Last update : March 2023
  • The Trampoline House

    Trampoline House is a migrants’ self-organised community centre. The house is open Fridays and Sundays from kl. 14–20 and offers legal advice, language teaching, workshops, women’s and children’s club, house meetings, café and people’s kitchen. You can find their weekly calendar on their website:

    c/o Apostelkirken 

    Saxogade 13
    DK-1662 Copenhagen NV

  • Refugees Welcome Denmark

    Refugees Welcome Denmark offers a lot of information online about asylum procedures: . 

    In addition, they offer legal counseling and preparation for asylum interviews. 
You can call or text them on phone 004550558011 or you can send an email to kontakt(at)

    You can find their facebook here:

    Or you can come in person every Tuesday 16-19h in Copenhagen:
    Nørre Allé 7, 2200 København, Danemark
    2. floor, Members Offices.

    No need to book in advance. Official holidays and July month closed. Bring your documents and if needed and if possible for you, an interpreter.

  • Rusk Law

    Collective of law students who provide legal counseling.
    They can be contacted via email:
    website :

  • Danish Refugee Council

    Borgergade 10
    1300 København K

    Telefon: 33 73 50 00

    Email: drc(at)


    A humanitarian, non-governmental organisation that among other things gives legal counseling to asylum seekers, organises social activities and provide volunteer language practice.
    Apart from Copenhagen, they provide in person counseling in Aarhus, Ringsted, Hostebro, Odense, Aalborg and Haderslev.

  • LGBTQI+ groups

    LGBT Danmark
    An organisation for LGBTQI+ people. Not specifically for migrants or refugees, but if you are a person from the LGBTQIA+ community and need support, you can contact them. They organise social events, youth groups, counseling and discussion groups. 


    LGBT Asylum 

    An organisation supporting LGBT+ asylum seekers with legal counseling and support throughout the asylum procedure. They also have social activities and meet-ups.
    They can be contacted via phone Monday-Thursday 10.00-14.00: 45 71 52 33 97

    Email: lgbtasylumdk(at)

    Or via email: info(at)

  • Clinics and places for health advice

    Clinics and places for health advice:
    There are health clinics for undocumented migrants in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Odense. It is run by the Red Cross, The Danish refugee council and the Danish Medical Association. They provide free medical care (including childrens’ vaccinations, pregnancy care, physiotherapy and acute dental care) for people who don’t have access to the Danish health care system (without CPR).

    You need to contact the Red Cross via:

  • Facebook pages

    The following facebook pages are not associations, but created by people who want to support people who just arrive in Denmark in different ways. Many of the group descriptions are in Danish, so you might have to use google translate to find information. However, you can always write your posts in English as almost everyone in Denmark speaks English.

    Venligboerne : there are many different civil society groups called Venligboerne located in different towns or municipalities in Denmark. You have to apply to become a member of the facebook groups, which can then be a way to get in contact to helpful locals in your area. Here you can ask for any type of practical support, such as translating documents from Danish, applying for a job, help learning Danish or material support.
    Search for Venligboerne and then the name of the town or municipality you are in to get in touch. Below are some of the general facebook pages where you can ask for help. 

    Flygtningehjælp (Refugee help):

    Venligboerne Danmark (the national group of Venligboerne):

    Venligboernes Praktikbank (here you can get help preparing your CV and help finding an internship): Facebook: