Last update : August 2023

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Rights in Exile offers these contacts in Norway:

  • Juss-Buss
    Arbinsgate 7, 0253 Oslo
    Tel: +47 22 84 29 00
    Fax: +47 22 84 29 01
    Contact person: Hanne Hareide Skårberg
    Juss-Buss is an initiative of the law students from the Faculty of Law at the University of Oslo. Juss –Bus provides free legal assistance and representation in individual cases. It is working with issues where refugees’ need for legal assistance is greatest. These include immigration, employment, family law and issues of debt. Juss-Buss accepts new requests on Mondays between 10:00-15:00 and on Thursdays 17:00-20:00. It does not accept requests of a legal nature via email. Please contact them by phone or visit their office.

  • The MiRA Centre / In English
    PB 1749 Vika, 0121 Oslo / Storgata 38, Oslo
    Tel: +47 22 11 69 20
    The MiRA Resource Center for Black, Immigrant and Refugee Women provides a meeting place where women and young girls with minority backgrounds can come together to discuss their issues and support one another. They offer services and guidance regarding education choices, family difficulties, gender and racial discrimination at work as well as legal and psychological counselling.

  • Norwegian Organisation for Asylum Seekers (NOAS)
    Pb. 8893 Youngstorget, 0028 Oslo
    Tel: +47 22 36 56 60
    Fax: +47 22 36 56 61
    If the phone above does not answer, ring Communication Advisor, Tel: +47 22 36 56 60
    The Norwegian Organization for Asylum Seekers (NOAS) aims to advance the interests of asylum seekers in Norway. According to NOAS’ principles, the organisation provides legal aid or welfare assistance to persons who seek and/or have been granted asylum status and protection in Norway. NOAS also engages in refugee policy matters as well as works to combat racism and xenophobia.

  • Selvhjelp for innvandrere og flyktninger - Self Help for Immigrants and Refugees (SEIF)
    PO Box 6856, St. Olav’s place, 0130 Oslo
    Oslo Office Director: Gerd Fleischer
    Tel: +47 22 03 48 30
    Selvhjelp for innvandrere og flyktninger (SEIF) is a voluntary and independent organisation, established in 1986. They provide information about rights, duties, laws and regulations, as well as how to contact lawyers and public offices. SEIF also offers practical assistance with filling in forms, applications, editing letters, contacting authorities and making appointments, and will accompany you to these appointments to give support. In addition, they also assist LGBTI individuals seeking asylum, immigrants and refugees. Their aim is to help the new habitants to find their way in the Norwegian society, and to obtain sufficient information to solve their own problems.