Guide for minors rights in Germany.

Last update : May 2019

This guide especially for minors provides an overview of your rights here in Germany. These rights apply to all minors (children and teenagers under the age of 18) independent of their origin, gender, religion, etc..

Welcome to Germany - A guide for unaccompanied minors

You arrived here alone and sure you have a lot of questions. This booklet should help answer your questions and it should explain to you who to ask. We want to help you understand what happens to you here and what possibilities and rights you have. We are a group of young people who have made similar experiences as you. Here, there are many people that are there for you and support you, that’s why we say: You are not alone!

This booklet has six parts, an overview of the topics can be found on the next page. On the next pages, we explain to you what happens during your starting time in Germany, which possibilities and rights you have and with which people and departments you have to deal with. An organisation called BUMF eV produced these guides.

Arabic: b-umf.de/material/wid_arabic

Dari: b-umf.de/material/wid_dari

English: b-umf.de/material/wkb_en

French: b-umf.de/material/wid_french

German: b-umf.de/material/ein-wegbegleiter-fuer-um-dt

Tigrinya: b-umf.de/material/tigrinya

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(educational project for unaccompanied minor refugees; support, german courses, contact to lawyers)
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