Last update : April 2023

There is one detention center in Slovenia. It is located in Postojna (50 km from the capital city of Ljubljana, towards Italy). It is a special unit of the Slovenian police structure.


The address is:
Veliki Otok 44 Z,
6230 Postojna

The capacity of the detention center is for 220 people. It is a strictly guarded building, surrounded by high fences, with police presence 24/7.

There are official hours for visits:
Every day from 14:00 to 18:00

A person who wants to visit should know at least the name and surname of the detained person; sometimes, you have to call the police and tell them that you come for a visit. Sometimes you go in front of the gate during the official visit hours, and police allow you to see the detained person. You should say to the police that you are coming to visit a particular person or a group of people. You have the right to ask the police to see from 2 or 3 persons at the same time, and then ask to see another 2 or 3 persons, you have 30 minutes for each visit in a particular room equipped with a camera. Police require to leave all your belongings (with some exceptions) in a special wardrobe.

Who is in the detention center:

  • people who were caught by police on the territory of Slovenia and did not ask for asylum,
  • even if they asked for asylum, sometimes police keep people in closed camp (detention center) for a certain period to find out the identity of the person,
  • people who have rejected asylum right and finished their asylum procedure,
  • people who were stopped by police and had no documents to prove their identity,
  • people who have a status of an asylum seeker, but could be detained for a certain period, if workers of the Government office decide, that the person is violating the rules in the open camp (this case happened in August 2019),
  • people who are on the deportation (return) list,
  • persons whose visa permit expires, and if only police catch them,
  • minors as well, it is not prohibited by law,
  • people who have a court-ordered sanction on expulsion
  • … (to be added)

Please note that you can always call a number inside of the detention center and talk to people detained to find out the situation. The number for the section of single man, in most cases single men are detained:


If you have information that your friend or comrade in detention in Slovenia, you call the number mentioned above and ask if the person stays there, talk to him, arrange a meeting day, and visit him. Usually, there is always somebody inside the detention unit, ask if there is a person you are looking for, and ask to invite him to a fixed phone station.