Contacts in France

Last update : December 2019

There are several specialised groups and NGOs for legal advice on asylum. You can find useful contacts in France in the following section.

National contacts

Legal advice

Welcome map with all kind of information:

Hosting :

115 is the emergency phone number if you have nowhere to sleep. You can stay maximum 10 days in a governmental shelter. Police controls are frequent.

Medical emergencies, if your life is at risk :

Emergency number for Europe : 112, in case you have a medical emergency. Police can answer this line and save your number.

For minors :
Ressources for non-accompanied minors.

Directory of associative and institutional actors:

For women :

If you have problems or questions concerning having a baby, about abortion, for contraception, HIV testing etc…

Family planning:

For LGBTQI + :

Homophobic emergencies :
Contact :
Facebook :


Comede : Comede’s mission is to act in favor of the health of refugees and to defend their rights :

Local contacts :


For everybody :

Guide for asylum seekers, updated every month (French, English, Arabic)

  • Cimade Paris et Ile-de-France - 46, Boulevard des Batignolles. Tel: 01 40 08 05 34, (metro: Rome, line 2)
    Website :
    Legal advice on the phone : 01 40 08 05 34 - Monday 2:30pm-5:30pm and Wednesday 9:30am -12:30pm.

  • GISTI - 3 villa marcès website: email: tel: 014314 60 66. Monday to Friday 3pm-6pm, Wednesday and Friday 10am-12pm

  • Legal advice from a collective of NGOs at ATMF :10 rue Affre, 75018 Paris (metro: La chapelle). Monday 2pm-5pm

  • le BAAM (Bureau d’Accueil et d’Accompagnement des Migrant·es)
    Website :, Email :
    Mairie du 4e arrondissement de Paris 2 place Baudoyer – 75004 Paris (metro: Hôtel de Ville, line 1, 11) Facebook contact:
    Wednesday and Friday 5pm-8pm.

  • le CEDRE, help center for asylum seekers and refugees (legal, administrative, daytime reception. French and computer lessons)
    23, boulevard de la Commanderie 75019 Paris
    Phone : 01 48 39 10 92
    Email :

  • Collectif La Chapelle Debout
    Struggles for the rights of migrants, refugees, asylum seekers and sans-papiers (undocumented people)
    Phone : 07 68 77 97 16
    Email :

For women :

KÂLI : For women suffering from violence or vulnerability because of their gender
5 rue de la Révolution, Montreuil (Metro: Robespierre or Croix de Chavaux)
Facebook contact:
Legal advice Thursday 6:30pm-8pm.

For minors :

ADJIE : Legal help from several NGO’s for minors.
49 ter avenue de Flandre 75019 Paris (Metro: Riquet)
Monday 6pm-10pm or Saturday 9am-2pm

For LGBT :
Centre LGBT Paris, 63 Rue Beaubourg, 75003 Paris
Phone: 06 19 64 03 91.
In case of emergency (arrest, deportation) contact them as quickly as possible

Medical help for everybody :

Liste des PASS (permanences d’accès aux soins) :

Comede IDF
Hôpital de Bicêtre, 78 rue du Général Leclerc, 94270 Le Kremlin-Bicêtre.
Opening hours : Monday to Friday 8 :30 am., to get a consultation with a nurse or to ask for a first appointment.
For other information call 01 45 21 38 40 Monday to Friday 2:30pm-5:30pm

For people wanting to go to university :
RESOME : / Facebook :
RESOME is a collective working to promote access to higher education and facilitate people in exile learning French.
Shift : Saturday morning 10am-13pm : Maisons des Initiatives Étudiantes, 50 rue des Tournelles (metro: line 1/5/8 to Bastille).
If you have documents/diploms, bring them with you, if possible on a usb key or in your e-mail.

Local contacts : SOUTHEAST FRANCE

Regional map :

Counseling la Cimade
Rhone Alpes :


Languedoc Roussillon


Legal advice :
CIMADE : , Permanences 17 rue Alphand, Salle Ste Thérèse, every Wednesday from 2pm to 6pm

Collective Tous Migrants,

Dormitory / Food / toilet / showers / first aid / cultural mediation / legal support
Refuge Solidaire (ex-CRS-barrack), centre of Briancon (besides the MJC, 37 Rue Pasteur Briançon, in front of the train station), housing squat placed at disposal by the city of Briancon, run by humanitarian activist organised as «La Coordination réfugiés solidaires (CRS)», assisted by Médecins du Monde; place for 16 people. If there is no more space at the Refuge, an extra dorm - 1km away, in the city center - is open) for 3 days.

Dormitory / Food / toilet / showers
«Chez Marcel», Housing squat in Briancon (+33 783 23 93 83 emergency number); 20, Route de Puy Saint-Pierre, Briancon
This is usually not an emergency place where people can stay for a couple of days before continuing their routes, but a place where around 15 people live on the mid-long term.


Legal advice :
CIMADE : Tél. 06 76 70 59 73,,
salle Dumart, avenue du Commandant Dumont. Wednesday from 3:30pm-5pm.

Medical help:
PASS Gap, Site Muret - rez-de-chaussée du Bâtiment B

For women :
Planning familial (family planning): 27 rue Colonel Roux, 05000 Gap
Phone: +33 6 88 31 96 01 or +33 9 92 43 32 45
If you have problems or questions if you are having a baby, for contraception, AIDS testing etc.

For minors : RESF,
Phone: +33 4 92 24 45 95
Email:, information
Assistance to get education, against deportation.


Minors only :
A self-managed space that houses only unaccompanied minors


Welcome map :
Lots of informations about where to eat, get clothes, administration, sleeping, get psychological help, etc.

Medical help :

For minors:
telephone : +33 6 81 03 52 27,
Information, help to get education, help against deportation

3aMIE - help to get education
53 Place Saint Bruno
from Monday to Friday

For women :
Planing familial (family planning) 30 boulevard Gambetta (5th level) 38000 Grenoble
Phone: +33 4 76 87 94 61
If you have problems or questions if you are having a baby, for contraception, AIDS testing, etc.

For LGBT :
Asylum seeker commission Centre LGBTI.
8 rue Sergent Bobillot
Every 1st Thursday of the month 6pm-8:30pm
Every 3rd Monday of the month 6pm-8:30pm

French lessons only for women :
BAF2, Chemin des alpins, every Tuesday 2pm-3:30pm (free, no inscription needed).

Struggle :


Roya citoyenne :,

Défends Ta Citoyenneté (Champ Saorgin, Breil-sur-Roya, Cédric Herrou) :,

Welcome map with contacts between Nice and Marseille :


Legal advice, food, hosting, information for everyone :

Habitat & Citoyenneté : , 28 rue Dabray, 06000 Nice
Phone+33 953 14 66 86, mobile +33 621 41 23 82 - +33 6 49 29 03 59 -

Legal advice: Tuesday and Friday 9am to 1pm/2pm to 6pmé-1771890946364850

Legal advice :
CIMADE : 3, rue Rouget de l’Isle 0600 NICE
Phone : +33 6 16 14 53 56

Amnesty International : 36 rue Gioffredo, Nice. Wednesday 2 :30pm-5:30pm
CIDFF : 33, avenue Jean-Médecin - Bat B. Make an appointment by phone : +33 4 93 71 55 69

For minors :
Legal advice from a collective of NGO’s: Monday 10am-1pm, Le Tremplin, 3 rue Rouget de l’Isle, Nice

RESF :, telephone : +33 6 03 51 28 32 or +33 4 93 13 49 78 (ademonice), information, help to get education, help against deportation

Medical help :

Médecin du Monde : Reception centre, care and information.

162 rue de France, Nice. Monday to Friday (except Monday afternoon and Friday morning) : 9am - 12pm and 2pm - 5pm

Croix Rouge française : 2 ruelle Saint Francois ; Nice. Tel +33 4 93 62 86 67 

Daytime reception
Secours catholique. Tel : +33 4 93 16 74 00
Younger than 30 years : 3 rue rouget de l’Isle
Older than 30 years : 23 rue Paganini


Welcome map :

Information sharing platform for migrants arriving
 in Marseille (French, English, Arabic) :

Sleeping :
Unfortunately there are not a lot of places in the centers for urgent sleeping places (French: foyer d’urgence) and a lot of people have to sleep in the streets. You can anyway try to call the number 115 and a person could tell you if there is a place in a center.

If you are minor and on the street without another solution, you can go to the police. They must provide you an emergency sleeping solution.
Central Police Marseille : 66-68 La Canebière, 13001. Tel 0488775800 or 17. Open 24h/24 every day.
! Warning : Policemen most frequently deny the fact that you are a minor and don’t look for a solution. Take note of everything, keep every document and show it to a lawyer.

For everyone :

  • Info point : Collectif Collectif Soutien Migrants 13/ Al Manba - 8 rue Barbaroux. (metro Réformés). General welcoming meeting : Monday at 6pm.
    fb :
    The collective “Soutien Migrants 13/El Manba” is not an association, but a group that brings together people who are against the idea of borders and that disagree with the way the French state treats the migrants that arrive here. They try to support the people who arrives to Marseille, people who want to stay here and people who want to go somewhere else.

Legal advice :

  • Points d’appui :

  • La CIMADE 8, rue Jean-Marc Cathala, 13002 Marseille (Tramway Sadi Carnot)
    Phone : 04 91 90 49 70
    Legal shifts : Monday: 2:30pm - 6 pm
    For asylum seekers : Thursday: 9:30am - 12 pm

For minors :

  • You must first go to ADAAP13-service MNA : 352 bd National, 13003 (metro National). Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9am-12pm.
    It is a state service which must provide you with : first unconditional reception / a place to sleep / protect you / social and educative evaluation / daytime reception.
    ! Warning They are understaffed and the practice is that the minors are put on a waiting-list and sent back on the streets. BUT it is important to be registered there first if you are a minor willing to stay in Marseille, for all the next steps.
    ! Warning Experience shows that it can take several months until you are taken care of, found a place in a children’s home or a school.

Legal advice for minors :
Maison des avocats : 56 rue Montgrand, 13006 Marseille (metro Estrangin Préfecture). Thursday : 2pm-4pm.
Tel +33491153100 to get an appointment

Collectif Collectif Soutien Migrants 13/ Al Manba - 8 rue Barbaroux. (metro Réformés). Thursday 3pm-6pm

RESF 13 - Emergency phone / téléphone urgence : +33 6 31 32 48 65 email:, information, help to get education, against deportation. Website: -
Maison des Droits de l’Homme - 34 Cours Julien, 13006 (metro Notre-Dame-du-Mont).
Support for migrant families, young people and children to get education : 1st Wednesday of the month, 3pm-6pm.

RESEAU RAMINA (Réseau d’Accueil des MInots Non Accompagnés. Dans ce groupe sont publiés des demandes et propositions d’hébergements à Marseille du dispositif Ramina.)

Number (free) to signal a child in danger : 0800131300 24h/24.

For women / LGBT :
ask Collectif Soutien Migrants 13/ Al Manba

Urgence homophobie :
Contact :
Facebook :

Medical care for women :

  • PASS Conception Hospital / motherhood, gynecology (Permanence for the Access to Health Care)
    (French : Hôpital Conception / Permanence d’Accès aux Soins de Santé)
    147, bd Baille 13005 Marseille (Métro Baille)
    Phone : +33 4 91 38 19 21
    Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri: 9am-12pm and 2pm-4pm, Wed 2pm-4pm

  • Planning familial (family planning) :
    if you have problems or questions if you are having a baby, for contraception, AIDS testing etc.
    106, boulevard National, 13003 Marseille (métro Saint Charles)
    Phone : +33 4 91 91 09 39, Monday to Thursday: 2pm-6pm, Fri: 2pm-5pm

Medical care for everybody :

  • PASS Rimbaud / Timone Hospital (Permanence for the Access to Health Care) : 264, rue St Pierre, 13005 Marseille (Metro Timone)
    Phone : +33 4 91 38 78 79 (adults) / Phone : +33 4 91 96 49 58 (children)
    Thursday : 9am-12pm. On the other days you need an appointment

  • Médecins du monde
    4, avenue Rostand, 13003 Marseille (métro National)
    Phone : +33 4 95 04 56 03
    Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9am

  • Imaje Santé - For young people 18-25 years :
    doctors, psychologists, social assistants
    35, rue Estelle, 13001 Marseille (métro Notre Dame du Mont)
    Phone : +33 4 91 13 71 87

Daytime reception (shower, coffee, rest)

  • ADJ MARCEAU - 5A, place Marceau 13002 Marseille Phone : +33 4 96 11 65 00 Everyday 7:30am-4 pm

  • Boutique Solidarité - 16, rue Loubon, 13003 Marseille, tél. +33 4 91 08 19 67
    Monday to Friday: 9am-12pm


Legal advice :
La Cimade, 33 rue Imbert-Colomès – 69001 Lyon,, +33 4 78 28 47 89 

Villeurbanne : Palais du travail 9 place Lazare Goujon

MRAP (Mouvement contre le racisme et pour l’amitié entre les peuples) (movement against racism and for friendships between peoples)
Maison Berthy Albrecht – 14 place Grand Clément – 69100 Villeurbanne, Téléphone : +33 6 84 48 89 72, Email :

Centre social et culturel – Quartier Vitalité – Conditions des Soies – 7 rue Saint Polycarpe – 69001 Lyon
Telephone : +33 6 89 61 92 61, ou

For women :

Planning familial (family planning): 236, Cours Lafayette, 69003 Lyon. Tel : +33 4 78 89 50 61, e-mail :,
if you have problems or questions if you are having a baby, for contraception, AIDS testing etc.

GAMS if you are a woman victim of excision, forced marriage, abuse :
292 rue Vendôme – 69003 Lyon Telephone : +33 4 72 61 13 11 and +33 6 59 51 05 05

For minors:
RESF : urgence : +33 6 31 11 24 29, , information, help to get education, help in case of deportation


Collectifs de soutien Cevennes

Permanences juridiques :
RESF : à la Bourse du travail (7, place Georges-Dupuy) every Tuesday evening at 19h.
Cimade : à l’entraide protestante (5, rue Frédéric Mistral) every Monday at 17h.
Solidarité Migrants Alès :

Réseau d’hébergement (hosting network) Welcome :
Cimade :

les Cantines sans frontières : Every last Saturday of the month at:
12h30 at la Rétive (42, Rue du Faubourg d’Auvergne à Alès)
contact : cevennessansfrontiè
The support kitchens are organised with people in exile and donations go to them.

French course, literacy, different levels : during the week and free for everyone, at la Rétive (42, rue du faubourg d’Auvergne à Alès). Sign up at: 06 86 55 79 46.

Collectif Exploités-Énervés
in Alès, the first and third Saturday of the month, from 16h to 18h,
in the library La Rétive, (42, rue du Faubourg-d’Auvergne).
In Saint-Ambroix, the second and fourth Tuesday of the month, from 10h to 12h, at Centre cévenol de culture populaire (1, rue de la Fraternité).
Come and ask for advice or support in your struggles or conflicts with bosses, administrations, landlords etc.

Collectives in Cévennes:

Support for asylum seekers in Cévennes :

Lasalle :

Saint-Jean-du-Gard :

Mandagout :

Le Vigan :

Valeraugue :

Saint-Bauzille-de-Putois :

Saint-Hippolyte-du-Fort :, 04 66 77 00 00,

Lauret :

Réfugiés Bienvenue Nîmes : /
Apti :
Ados sans frontières :

Legal aid offices :
Apti : Saturdays from 10am to 12 noon, for any question relating to administrative procedures: asylum application, residence, health, family, etc… (8bis, boulevard Sergent-Triaire – Téléphone:04 66 29 44 56)

Canteens Without Borders in Nîmes :

Collectif Migrants Bienvenue 34 : /


Contact Resf 48  :

Local info :

Cévennes Sans Frontières : Struggles at the border, analyses, information in the Cévennes and mailing list :

IACAM (Infos Anti-autoritaires en Cévennes à l’Assaut des Montagnes) : Mailing list for information and analysis on social struggles in the Cévennes and surrounding area:

Collective of workers, unemployed and precarious workers in Alès :

Local contacts : SOUTHWEST FRANCE

Counseling La Cimade


Legal counseling :

For LGBT :
JEKO office 0689519954 ou 04519808

For minors :
collectif autonomie :

Utopia 56 :

Solidarity Union :

Medical Help :
La PASS : permanence d’accès aux soins de santé

La case de santé :

17 place Arnaud Bernard, 31000 Toulouse

Collectif étrangers malades (sick foreigners

For women :

Planing familial (family planning): information if you are pregnant, about abortion, contraception, aids testing…

le mouvement du nid - for women suffering forced prostitution. This organisation is against prostitution. They organize legal counceling, social work, French lessons.

Grisélidis - a community health association that works with and for female prostitutes but in a non-abolitionist way. health care, prevention of HIV/AIDS and STIs, friendly reception, accompaniment towards health, social rights, accommodation, housing, training, employment, right of asylum and residence

For Administrative détention in CRA
-Cercle des voisins :

Local contacts : NORTHWEST FRANCE

Counseling La cimade

Bretagne - Pays de la Loire


Centre West


GASPROM, a Nantes-based association defending freedom of establishment and movement and equal rights for all.
The association is an open group in which it is possible, among other things, to organize, to get information, to exchange legal advice, to participate in French workshops, etc.
The association is open at several times during the week but the premises are sure to be open on Mondays from 4 to 7pm.
The address is 24 rue Fourré in Nantes.

During September 2019, a facebook and a new brochure translated into three languages will be available.

To contact us,


Legal advice :
MRAP, 1 square des hautes ourmes (metro poterie), Monday 10h-12h, Tuesday 14h-17h30, Thursday 14h-17h30

Sleeping :
A roof is a right, 7 quai chateaubriand. Meeting every Wednesday 18h
D’ici et d’ailleurs, every Saturday 13h30-15h30, 0618898205, page Facebook D’ici ou d’ailleurs, 1 place Monténegro, Métro le Blosne

Iskis (CGLBT), 6 rue saint martin, every Wednesday 19h

Women :
If you have problems or questions if you are having a baby, for contraception, AIDS testing…
planning familial (family planning) : Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri 9h00-18h00 11 Boulevard Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny (metro sainte anne)

Health :
Centre Louis guilloux, 12ter avenue de pologne (metro poterie), Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri: 8h-18h

Social struggle :
Réseau solidarité, 2 allée de finlande (metro blosne), every Thursday 16h-22h, social struggle-collective against borders. Food and meetings.

French lessons :
D’ici et dailleurs, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 16h30-18h30 , 1 place Monténegro, Metro le Blosne


Legal assistance
ADE (Aide au Droit des Etrangers)
Thursday from 18:30 to 20:30 (make sure you arrive before 19:30)
5 rue de l’Observatoire, 29200 Brest
Behind the CAF building, in front of Lycée de l’Harteloire


SOLAMI : Housing solidarity for the reception of migrants
(response provided, collectively by associations and volunteers committed to solidarity and support for migrants).


Mouvement zéro personne à la rue (movement for zero people in the street):


French lessons :

ABAAFE : Association Brestoise for literacy and learning French for foreigners.

Adresse: 7 rue Watteau- 20222 Brest CEDEX2

Tel : 02 98 42 51 41


Minors :

ADJIM : Accompaniment of young isolated migrants. (French workshops, legal aid, outings…)
Courrier : Centre socioculturel Les Horizons 5 rue Sisley - 29200 Brest



Collectif humanité Plougerneau. (Reception of refugees)

eMail: collectif.humanité


100 pour un toit: housing support


Tel : 07 69 00 56 45




Fraternité DZ. ( Collections, accompaniment of the CAO, emergency reception).

Adresse: MJC Ty an Dud, 11, boulevard Camille Réaud, 29100 DOUARNENEZ

Tel : 06 35 10 18 42, Facebook :


For minors : welcoming, support, French lessons, activities

Le temps partagé: The association Le Temps Partagé brings together the inhabitants of Quimper and the surrounding area in order to set up and support initiatives and actions aimed at welcoming, accompanying and helping isolated minors (cultural activities, leisure activities, French and literacy courses).

Adresse: 15 Chemin de Kerdroniou, 29000 Quimper

eMail : /

For everybody :

CADA: Centre d’accueil de demandeur d’asile

Adresse : 2 Allée des Seiz Breur, 29000 Quimper

Tel: 02 98 90 54 51

French lessons:

MPT (Maison pour tous - House for everyone)

Tel :

Adresse : 16 Avenue Georges Pompidou, 29000 Quimper

Housing :

Welcome Quimper: Network of a group of people who offer temporary accommodation for adult refugees waiting for a place in or out of CADA.

Solidarity network for temporary housing

eMail :

Facebook  :

Local contacts : NORTH FRANCE :

Legal counseling : la CIMADE

Plateforme de Services aux Migrants (PSM) : Maison de la vie associative, Terre Plein du Jeu de Mail, Rue du 11 novembre,
For women and children :
Refugee Women’s Centre

+44 7968 399159


Association SALAM - Maison pour tous
81, boulevard Jacquard, 62100 CALAIS

In Calais

At the premises of the association : 13 rue de Fontinettes à Calais
Dans le Dunkerquois

Salle Guérin, Quartier St Jacques, 1 rue Alphonse Daudet Grande Synthe (59760)
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday: from 9am to 11am

Utopia 56

E-mail :

Tel : 00 33 6 40 99 16 45

Day Centres

Secours Catholique
39 Rue de Moscou, 62100 Calais
Monday - Friday, 12.30 - 17.30h

Le Local
162 Boulevard La Fayette
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
11h - 17h

Legal advice

Legal Shelter / La Cabane Juridique
Secours Catholique, Monday 14h-17h
Local, Friday, 14h- 17h / Wednesday appointments
(toute demande / all request) (violences)

Medical Care

Doctor’s Taxi to La Pass
Pickup from Food Place (Rue de Mouettes / La Vie Active / govt. Food distributions)
1015h / 1500h

Itching/bandage changes have to go in mornings

La Pass (Hospital)
Free consultations 13.30-16.30h
Appointments 9.30-12h
Dentists: 7.30h Monday/Tuesday

Médecins du Monde
Rue de Verrotieres
Friday, 14-17h

Red Cross
Phone, wifi, family link research, first aid, hospital run

Grande-Synthe Puythouck / Gym Tuesday, 1pm – 3pm
Calais BMX Wednesday 10.30am – 12pm
Calais, rue des Verrotières Wednesday, 1pm – 4pm
Grand-Synthe Puythouck / Gym : Thursday, 11am – 2pm

First aid, no fixed times, sometimes with Care4Calais

Gynecology without Borders (GSM)
Emergency shelter for women, accompaniment of female victims of violence, prescription and delivery of contraception, access to ivg, monitoring of pregnancies.

Le Planning Familial (family planning)

Women & LGBTQ information & help

Sexual health & wellbeing 

Identification of vulnerable people


HRO (Human Rights Observation)

Making testimonies regarding police violence+447909583487

Refugee Resilience Collective

Citizens UK
Safe Passage project: training, registration
for family reunification for minors and
adults with family in the UK.

Aures villes 62:
Terre d’Errance Norrent-Fontes
Open every 1st Monday of the month from 2pm to 4pm - Norrent-Fontes parish house.

le comité d’Hesdin, le comité de Berck-Montreuil ,le comité de Beaurainville, le comité de Fruges-Huquelier
Association of Montreuillois helping exiled people, notably through the setting up of an accommodation network.

AMIS Aide Migrants Solidarité

Calvados (14)
Le Collectif d’aide aux migrants de Ouistreham (The Ouistreham Migrant Aid Collective)

Normandie (50)

Local contacts : NORTHEAST FRANCE

Legal counseling : la CIMADE