Last update : September 2023

Table of Contents

  • Grassroots Solidarity Organisations, Cultural and Social Centers and Campaign Groups

    • Tarlabaşı Solidarity Group / Tarlabaşı Dayanışma Grubu (Istanbul)

      Voluntary structure that carries out material and moral solidarity activities for people excluded and oppressed, especially with precarious immigrants throughout Istanbul, starting in the Beyoğlu neighbourhood, Tarlabaşı. It actively uses its network to help people gain access to healthcare for people excluded or exploited by the healthcare system, and also tries to provide temporary shelter for those in need, as well as food and clothing.

    • Mayısta Yaşam Eğitim ve Dayanışma Kooperatifi / Mayısta Yaşam Education and Solidarity Cooperative (Istanbul)

      Mayısta Yaşam Cooperative aims at solidarity with all segments of the working class, including migrants. It carries out educational solidarity activities mainly with undocumented migrant children who have been denied their right to education, aims to find solutions to other difficulties that migrants experience in their lives, to take part in decision-making mechanisms together, and in some localities.

    • Göçmen Sendika Girişimi / Migrant Union Initiative

      Göçmen Sendika Girişimi is an initiative that advocates for the rights and organization of migrants who live in Turkey and have to work in precarious conditions as workers. It was established in 2021. It advocates on social media for migrants’ rights and circulates important practical information in several languages including Kurdish, Farsi and Arabic.

    • Birlikte Yaşamak İstiyoruz İnisiyatifi / We Want to Live Together Initiative

      Active since 2019, this is a volunteer-based initiative open to wide participation, aiming to develop practices of solidarity with migrants and to fight racism together. It mainly organises talks, campaigns and press statements in defense of migrants’ rights. Since it is largely made up of people active in other areas or organisations, it can also be a useful group to contact in terms of reaching a wider solidarity network.

    • Hepimiz Göçmeniz / We Are All Migrants

      Established in 2018, We Are All Migrants started with the aim of bringing to the agenda the problems and rights of migrants living in Turkey and carrying out campaign activities. It continues to make up-to-date publications on the problems of migrants. It publishes a useful “migrants’ agenda” weekly bulletin with articles about migration-related issues in Turkey and elsewhere. It also organises public events, demonstrations and press statements.

    • United Hands For Refugees

      United Hands For Refugees was formed in Turkey in 2020. It is a volunteer-led group that provides various types of material support - food and hygiene baskets, as well as emergency aid and working on social programs and awareness raising. They are also closely involved in supporting the displaced Yazidi Community in Turkey.
      United Hands for Refugees e.V. (@HandsRefugees) / Twitter
      United Hands for Refugees e.V. (@unitedhandsforrefugees) • Instagram photos and videos

    • Halkların Köprüsü Derneği / Peoples' Bridge Association (Izmir)

      Voluntary association based in Izmir, strongly against working on project basis for the UN or EU or along charity models. The association is made up of volunteers from across various health professionals, cultural and social workers and organises alongside migrants and refugees. They also have interpreters for Arabic, Kurdish and Farsi.
      Phone: +90 232 421 22 80
      Halkların Köprüsü Derneği (

    • Yusra Community Centre, Fatih, Istanbul

      Yusra Community Center is a volunteer run space dedicated to helping displaced people rebuild their lives. The center runs learning, social and recreational programs for displaced people in the Fatih neighborhood of Istanbul, Turkey.
      Yusra provides a fun and safe learning space for children, who otherwise have no access to knowledge. We are a place of guidance for families, providing or assisting with medical needs, legal matters, skills training, language and literacy activities, and information services. Yusra has also helped provide direct material support to migrants and refugees in Istanbul and elsewhere.
      Yusra Community Center

    • GGMlerde Neler Oluyor / What’s Happening in the Removal Centers

      GGMlerde Ne Oluyor is a campaign group made up of individuals and associations from the LGBTI+ movement, the feminist movement, human rights organizations, grassroots organizations, and migrant solidarity networks. The campaign was formed in the aftermath of Pride Istanbul 2023, after five non-citizens of Turkey were detained transferred to Removal Centers for deportation. The campaign aims to put the inhumane conditions in Removal Centers (GGMs) at the center of its struggle by building links with and supporting migrants in Turkey, sharing accounts of the experiences of those held in Removal Centers, producing reports on these conditions, and pressuring legal and rights associations to engage more actively on this issue, where multiple rights violations take place.
      GGM’lerde Neler Oluyor? (@ggmlerdeneler_) / X (
      GGM’lerde Neler Oluyor? (@ggmlerdeneleroluyor) • Instagram photos and videos

    • AD.DAR

      Ad.Dar (“home” in Arabic) is an all-volunteer, non-political, non-religious, multi-cultural community initiative that was originally established for Syrian and Syrian-Palestinian refugees living in Istanbul. Ad Dar’s international volunteers organize cultural activities and classes, as well as various forms of practical, social, and emotional assistance for children, families, and youths. The organization is explicitly apolitical and inclusive of all—completely regardless of sect or creed. All are welcome.

      Address : 50 Kumbaracı Yok. D. 1 Tomtom Mah., Beyoglu, Istanbul

  • More formal or Institutional NGOs providing Legal Advice and Support and other services:

    • Mülteci Hakları Merkezi​​​​​​​ / Refugee Rights Center

      Extensive, free of charge legal counselling and assistance services to asylum seekers of all nationalities. They provide assistance especially to people whose asylum applications are rejected, those who are in detention centers and who are detained at the airports in İstanbul. Their website contains a lot of useful practical information in various languages. Their Legal Helpdesk offers services in Turkish, English, Arabic, Farsi/Dari and French.​​​​​​​ They also have a specific helpdesk for people in detention.
      Opening hours Istanbul-office: all week days 10:00-17:00; available during the opening hours by telephone, fax or email in relation to any questions regarding legal rights and obligations for asylum seekers in Turkey. They also have offices in Edirne, Izmir and Van.
      Refik Saydam Cad. Dilber Apt. No:39 4th Floor, Flat Number: 11
      Sishane –Beyoglu - ISTANBUL
      General Contact and Legal Support: +90 850 218 48 30​​​​​​​
      Detention Helpdesk: +90 507 218 62 85
      E-mail: /

    • Mülteci DER (Izmir) / Solidarity with Refugees Association (Izmir)

      legal counselling and assistance

      Mülteci DER provides extensive, free of charge legal counselling and assistance services to asylum seekers of all nationalities. They provide assistance especially to people whose asylum applications are rejected, those who are in detention centers, those who are apprehended in the Aegean region. They also publish a comprehensive weekly roundup of migration-related news stories from Turkey.

      Tel: 0090 232 483 54 21 / 0090 549 483 54 22

    • Mazlum-Der

      Human rights organization. They have branches almost in every city in Turkey.

    • İnsan Hakları Derneği (İHD- Human Rights Association)

      human rights organization. They have branches almost in every city in Turkey.

    • International Refugee Rights Association

      Non governmental organisation with legal advice.

      Tel: 0090 212 531 20 25
      Fax:0090 212 531 20 26

  • Humanitarian Aid

    There are many organizations providing humanitarian aid. Below are a few of the main such organisations, some of home are direct partners with UNHCR and can also work closely with the Turkish state.

  • Physical and psychological support

    • Turkiye Insan Haklari Vakfi (TIHV) / Human Rights Foundation of Turkey (HRFT)

      -Headquarter: treatment of the physical and psychological issue caused by the torture or ill-treatment. HRFThas offices in several other Turkish cities also. See:
      Mithatpaşa Caddesi No: 49/11 6. Kat 06420 Kızılay/Ankara
      Telefon:0090 (0 312) 310 66 36

    • Dunya Doktorlari / Doctors of the World

      Doctors of the World provides psychological and medical care to migrants and refugees in Turkey and Syria. In Turkey, they provides services at mental health and psychosocial support (RSPSD) centers in Istanbul, Izmir and Hatay/Antakya.
      Home | Doctors of the World (
      Istanbul Head Office: Ömer Avni Mh. İnebolu Sk. Ekemen Han No:1 Kat:2 D:8-9 Beyoğlu/İstanbul
      Izmir: Fevzi Paşa Bulvarı, 73/5 Babadan İş Merkezi, Çankaya/Konak/İzmir
      Hatay/Antakya: Odabaşı Mah. İstanbul Sokak No: 5 Antakya/Hatay
      Tel: +90 (212) 249 44 58

  • Womens and LGBTQI+ rights organisations

    • Kaos GL

      LGBTI rights organization, they provide legal counseling. They are in Ankara but you can contact them via phone from other cities as well. They can refer you to their sister organizations in different cities.

    • Kadın Dayanışma Vakfı

      Women’s right organization, they are in Ankara, can provide counselling, they have experience with victims of trafficking.

    • Mor Çatı

      Women’s right organization, they are in İstanbul, can provide counselling, they have shelters for victims of domestic violence.

    • KADAV

      KADAV is a women’s rights orgnanisation engaged in a range of projects and activities. They also can assist in providing shelter for women.
      KADAV – Foundation for Solidarity with Women – KADAV official website.
      KADAV ( • Instagram photos and videos
      Kadınlarla Dayanışma (@Kadavist) / X (

    • Sınırsız Kadın Dayanışması / Women's Solidarity Without Borders

    • Pozitif Yasam / Positive Living Association

      Positive Living Association, which was founded by the alliance of people living with HIV, their relatives, volunteers and relevant professionals. Through its Key Refugee Groups Project, psychosocial counseling, legal counseling, information and referral services, which are called protection services, are provided to LGBTI, sex workers and refugees living with HIV. The Key Refugee Groups Project aims to facilitate access to protection services through 6 service units: two in Istanbul and 6 service units in Ankara, Denizli, Eskişehir, Mersin.
      Refugee Support Line: 0850 888 05 39
      General Support Line: +90 216 418 10 61
      Positive Living Association (

    • Hevi LGBTİ+

      Hêvî LGBTI+ emerged as a result of the organization of independent LGBTI+s that came together in 2013 around similar ideals. Hevi LGBTI+ as an association works for safeguarding the rights, and reporting access of the rights and exposed violations of the rights of the LGBTI+ community, migrants and refugees. Hêvî LGBTI+ consists mostly of Kurdish LGBTI+ people but has come to include activists from different ethnicities over time.
      Tel: 0090 216 7595195

    • Aman Projesi / Aman Project

      Aman Project is a group of refugees, LGBTQ people, and allies standing in solidarity with those who have had to flee their home countries for their identity. Since 2017, they have helped LGBTQ+ individuals through emergency rental, utility, relocation, medical and mental health assistance, and case management services in Turkey and Afghanistan.
      From 2017 to 2019, Aman ran a shelter which provided a home, a community, and training to help more than 200 homeless LGBTQ+ individuals from across the Middle East, though this is now closed. Aman Project continues to support the LGBTQ+ community through direct emergency assistance for rent, food and medicine to vulnerable individuals. They can also provide assistance in applying for asylum in third countries.
      Aman Project
      The Aman Project مشروع أمان (@project_aman) / X (


    • UNHCR Ankara

      Birleşmiş Milletler Mülteciler Yüksek Komiserliği (BMMYK)
      Tiflis Cad. 552. Sok. No:3 Sancak Mah. 06550 Ankara
      Tel: 0090 312 409 70 00
      Fax: 0090 312 441 21 73