Working in Croatia

Last update : May 2023

You have a right to work after three months have passed since you submitted your application for international protection in case you didn’t get a negative decision on your asylum application.

After these three months have passed and you didn’t get a negative decision on your asylum application, you can start your job search. There are a few organizations based in Zagreb who can provide assistance in the process of job search. You typically need to know some basics of Croatian or English language to be employed.

Some occupations have special employment conditions. For all information related to employment and employment conditions, you can contact organizations that provide support to refugees and migrants in the Zagreb area.

Organizations who assist with finding job:

Are You Syrious?

Tyipe of assistance:

  • Help with writing a CV
  • Assistance in finding a suitable job based on your competences and preferences


  • Send an e-mail and make appointment for initial conversation


Type of assistance:

  • Workshops on how to write a CV, what kind of tools to use while writing
  • Help with writing a CV

Contact: WhatsApp +385 97 646 3819

  • Send a whatsapp message to make appointment for the workshop