Contacts to human rights NGOs in Malta.

Last update : October 2021

Contacts to human rights NGOs in Malta.

JRS Malta
Besides project based work in advocacy, social work services and awareness raising, JRS Malta also offers pastoral care to detainees and continues to advocate for their rights.

aditus Malta
aditus was established in March 2011 by a group of young lawyers interested in contributing to human rights access. They offer legal advice.

Migrants’ Network for Equality
The Migrants’ Network of Equality is a network consisting of representatives of different immigrant communities in Malta.

Laboratorju tal-Paċi f’Ħal Far (Peace Laboratory)

Human Rights and Integration Directorate (HRID)
Address: A3 Tower, Level O, Triq L Arkata, Paola
Phone:+356 2226 3210
The Human Rights and Integration Directorate, is implementing the Migrant Integration Strategy & Action Plan (Vision 2020​), and integration programmes are designed and implemented by the Integration Unit in collaboration with the appropriate institutions and organisations, which are recognised and/or licensed in the respective fields of expertise, and take into account the diversity of the candidates’ population.
This is the official integration programme launched by the Maltese government.

Foundation for Shelter and Support to Migrants (FSM)
Telephone: +356 2137 5862
Area(s) of operation: Migrants & Refugees, DetentionThe Foundation for Shelter & Support to Migrants (FSM), believes in a society where migrants are treated equally with dignity and respect. FSM strives for the integration of migrants through support services, education, research, capacity building and advocacy. Treatment of all people in the same way regardless of their age, gender, ethnicity, nationality, cultural or social group.
Contact Person: Dr Ahmed Bugre

Woman Rights Foundation (WRF)
Telephone: +356 79708615
WRF aims to ensure that women’s rights are protected through policy and law reform, raise awareness and offer training to end violence against women.
WRF also provides free legal advice and initial legal representation to women who are survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking and discriminated against due to their gender.
Contact Person: Dr Lara Dimitrijevic
Area(s) of operation: Women, Victims of Crime

SOS Malta
Address: 10 Triq il-Ward, Santa Venera (SVR 1640)
Telephone: 356 21244123
Fax: 356 21224742
SOS Malta is a non-governmental organisation working in Malta and overseas. It assists all peoples through projects of a social and charitable nature, provides assistance to the poor helping them to improve quality of life, helps to enhance the knowledge and skills of those it serves.
SOS Malta also advocates on behalf of the poor, promotes models of good care and practice, works with local and international NGO’s in order to achieve its aims.

African Media Association Malta (AMAM)
Address: 212, Old Bakery Street, Valletta
Telephone: +356 99 06 93 63
A media NGO that aims to bring positively Africa into the news, it wants to inform foreign nationals and immigrants in Malta. As a media organization its aim is to develop an inclusive multi media network where all the members can find a place to debate.The main objectives are to utilize any media forms to broadcast news and information relating to living in Malta and in Europe.