Last update : January 2024

You‘re entitled to rights - even if you‘re undocumented!
Low pay or no wages at all? You can sue your boss.
Work accident or on sick leave? You‘re entitled to receive health care and sickness benefits.
No annual leave? Take legal action for your statutory right.
A 14-hour workday and just 8 hours‘ wages? Sue your boss for outstanding pay.

Contacts and Support in labour issues -
Counseling in many Cities all over Germany

„Fair integration“ with advisory centers for refugees in all 16 countries of Germany (see the link to the map below) - union based - Website in german, english and arabic.
Information - Advice - Support: The counselling provided by Fair Integration is aimed at refugees and other migrants who are not from the EU. Fair Integration is implemented within the Network “Integration through qualification (IQ)” . We advise you on issues relating to your rights and obligations in employment and support you, if you have problems in your job.
Questions about your contract of employment?
Questions about your working conditions?
Questions about your payment?
Uncertain whether your rights as an employee are being complied with?
Find out about your rights and obligations on this page and contact us if you have any questions!

Advice Centres
The Fair Integration advice centres are represented in all 16 federal states. The advice provision covers issues relating to employment law and social legislation which are linked directly to the employment relationship, e.g. wages, working time, holiday, dismissal and termination, health insurance etc.
The advice is free of charge, can be anonymous and is provided in different languages. Further information is available by clicking on the map.

„Fair mobility“ with advisory centers for migrant workers from Central and Eastern European (CEE) in 8 cities in Germany (see the link to the map below) - union based - website in german and several east european languages.
The Fair Mobility project assists in the enforcement of fair wages and working conditions for migrant workers from Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries on the German labour market. The project lies within the political responsibility of the DGB Executive Board. Nine local advisory centres have been established where mobile workers receive information and support in their native language regarding labour and social law. The advisory centres cooperate with similar organisations at local institutions and are part of a nationally active network…

The Advisory Centres
— provide information about rights on the labour market
— offer free advisory services
— advise in multiple languages and, if necessary, with an interpreter
— provide information irrespective of trade union membership
— work in cooperation with the DGB trade unions
Advice centers on a map and in english explanations:
Flyer and brochures in various (mainly east european) languages:

More adresses for counseling in many cities

BEMA in Berlin
We support migrants and mobile workers in realising their labour and social rights through counselling, education and building awareness.
Do you work in and around Berlin? Do you have questions about:
Employment contract, Salary, Contract termination, Vacation, Work accident, Maternity / parental leave, Posted work, Temporary work, Seasonal work, Minijob,(Bogus) Self-employment / “Gewerbe”, Undeclared work
Contact Tel .: (030) 2124 01 45
Our service is anonymous and independent of the country you come from or your residence status! It is free of charge and in many languages.

MigrAr in Hamburg

— Self organized counseling and social centers - on labour issues, job centers and for social benefits

ALSO in Oldenburg
Independent Counseling in the districts of Oldenburg and Vechta: confidential, free, supportive
What we do:
We explain letters of the Jobcenter and employment agencies, provide counsel on ALG (Unemployment Benefit) I and II, housing benefits, school fees, jobs, job search, qualification and much more…
Contact us
by phone
counseling center Oldenburg: 0176 - 43 30 21 27
counseling center Vechta: 0176 - 43 30 21 28
by mail:

Initiative für Zivilcourage in Munich
Contact: Freies Kulturzentrum Wörthhof, Wörth Str. 10, 81667 München

Special websites for special Sectors/Questions:



Equal Treatment Office
The Equal Treatment Office aims to support EU citizens in terms of the rights to which they are entitled in Germany under the principle of freedom of movement for workers.

„Migration and Health“
…is a portal of the Federal Ministry of Health. It is intended for migrants and full-time and volunteer helpers who assist immigrants after their arrival. The portal aims to help to familiarise them with the health care system in Germany.