Accomodation of asylum seekers in Macedonia.

Last update : July 2023

Right now there is one reception centre where asylum seekers are accommodated. The reception centre is in Skopje and has capacity of 150 places. It accommodates people who have sought asylum in Macedonia. The Reception Centre for Asylum Seekers is in the village of Vizbegovo, near Skopje.

If you are allowed to seek asylum in Macedonia, you will be taken to that reception centre in Vizbegovo. The centre is open for asylum-seekers to exit it. In the center, there is free Legal Aid, provided by Macedonian Young Lawyer Association, and other NGOs who work with children and other vulnerable groups.

Extremely vulnerable cases, especially unaccompanied minors, are sometimes allowed to go to a so-called “safe house” for vulnerable asylum seekers in Skopje (there is only one). This institution is run by the government and the Jesuit Council.

The vast majority of asylum seekers are waiting in the camp in Gevgelija to have their asylum claims processed and are not taken to Vizbegovo.