Last update : February 2020

Unaccompanied minors in Serbia
According to the law, whenever the police has an interaction with an unaccompanied minor, they should inform the social services, which should assign them a legal guardian. This does not always happen and unaccompanied minors are often treated in the same way as adults.

However, when the procedure is followed, unaccompanied minors are first brought to one of the centres for youth and children – in the case of Belgrade, they are put into an institution called „Zavod za vaspitanje dece i omladine“(„institution for education of children and youth“). In this Zavod, there is a Centre for Accommodation of Unaccompanied Minors („Centar za sme štaj maloletnih starnih lica bez pratnje roditelja ili staratelja“).

The phone-number of this institution is is: +381 64 86 77 500.

Beside this institution there are some more smaller initiatives which offer housing for unaccompanied minors.

  • Pedro Arrupe House
    The Pedro Arrupe integration house is maintained by the Jesuit Refugee Service and provides for up to 20 unaccompanied minors accommodation, food, clothes, and a safe environment for a set amount of time each. Usually it’s the state social workers who decide who is able to stay at this place.

Address: Makedonska 23
Phone: +381 11 3373 882

Right to education
All children have the right of primary education. Which means all children should have access to a school. In case this gets refused, try to get in contact with Asylum Protection Centre or any other human rights organizations.