Last update : July 2023

On this page you will find contacts who can help you with your research, your business or your personal life. All these contacts are free. These contacts are divided into 3 sections:

  1. Contacts and organisations listed at national level that you can find anywhere in France. There are also national websites that can give you general information.
  2. Contacts in border areas, particularly at entry points into France.
  3. Contacts in major French cities.

If you do not have a telephone number in French, dial +33 or 0033 at the beginning of the number.

Some websites are only accessible in French, but on Google you can use the automatic translation option.

  • 1 - National contacts

    • Accommodation

      In France it is very difficult to find accommodation. If you need emergency accommodation, you can try calling the following number: 115

      You have to call several times a day every day, giving your identity and date of birth, to hope for a place. Please note that there are very few places available, so accommodation is not guaranteed and is often only for a short time. Please note that the staff often only speak French (and sometimes English). This service is organised by the French government.

    • Medical emergencies

      The emergency number throughout Europe is : 112

      If you have a serious health problem, don’t hesitate to go to the nearest hospital emergency department. It’s free and open to everyone.
      (You’ll find more information in the “health” section)

    • For Women

      If you have any problems or questions about contraception, pregnancy, abortion, illnesses, HIV testing, etc., you can look if there is a Planning Familial space near you :

      The 3919 phone line listens, informs and guides women who are victims of violence, as well as those who witness violence against women.

      If you would like support with your procedures, you can contact the Réseau pour l’autonomie des femmes exilées:
      (You will find more information in the “gender” section)

    • Information and contacts : administrative and legal support

      For legal advice, you can contact the association “LA CIMADE”. This association is present in many towns in France. You can find your nearest office at the following link (French only):

      On this website (French only), you will also find legal and administrative support services for people in exile:

      If you would like more detailed information on immigration law, you will find all the resources you need on this site (French only):

      The information in the Watizat guide is also of high quality and updated every month. You can access it here: (available in several languages).

    • Sites and guides to find contacts everywhere in France

      On these websites you can find contacts of organisations that may be useful to you in the town where you are:

      On these websites, enter the name of the town where you are looking for contacts and then take the contacts you need.

  • 2 - Contacts at the borders

    • French-Italian Land Border

      For more information on this border area, visit
      Some information will be useful.

      There are many police checks along the border, and they can be violent. If you are stopped, the police may take you back to Italy. If you wish to apply for asylum, say so. At the police station, you have the right to ask for an interpreter, a lawyer and a doctor. If you are a minor, tell the police that you are, and they will have to let you return to France.

      When you arrive in France from Italy, here are the main contacts:

      • Nice / Menton

        There is a heavy police presence at the border from Italy to Nice.

        • Organisation : La Cimade 

          Aim: Legal and administrative support for foreign nationals
          Tel: 07 57 47 91 33 and 06 13 09 92 01
          Address: 8 rue Jean-Marc Cathala: 13002 Marseille

        • Organisation : Relier Menton

          Aim: To help people facing difficulties (food, clothing, mobility, etc.) to lead a decent life. The association can help when people arrive in the area.
          Address: 39 avenue Félix Faure 06500 Menton
          Contact: 06 50 15 34 03 /

      • Val De Roya

        • Association : Roya Citoyenne

          Aim: To promote intercommunality in the Roya. Contact: (get in touch on facebook) or directly on the website:

        • Association : Emmaus Roya 

          Aim: local, solidarity-based farming. Some accommodation may be available within this community. Address: 841 Chem. de Veïl 06540 Breil-sur-Roya France

      • Briançon

        Briançon is the entry point to France from Oulx / Clavière. This is a region with very high mountains. In winter there is a lot of snow. There is a strong police presence.

        • Presence in the mountains

          Emergency help in the mountains on the French side :

          • 112: emergency number (mountain rescue)
          • 0033 (0) 7 44 17 56 77: number active some evenings but not every evening, from 6.30pm to midnight. Provides help wherever possible if you are in difficulty in the mountains (hunger, thirst, minor injury, and other problems). You can only call this number if you are in France.
          • You can sometimes find people in the mountains on the French side who can help you (they provide water, food, and guide you when you arrive in France, etc.).
        • Association : Refuges Solidaire 

          Aim: Dormitory / Food / Toilets / Showers / First aid / Legal information.
          A place run by an association where people can sleep and rest for a few days (60 places). There are also doctors inside who can provide health care. Open every day and every night. There is also an “info point” providing access to legal, administrative and social information. Another association (Tous Migrants) is active around advocacy issues and records police violence.
          Address: 34 route de Grenoble 05100 Briançon

        • Association : MAPEmonde 

          Aim: administrative and legal support for foreign nationals living in the region.
          Address: 35 Rue Pasteur 05100 Briançon

      • Gap

        • Association : Cimade / Réseau Hospitalité

          Aim: legal and administrative support
          Opening hours: Wednesdays, 3.30pm-5pm
          Address: salle Dumart - avenue du Commandant Dumont 05000 Gap
          Contact: 06 76 70 59 73 /

      • Grenoble

        • Association : Cimade

          Aim: legal and administrative advice for minors
          Address: Maison des associations 6 rue Berthe de Boissieux 38000 Grenoble
          Contact: 04 76 50 16 39

        • Association : ADA

          Aim: To help asylum seekers with administrative and legal formalities and provide transport assistance.
          Address: 5 Rue de l’Ancien Champ de Mars 38000 Grenoble
          Contract: / 04 76 50 24 06

    • French-Spanish Land Border

      • Basque side (BAYONNE)

        All the associations present are listed on this website:

        • Association / Place : PAUSA (run by the Mairie) 

          Aim: emergency reception centre in Bayonne
          Address : 18 Quai de Lesseps 64100 Bayonne

        • Association : Collectif DIAKITE 

          Aim: to help people on-the-move at Place des Basques in Bayonne
          Hours: Saturday and Sunday afternoon, distributions at Gaztexte
          Address: 8 rue Ste Ursule 64100 Bayonne

        • Association : Cimade

          Aim: information and support in accessing rights for foreign nationals
          Address: 26 rue Sainte Catherine 64100 Bayonne (Tuesdays) / 2 rue des fermes 64700 Hendaye
          Contact: 0670873781 (Thursday) / 0757405411 (Tuesday)

      • Catalan side (PERPIGNAN) 

        • Association : Asti 66

          Aims: legal and administrative support, social assistance, participation in civic initiatives, etc.
          Address: Place de l’huile 66000 Perpignan
          Contact: 04 68 62 01 46 /

    • French-British Maritime Border

      If you are present at this border and need assistance at sea during the crossing, you can call the alarm telephone:

      • +334 86 51 71 61 (alarmphone). This line does not provide rescue, but an alarm. Always call 112 first. You must know your location.
      • More information (on the weather and how to find your location) is available in several languages on the website:

      Be careful, because at this border, and in all towns, stations and on the street, there is a very large police presence. The police may stop you to ask for your identity. If you have no papers, you will be taken to the police station. In this case, you have rights (to ask for a lawyer, a doctor or an interpreter) and the police must explain why you have been arrested. You will find more information on what you can do if you are arrested in the section: detention.

      • Calais

        When you arrive, try to go to the Secours Catholique day centre information desk to find information. Part of the centre is reserved for women. If you arrive at night, you can contact :

        • Utopia56 (+ 33 7 53 91 85 96) for help and referrals. Their team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

        Guide for new arrivals in Calais:

        This guide contains information on all the associations and services in Calais, including opening hours, locations and contact numbers; it is published monthly in several languages. It contains information on access to food, water, non-material items, showers, phone charging, healthcare and first aid, legal aid and information. All services are free, you don’t need money or documents.

        • Association: Secours Catholique Day Centre

          Association: Secours Catholique day centre
          Aim: Everyone is welcome to come and have a cup of tea or coffee, charge their phone, find information and chat. You can meet other associations such as the Red Cross (first aid), France terre d’asile and ECPAT (minors), and La Cimade (legal support). There is also an area for women and families. Usually open weekday afternoons - see the NAG for exact opening hours.
          Address: 39 Rue de Moscou, 62100 Calais

        • Association : Utopia56 Calais

          Purpose: Available day and night. You need to know your location. They can take you to hospital, help you call emergency accommodation, help minors find information and accommodation and provide general information. This team is only available in Calais. Contact: + 33 7 53 91 85 96 (Whatsapp)

      • Dunkerque / Grande-Synthe

        There is an informal camp, with access to limited services. There is no formal infrastructure or state-mandated organisations. The location of the camp is indicated in the Grande-Synthe new arrivals guide.

        Guide for new arrivals in Grande-Synthe/Dunkirk :

        Information on all the associations and services in Grande-Synthe, including distribution times; published monthly in several languages. Information on access to food, water, material goods, telephone recharging, healthcare and first aid. All services are free, you don’t need money or documents.

        • Association : Utopia56 Grande-Synthe 

          Purpose: Available day and night. Utopia 56 does information outreach in the informal settlements of Grande-Synthe to meet new arrivals. The teams provide information on access to healthcare, emergency accommodation, child protection and legal aid, as well as raising awareness of the risks involved in crossing the Channel. They provide clothing and food to people who get wet following an attempt to cross the Channel. There is an emergency number on which the team can provide general information, but above all makes the link with the emergency services for medical emergencies, people in distress at sea or in vehicles. Contact: +33 7 49 08 85 54 (Whatsapp)

  • 3 - Contacts in French Cities

    • Paris

      Paris is France’s largest city. It is the capital. A lot of people on the move pass through or live there. Some have contacts, friends or family. People who have no close contacts often end up sleeping rough.

      All the information on the city of Paris, contacts, reception centres and administrative procedures is available and updated every month in a guide that can be downloaded from the following link:

      Many people on the move go to Porte de la Chapelle, where numerous associations provide support.

      To apply for asylum, call 01 42 500 900.

      In the city, there are a number of useful contacts:

      • For minors

        • Association UTOPIA 56

          Purpose: material support and guidance
          Address: Place de l’Hôtel de Ville 75004 Paris

        • Association AMNA

          Purpose: registration for minority assessment
          Address: 15 boulevard Carnot 75012 Paris

      • For adult men

        • Austerlitz day centre

          Purpose: Guidance and follow-up
          Address: 24 quai d’Austerlitz, 75013 Paris

        • CITE day centre

          Purpose: Breakfast, registration, follow-up
          Address: 1 boulevard du Palais 75004 Paris

      • For families

        • ABOUKIR day centre

          Purpose: support with asylum applications and referrals
          Address: 6 rue Aboukir 75002 Paris

      • For asylum claims

        • Association ASILE

          Purpose: Write narrative, prepare for OFPRA interview, help with CNDA, ADA and social security. No Dublin appeals or re-examination.
          Contact to make an appointment: 06 50 54 79 45

      • For LGBTQIA+ people

        • Association BAAM

          Purpose: Help with the OFPRA narrative and preparing for the interview, help with the CNDA appeal for LGBTQIA+ people.
          Address: 8 rue Duchefdelaville 75013 Paris

    • Marseille

      Marseille is a major French city. A lot of people on the move pass through or live there. Some have contacts, friends or family. For people who have no close contacts, it’s difficult to find accommodation. You can still try to call 115 for emergency accommodation.

      All the information on the city of Marseille, contacts, welcome centres and administrative procedures can be found and updated every month in downloadable guides on the following websites: QX1 Welcome Map - Marseille - Collecting and sharing migrant women's experiences

      Useful addresses on arrival are:

      • General information point

        • Collectif Soutien Migrants 13/ Al Manba

          Purpose: General support
          Address: 8 rue Barbaroux 13001 Marseille (métro Réformés).
          General welcome: Mondays at 6pm.
          The “Soutien Migrants 13/El Manba” collective is not an association, but a group that brings together people who are against the idea of borders and who disagree with the way the French state treats migrants who arrive here. They try to support people arriving in Marseille, those who want to stay here and those who want to go elsewhere.

      • For administrative and legal procedures

        • Association la Cimade Marseille

          Purpose: support with asylum applications and other procedures
          Address: 8 rue Jean-Marc Cathala 13002 Marseille
          Contact: 04 91 90 49 70 /

      • For minors

        • Association RAMINA

          Purpose: To welcome and support minors arriving in Marseille
          Contact: 07 71 17 92 12

        • Association ADAP13

          Purpose: receives minors for information and referrals on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings.
          Address: 35 Boulevard de Briançon 13003 Marseille

    • Lyon

      Lyon is a large French city. A lot of people who have a migration background pass through or live there. Some have contacts, friends or family. For people who have no close contacts, it’s difficult to find accommodation. You can still try to call 115 for emergency accommodation.

      All the information on the city of Lyon, including contacts, places to be sheltered and administrative procedures, is available and updated every month in a guide that can be downloaded from the following websites:

      In the city, there are a number of useful contacts:

      • For information and orientation

        • Day centre and solidarity desk, secours populaire

          Purpose: Welcome, listening, support, referrals
          Address: 21 rue Galland 69007 Lyon
          Contact: 04 72 77 87 77

        • Day centre solidarité étrangers from the ensemble paroissial Chanoine Boursier

          Purpose: Reception and information desk, social and administrative support
          Address: 31 avenue Général Leclerc 69100 Villeurbanne
          Contact: 04 28 29 46 72

      • For minors

        • PASS MIneurs Secours Populaire

          Purpose: welcome, support, breakfasts, French lessons for minors
          Address: 58 rue Victor Lagrange 69007 Lyon (come in the morning)
          Contact: 04 72 77 87 77

      • For legal and administrative information

        • Legal and administrative information

          On Wednesday afternoons call 04 78 28 47 89

    • Toulouse

      In Toulouse, you should avoid going near the train and bus stations, as there are many police checks.

      Toulouse is a large French city. A lot of people with migration backgrounds pass through or live there. Some have contacts, friends or family. For people who don’t have close contacts, it’s difficult to find accommodation. You can still try to call 115 for emergency accommodation.

      All the information on the city of Toulouse, including contacts, places to be sheltered and administrative procedures, is available and updated every month in a guide that can be downloaded from the following website:

      In the city, there are a number of useful contacts:

      • Welcome and referrals

        • Secours Catholique

          Contact: 05 34 25 67 40
          Address: Maison Caritas - 56 rue de Périole 31500 Toulouse

      • Welcome and social assistance

        • Social centre Raymond IV

          Contact: 06 31 38 31 93
          Address: 4 rue de l’Orient 31000 Toulouse

      • For minors

    • Nantes

      • Association GASPROM

        Purpose: to get organised, find information, exchange legal advice, take part in French language workshops, etc.
        Address: 24 rue Fouré 44000 Nantes
        Contact: 02 40 47 00 22

    • Lille

      • EXOD

        Purpose: Support for exiled people (legal, social, accommodation, etc.)
        Address: 27 rue Jean Bart 59000 Lille
        Contact: 06 05 53 22 12

    • Strasbourg

      Strasbourg is a city very close to Germany.

      • Association : CASAS

        Purpose: To welcome asylum seekers and guide them through their various procedures. Offer time to discover the host country and the French language.
        Reception Every Monday and Thursday from 9am to 12pm.
        Address: Maison protestante de la solidarité - 2 rue Brûlée, 67000 STRASBOURG, France
        Contact: 07 88 46 31 64 / 03 88 25 13 03 /

      • Association : Médecins du Monde

        Purpose: outreach, welcome and referral services.
        Address: 24 rue du Maréchal Foch - 67000 Strasbourg
        Contact: / 03 88 14 01 00