Last update : May 2023

Asylum seekers are accommodated in the open reception center Porin (Prihvatni centar za tražitelje azila), in Dugave, the suburbs of Zagreb. There they receive 3 meals per day and have a right to receive 13 euros per month. This reception center is for singles and families but there is another reception center in the city Kutina, 45 min from Zagreb where mostly families are accommodated.

Upon receiving a protection status (asylum or subsidiary protection),you have the right to accommodation provided by the state for a duration of two years or in special conditions more than two years. The state accommodation is possible to be in Zagreb but also other cities in Croatia, such as Sisak, Rijeka, Karlovac etc. Unfortunately you don’t have the opportunity to choose the city where you will be accommodated.

There is a possibility that you will wait for state accommodation for a certain period of time. While waiting you have a right to stay in the reception center.

NOTE: If you are unemployed during the two-year period of using state accommodation, utilities and rent are covered by the state. If you get a job within the two-year period of using state accommodation, you are obliged to pay part of the accommodation costs. The costs depend on the number of members of your family and family income.