà -Via Taddeo da Sessa, 93 - phone 0815539275;

Centro Prima Accoglienza, Basilica del Carmine Maggiore- phone 0815635785 

Mensa S. Chiara e S. Francesco Piazza del Gesù 13;

San Vincenzo De Paoli - Piazza E. Di Nicola, 65 phone: 081450690

where to sleep

Centro di Prima Accoglienza Comune di Napoli- Via de Blasis, 10 - phone 0817956987;

Centro Astalli Sud Via Mazzini, 7- Grumo Nevano - phone: 0815054921.

Caritas Diocesana Napoli - Via Pietro Trinchera 7 – telefono 08118997310 – email:

Casa di Tonia – Fondazione In Nome della Vita Onlus - Via S. Maria degli Angeli alle Croci 12 - phone: 800814081- email:;

Suore Missionarie della Carità, Vico Panettieri 44/a tel: 081440300;

Centro di accoglienza notturna La Tenda Onlus - Via Sanità 95- phone: 0815441415 – email:



where to eat

Caritas “Giovanni Paolo II” (Soup kitchen during the day) - Via delle Sette Sale 30 - phone 0688815230;

Caritas “Don Luigi Di Liegro” (Mensa serale) - Via Casilina 144 - phone 0688815200;

Comunita’ S. Egidio - Via Dandolo, 10 phone: 065895478;

Centro Astalli - Mensa Via degli Astalli 14/a - phone: 0669700306

where to sleep

Centro di Accoglienza “Ferrhotel” - Via del Mandrione 291 - phone: 0676910326;

Casa di Accoglienza “Villino La Palma” - Via Paolo Martinez 8 - phone 0688815350;

Ostello Stazione Termini “Don Luigi Di Liegro”- Via Casilina, 144 - phone: 0688815200;

Centro di Accoglienza Santa Giacinta - Via Casilina Vecchia, 15 phone: 0688815220.



where to eat

Osf Opera San Francesco Per I Poveri - Viale Piave 2 – phone: 027712 2400

Caritas Ambrosiana - Via S. Bernardino, 4 - phone: 02760371

Refettorio Ambrosiano Piazza Greco, 11

where to sleep

Comune di Milano Centro Aiuto Stazione Centrale (from November to March) - phone: 0288447649 - for winter emergency go to Via Ferrante Aporti 3;

Comune di Milano (all year long) - phone 0288445238/ 0288445239; Viale Ortles 6;

Caritas Ambrosiana (for men) Via Sammartini 114;

Casa dellʼaccoglienza (for women and mothers with children) - phone 024157866 - address: Via Zurigo 65;

Fondazione Casa della Carità Angelo Abriani Onlus - phone: 02259351201, Via Brambilla 8/10


where to sleep (for more info read the detailed sheet about Como at paragraph 4.2)

Porta Aperta - Via Primo Tatti n°18, opening hours: Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9 to 12 am where to eat- lunch: Via Primo Tatti n°7 (access through Porta Aperta) - dinner: from 7 to 8 pm Via Tomaso Grossi n°20 (free access)


where to eat

Mensa dell’Antoniano - Via Guinizelli 3 phone 0513940226;

Caritas - Mensa della Fraternità Centro San Petronio - Via S.Caterina 8 - phone 0516448015.

where to sleep

Centro di accoglienza notturno Casa Willy - via Pallavicini 12- first floor;

Centro di accoglienza “Beltrame” - Via Sabatucci 2;

Rifugio notturno della solidarietà - Via del Gomito 22


where to eat

Convento cappuccini - Chiesa Redentore Giudecca 194;

Convento Cappuccini Via Andrea Costa 7 (Mestre);

Miani Via Altobello 4 (Mestre)

where to sleep

Dormitorio maschile Papa Francesco - via Mameli,37/m (Marghera) - phone 041922167;

Dormitorio maschile Betlemme - Castello 2129 (Venezia) - phone 0415289888;

Dormitorio femminile Betania - Cannaregio 2601/a (Venezia) - phone 041720480


where to eat and to sleep

Caritas - Via Venier 50 - phone 0422 545316

Dormitorio e mensa Comune di Treviso, Via Risorgimento 9 - phone 0422658302/03 - 0422545316

where to sleep

Caminantes (Cso Django), Via Monterumici 11 (from November to March) - phone 3661393298 


where to eat

Convento Padre Santo, Piazza Cappuccini - phone: 0108392307;

Comunità di Sant’Egidio Centro Genti di Pace - Via Vallechiara, 29 phone: 0102468712;

Auxilium - Mensa Il Chicco di grano Sal. Nuova N.S.del Monte, 2 (S.Fruttuoso) - phone: 010515609.

where to sleep

Auxilium Centro di accoglienza - Via Gagliardo, 2 (S.Teodoro) - phone 0102463555;

Massoero - c/o Villa S.Teodoro V. Dino Col, 13 - phone: 010255972;

Associazione San Marcellino - Via al Ponte Calvi 2/4 - phone: 0102470229


where to eat and to sleep

Caritas – Centro Ascolto Intemelia - Via San Secondo, 20 - phone: 0184355058.


where to eat

Caritas - Via dell’Istria 73 - phone: 040361005 ( lunch11:30 – 12:30, dinner 18:00 – 19:00);

where to sleep

Comunità di S.Martino al Campo - Via Udine 19 (go to the office opposite the Central Station in Piazza della Libertà 8, the office opens every day from 6 to 8 pm).


where to eat

Caritas - Via Ronchi 2 - phone 0432414502;

Centro solidarietà Giovani - Viale Ledra 4 - from Monday to Friday.


where to eat and to sleep

Cooperativa Punto d’incontro - via Del Travai 1 - phone: 0461984237


where to eat and to sleep

Sermig – Arsenale della Pace - Piazza Borgo Dora 61 - phone: 0114368566 (for women the address is Lungo Dora Agrigento 61);

Asili notturni Umberto I - Via Ormea 119 - phone: 0115660804 - website:

where to sleep

Casa di ospitalità notturna Cooperativa Stranaidea Via Carrera 181 

Casa di ospitalità notturna Coop. Animazione Valdocco Via Ghedini 6