Last update : July 2023
  • Tunis

    • Tunisian Forum for Economic and Social Rights

      Tunisian Forum for Economic and Social Rights (FTDES)

      The FTDES provides legal support to people on the move.
      Although their main office is in Tunis, but they also have members and volunteers in Monastir, Kairouan and Gafsa that could support certain legal cases.

      Address : 2, avenue de France Bab Bhar Tunis. Tunis, Tunisia, 1000
      Phone Number : 00216 71 325 129
      Email :

    • Medecins du Monde Tunis

      Médecins du Monde Tunis

      11 Rue Mouaouia Ibn souffaine (bureau) |
      9 Rue Amine El Abbassi (permanence) 1002 - Belvédère -Tunis
      Medical support


      Services provided: reception, nursing, social, medical, psychological, midwifery and legal advice.
      No appointment is needed.
      Address: LA GOULETTE, corner of Rue du Dr. Skolli and Rue Abou Elkacem Echabbi
      Opening hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
      Contact: +216 71 720 200

    • Avocats Sans Frontières in Tunisia

      Avocats Sans Frontières in Tunisia – ASF

      The ASF provides legal support for Refugees, asylum seekers and migrants in Tunisia. They only have an office in Tunis but are able to provide legal support with lawyers based in almost all cities in Tunisia.

      address : 6 Rue Izmir, Notre Dame (Mutuelleville) - 1002 Tunis Belvédère, Tunis, Tunisia, 1002
      Phone Number : 00216 71 894 002
      Email :

    • Tunisie Terre d’Asile

      Tunisie Terre d’Asile
      Accomodation and Information
      Website :

      Address: 16 rue Fatma Fehria,Mutuelleville, 1002, Tunis

      Phone Number: (+216) 71 287 484

      Email :

    • Association Beity

      Association Beity

      The association BEITY plans to accompany women by offering certain accommodation services, psychosocial support, legal guidance and assistance with economic reintegration.
      Address 10 Rue Mohamed Ali Janah, Tunis, Tunisia, 1002
      Phone Number : 00216 71 781 397
      Email :
      Website :

  • Sfax

    • Medecins Du Monde Sfax

      Medecins Du Monde Sfax
      Provides Medical, Psychological and Social Support.

      Appointement are mandatory.
      -Address: Sfax, Route Gremda km 0.5, Immeuble Elmajd, 2nd floor-4th office
      -Opening hours: Monday to Thursday (9:30am to 12pm and 2pm to 4pm), Friday (9:30am to 12pm).
      -Access by appointment: 00216 28 876 070

    • Terre d'asile Tunisie

      Terre d’asile Tunisie

      Address :Immeuble Emna City - Bloc A - Etage 9 - App n°908 Rue Hedi Nouira 3027 Sfax El Jedida

      Phone Number : (+216) 74 400 417

      email :

  • Medenine/Zarzis

    • Medecins Du Monde-Zarzis

      Medecins Du Monde
Provides social, psychological, medical consultation.
      Appointment is needed.

      1. Medical consultation room, Gasr Awled Said, Zarzis
      2. FVV psychological consultation at the Association pour le Développement Durable et la Coopération Internationale (ADDCI) Bureau 203-204 immeuble Tanol avenue Farhat Hached 4170 Zarzis.
        Opening hours: Monday to Friday (9:30am to 12pm and 2pm to 4pm)
        Access by appointment: 00216 54 259 997

    • Association d’Aide et D’assistance aux Migrants

      Association d’Aide et D’assistance aux Migrants
      Provides medical, psychological, social, educational and cultural assistance.

Address : Maison Des Associations, Route de Djerba, Medenine
      Phone Number : 00216 93 342 639
      Email :

  • Sousse

    • Tunisie Terre d’asile - Sousse

      Tunisie Terre d’asile
      Legal and social assistance in Sousse

      Address: Rue Yakout El Hamaoui, cité Riadh, 4023, Sousse Riadh

      Phone Number : (+216) 29 194 166

      Email :