Last update : June 2011

Since 2008, rejected asylum seekers don’t have the right of social help anymore in Switzerland and can only grant urgent help consisting in living in totally inhuman conditions. Several Swiss NGO’s and Human rights groups are campaining against this situation.

Activist from Basel produced a guide for undocumented people in several languages to survive in Basel. You can find it here: http://bleibeguide.noblogs.org/files/2014/03/BG.Vs_.22.3.2014Web.pdf.

Also in Geneva one similar guide in French, English and Spanish exists which unfortunately isn’t in the net. The guide was produced by Collectif de soutien aux Sans-Papiers de Genève (CSSP) and is called Vivre à Genève, informations pratiques pour les immigré(e)s non européen(ne)s (Living in Geneva, practical informations for non-european immigrants. You can order the guide here: http://www.ccsi.ch/index.php/nous-contacter.

Finally, also in Zurich you can get one similar guide in German (for free for undocumented people): http://www.bleiberecht.ch/2010/06/bleibefuhrer-zurich-der-etwas-andere-reisefuhrer/.

About living conditions for refugees and migrants in Switzerland you may find various hints on migraweb.ch. The website is in 15 languages. Besides general information there is also a possibility to ask direct questions: www.migraweb.ch