Health care in Cyprus for asylum seekers.

Last update : December 2016

To access health care you can apply for a medical card A at the Ministry of Health.

Here again, just like the application for social benefits, you will need to hand in a verification of your asylum application and a written statement by the Asylum Service that you are without means. If you do have the medical card you will need to pay an additional 3€ - 6€ for a doctor’s treatment and 50Cents for recipes and laboratory tests. The extra payment will need to be done in the form of so called health stamps which you can buy in post offices and public hospitals. Should you be residing in the reception center in Kofinou you should get all free health stamps throughout which you do not need to make an extra payment for medical assistance. If you do not have a medical card you will need to pay 15€ - 30€ for a treatment.