Last update : August 2023

Not all foreign nationals have the right to work in France. There are certain conditions, which we will explain in this chapter.
People who do not have the right to work sometimes decide to work “under the table”, and some employers accept this.

The essential points

  • Foreign nationals without European nationality have the right to work without having to go through any administrative formalities.
  • Foreign nationals with a residence permit have the right to work (with certain exceptions).
  • Foreign nationals with a récépissé authorising them to work have the right to work.
  • People applying for asylum do not have the right to work (unless after 6 months they are still applying for asylum and an employer has applied for a work permit).

Additional information

  • Depending on the type of residence permit, it is sometimes necessary for the employer to apply for a work permit so that the person can work. It is important to seek advice on which procedure to follow, depending on your situation. You can apply for a work permit on the ANEF website.

  • It is important to keep all payslips and employment contracts. These documents will be useful if you need to apply for regularisation or to start procedures such as applying for naturalisation or bringing your family over.

  • If you have any problems, don’t hesitate to contact an association that supports foreign nationals or a trade union that defends workers’ rights.

  • At the end of the year, it is important to declare your tax.

  • Foreign nationals with a right of residence can register with Pôle Emploi. This organisation can help you find a job.