Last update : February 2020

Organisations providing assistance to asylum seekers and refugees in Lithuania.

May 1st Trade Union (Gegužės pirmosios profesinė sąjunga - G1PS)
Organises with migrant workers and provides free consultations. Has chapters in Kaunas and Vilnius and has helped migrant wokers in various cases to get their wages and rights. The union is based in Social centre “EMMA” and organises in a variety of work related struggles.
A. Mickevičiaus g. 35, Socialinis centras “EMMA”, Kaunas, Lithuania.

KOPŽI (Kovos su prekyba žmonėmis ir išnaudojimu centras) – Anti-trafficking organisation in Lithuania
Provides help to trafficking victims and exploited migrants. Provides shelter, mental, social healthcare, legal support and help finding employment.
8 671 32147

Organisations in charge of integration

The main organisations in charge of integration and helping asylum seekers are Red Cross and Caritas. Therefore they provide language courses, individual consultants, lawyers consultations (though the waiting times are long), psychologists’ consultations and can help with translations needs.
They have their centres in both Vilnius and Kaunas but Caritas is more focused on Vilnius while Red Cross is more focused on Kaunas. Both organisations are one way or another present in the Foreigners’ Registration Centre in Pabradė or in the Refugees’ Reception Centre in Rukla. They provide legal aid and social programs.
The Lithuanian Red Cross Society is in charge of border monitoring so if you have information of violations of the rights of those crossing the border or seeking asylum currently they should be the ones informed.

The Lithuanian Red Cross Society (Lietuvos Raudonojo Kryžiaus draugija - LRKD)
The Lithuanian Red Cross Society can be reached in English, Russian or Lithuanian.
Refugee program supervisor:
General mail:

Refugee Day centre in Kaunas – consultations, legal, social help and integration programs.

Red Cross centre in Vilnius – consultations, legal and social help.
A.Juozapavičiaus 10A Vilnius, Lithuania.
(8-5) 262 8037

Info centre in Klaidpėda – consultations, legal and social help.
K. Donelaičio g. 21 a, Klaipeda, Lithuania.
(8-650) 55476

Lithuanian Caritas Foreignerns’ Integration Centre in Vilnius
They can be reached in English, Russian and Lithuanian. They also in some cases help with translations from English, Russian, Lithuanian, Arabic or Farsi. In the centre they provide consultations, legal, social help and integration programs.
Kalvarijų g. 39, Vilnius, Lithuania.
General number: (8-683) 46832
Current Foreigners’ program coordinator: Jolanta Belskienė +37067231152

MIPAS which is Plarform for Migration Information and Cooperation is a useful tool to follow up on the development of integration centres and of ther useful links.