Last update : June 2023

When caught crossing the border, migrants can be detained at the border for the maximum of 48 hours, in temporary detention facilities that exists close to the border.

The detention centers in Croatia are located in Ježevo, Tovarnik and Trilj. Officially detention centers are called Prihvatni centar za strance. It is a closed detention center, which detains those who are awaiting deportation, those who are put into detention due to illegal residence, due to illegal work, or those asylum seekers, who have their freedom of movement limited for one of the reasons specified by the law on asylum. Maximum detention time is 3 months, with the possibility of further prolongation for another 3 months and two further prolongations each for 6 months. In practice, asylum seekers that seek asylum upon being detained in Ježevo, are often detained for a period of 3 to 6 months.

According to the rules of the detention center in Ježevo, medical assistance provided by a nurse is available to detainees from Monday to Friday between 8.00 and 12.00. The detainees also have the right to urgent medical assistance.

Upon arrival at the detention center, the detainee has a right to one free call with the embassy or consular representation of his own country. In addition, the detainee has the right to one more free call in the duration of maximum 3 minutes. During the period of the detention, there is the possibility to use the phone booth in the center, at the detainee’s own expense. Unaccompanied minors have the right to free telephone conversations with their guardian and legal representative.

The detainees have the right to a visit at least twice a week (maximum one hour, in the specially designated room), if it is announced one day in advance.

Money and personal belongings (such as mobile phones, electronic gadgets, valuable items) are taken away from people for the duration of their imprisonment in a detention center and returned at the end. However, if you have money upon your arrival, you are only allowed to access 40 euros per week and with this money you can buy snacks or telephone cards in the small shop inside the detention center. Besides, if you have money upon your arrival, the center charges you 26 euros per day of your stay in the detention and the charges of the deportation.