Different groups working with asylum and migration matters.

Last update : August 2017

On this list you will find contact information on different groups that work with migration and asylum matters. They are all based in the capitol of Denmark, Copenhagen.

They are all based in the capitol of Denmark, Copenhagen:

The Trampoline House
Thoravej 7, ground floor
DK-2400 Copenhagen NV
Tel: (+45) 32 20 02 25
Email: info(at)
A user-driven culture house and meeting place for asylum seekers, migrants and Danish citizens. Free legal counseling, including counseling with attorneys every Wednesday from 5 to 7 pm, also medical counseling, language courses and many other activities.

Asylret (Right to Asylum)
Email: info(at)
Volonteer group working with legal counseling and case handling for rejected asylum seekers.

The Committee for Refugees UNderground/Refugees welcome
Free counseling every tuesday, 16-19, at The Trampoline House, Thoravej 7, ground floor, DK-2400 Copenhagen NV
Tel: (+45) 50 55 80 11
Email: kontakt(at)
Volonteer group that offers advice and legal conseling for rejected asylum seekers. Every Wednesday from 3 to 7 pm.

Baggesensgade 6, kld. th.
2200 København N
Mail: kontakt(at)
Law students offering legal advice for cases of family reunification, humanitarian residency, study and work permits.

LGBT Denmark
Mail: Postboks 1023, 1007 København K
For visits: Nygade 7, 2., 1164 København K
E-mail: lgbt(at)
tlf. 33 13 19 48 (Thursdays 14-17)
Legal advice for LGBT people
45 71 52 33 97
Email: lgbtasylumdk(at)
Legal advice and political group working for LGBT people

Danish Refugee Council
Borgergade 10
DK – 1300 København K
Telefon: 33 73 50 00
Fax: 33 91 45 07
Email: drc(at)
A humanitarian, non-governmental organization that among other things gives legal counseling to asylum seekers.

Venligboerne, Legal advice from Law students

No deportations without resistance:

Phone (working 24/7): +45 71449632
Email: Ingenudvisninger(at)
Network against forced deportations. Can not give legal advise, but can arrange protests and raise awareness if a deportation is happening. If you, or someone you know is under threat of being deported, call the number mentioned above.

Clinics and places for health advice:

There is a health clinic for undocumented migrants in Copenhagen. It is run by the Red Cross, The Danish refugee council and the Danish Medical Association.

You need to contact the Red Cross via:

The Trampoline House also provides advice on medical issues, this is usually on Wednesdays from 4-6 pm. The adress of the Trampoline house is:
Thoravej 7, ground floor
DK-2400 Copenhagen NV

Facebook pages:

The following facebook pages are not associations, but created by people who want to support people who just arrive in Denmark in different ways.

Venligboerne : there are many different groups called Venligboerne located in different areas in Denmark. You have to apply to become a member of the groups, which can then be a way to get in contact to helpful locals in your area. Here you can also ask for help with specific problems that people might be able to help you out with, such as translating documents from Danish or material support. Here are some of the different groups you can become a member of:

Venligboerne - Flygtningehjælp (the general facebook group for Venligboerne):

Venligboerne Danmark:

Venligboerne åbner deres hjem (here people join if they can have refugees living with them for a shorter period of time):

Venligboernes Praktikbank (here you can get help with your CV and help finding an internship:

Venligboerne København JuraRådgivningen. (legal advise from law students, Copenhagen):

Venligboerne København [&] omegn:

Venligboerne Læsø

Venligboerne - Sønderjylland:

Venligboerne - Roskilde:

Fredericia venligboerne:

Venligboerne - Aarhus og omegn:

Venligboerne i Dragør:

Venligboerne i Silkeborg:

Venligboerne - Randers:

Venligboerne – Skanderborg:

Venligboerne - Aalborg og omegn:

Venligboerne - Aalestrup og omegn:

Venligboerne i Jammerbugt:

Venligboerne Odense Og Fyn:

Venligboerne Avnstrup:

Venligboerne - Skive og omegn:

Venligboerne -Thisted Og Omengn:

Venligboerne - Flygtningehjælp Ballerup:

Venligboerne Odense:

Venligboerne Herning:

Venligboerne - Aabenraa kommune:

Venligboerne i Viborg:

Venligboerne Langeland:

Venligboerne Vordingborg og omegn:

Venligboerne Rudersdal:

Venligboerne - Orø.

Venligboerne Slagelse og omegn:

Venligboerne Hobro Og Mariagerfjord:

Venligboerne Gentofte og omegn:

Venligboerne i Frederikssund [&] omegn:

Venligboerne Hørsholm:[&]fref=ts

Venligboerne - Kalundborg og omegn:

Venligboerne Ribe:

Venligboerne Helsingør:

Venligboerne - Stevns afdeling:

Venligboerne Sorø:

Venligboerne Lyngby-Taarbæk:

Venligboerne Fejø:

Venligboerne på Lolland-Falster:

Venligboerne Kokkedal:

Venligboerne Nordfyn:

Venligboerne - Hirtshals:

Venligboerne - Assens Kommune:

Venligboerne, Vamdrup:

Venligboerne Vejle:

Venligboerne i Favrskov - Flygtningehjælp:

Venligboerne Kolding:

Venligboerne Allerød og omegn:

Venligboerne, Sønderborg:

Venligboerne Frederikshavn:

Venligboerne Odsherred:

Venligboerne Horsens:

Venligboerne - Køge og omegn:

Venligboerne Holbæk:

Venligboerne Varde og Tistrup:

Venligboerne Langå:

Venligboerne Hvidovre:

Venligboerne Fredensborg:

Venligboerne - Holstebro:

Venligboerne Ry:

Venligboerne Tønder:

Venligboerne - Ringsted:

Venligboerne Haderslev:

Venligboerne - Lejre:

Venligboerne - Gribskov:

Venligboerne Sydfyn:

Venligboerne i Løgstrup:

Venligboerne Svendborg og omegn:

Venligboerne Faaborg:

Venligboerne Amager:

Venligboerne - Djursland og omegn:

Venligboerne Gladsaxe kommune:

Venligboerne - Beder og Malling:

Venligboerne i Fælleshuset Brønderslev:

Venligboerne Ruds Vedby:

Venligboerne - Esbjerg og omegn:

Venligboerne Furesø Kommune:

Venligboerne Struer og omegn:

Venligboerne Ebeltoft:

Venligboerne Hornslet:

Venligboerne Nyborg og Omegn:

Venligboerne MidtFyn: