Deportations to Greece to be stopped in more and more countries after the European Court of Human Rights decided against a deportation

Last update : March 2017

The European Court of Human Rights decided in one single case on Friday, 21st of January 2011, that Greece is violating the human rights of a refugee by detaining him under inhuman conditions and leaving him homeless. It also judged that Belgium violated human rights by deporting him there (see:

This means:

• Hundreds of other “Greek” cases waiting for a decision in front of ECHR are expected to be judged in the same way.

• All countries that already decided to suspend deportations to Greece because of the pending decisions in front of the ECHR, will have to decide if they will examine the asylum cases of the people threatened by deportation to Greece themselves soon.

• European countries that did not already stop deportations to Greece will have to decide about it soon.

• This decision will concern people who have been fingerprinted and pink card holders without difference.

****last update: 05/May/2011

In January 2011 the European Court of Human Rights decided in an individual case that Greece was violating the human rights of a refugee by detaining him under inhuman conditions and leaving him homeless. It also judged that Belgium violated human rights by deporting him to Greece (see: <

This means:

• Hundreds of “Greek” cases waiting for a decision before the ECHR are expected to be judged in the same way.
• All the countries having already decided to suspend deportations to Greece because of the decisions pending before the ECHR will have to decide if they will soon themselves examine the asylum cases of the people threatened by deportation to Greece.
• European countries which have not yet stopped deportations to Greece will have to decide about it soon.
• This decision will indiscriminately concern persons who have been fingerprinted and holders of pink cards in Greece.

This decision was brought about by the struggles of migrants and their supporters: many refugees have been resisting and, after having been deported, started their journey all over again. The violation of their rights in Greece has been publicized for a long time. Many refugees appealed against their deportation with the help of lawyers and NGOs.

If you are travelling right now, check this information carefully! Generally speaking: the judgement of the ECHR may be considered radical, so we expect that asylum seekers who are leaving Greece can safely apply for asylum anywhere without being threatened with deportation. The only point to find out is whether the country of your choice intends to process asylum applications without delay. The situation is changing all the time. We will try to keep the information up-to-date on:

Overview of European countries having already stopped deportation:

Belgium: Will handle all asylum applications concerning “Greek Dublin-cases” with priority. After the ECHR’s decision, the Belgian minister renewed the terms of the “Suspension and Priority Treatment” he announced in October.

Denmark: The Minister of Integration of Denmark just now decided to open the 340 cases of asylum seekers having been fingerprinted in Greece. Denmark stopped deportations to Greece and examines Greek cases in Denmark.

Germany: Stopped deportations to Greece and will examine all cases (pending and new ones). In January 2012 they will decide once again if the deportation-stop will go on.

Finland: Apparently stopped deportations to Greece right away.

France: Stopped deportations to Greece until further order and examines the cases.

Island: Stopped deporting to Greece.

Netherlands: Early October 2010 the Dutch minister of justice announced that the Netherlands will definitely not send asylum seekers back to Greece.

Norway: In October 2010 the Immigration Appeals Board (UNE) stopped deportations to Greece until further notice.

Sweden: Early December 2010 a ruling of the Migration Court of Appeal (MCA) stopped all deportations of asylum-seekers from Sweden to Greece.

Switzerland: Swiss halt asylum returns to Greece. The Federal Migration Office is to suspend the return of asylum seekers to Greece, examining cases in Switzerland instead.

UK: At the end of September 2010 the UK Border Agency suspended returns of asylum seekers to Greece under the Dublin II Regulation. All “Greek” cases will be handled in the UK.

Asylum chances:
Many people now try to figure out where they have the best chance to get a positive result from their asylum applications. This is very difficult to answer because it depends a lot on each separate case and on whether or not authorities believe that you are telling the truth. At you can find some statistics that might help you (search: Asylum) – but don’t take them too literally. The procedures are changing quickly. On the next pages you will find a list of contacts in some European countries. If you don’t find a contact in the country you are looking for or if the contacts are far from the city where you will go check out the list of contacts on It’s more detailed:

Family reunion:
Especially families might find themselves in a situation where one person went first to a specific country, and other family-members are stranded elsewhere. In that case, you have the possibility to ask for family reunion. If a country accepted your application for asylum and is reviewing your case, you may try to get close family-members to join you. Such procedures take a lot of time and are quite complicated. Therefore, look for an experienced lawyer who specialises in such cases. You will need support in Greece (for example contact GCR, Athens…) and also in the country where you want to get united.

Have a safe journey!


Austria has not stopped deportations to Greece yet. If you are in Austria, contact a lawyer before applying for asylum. If you are threatened by deportation to Greece, you have to make an Appeal to the European Court of Human Rights IMMEDIATELY to have a chance to stop the deportation!


Asyl in Not
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Debrecen refugee camp
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Legal advice
Hungarian Helsinki Committee (Magyar Helsinki Bizottság)
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Razzismo Stop Venezia
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Dutch Council for Refugees
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The Swedish Network of Asylum and Refugee Support Groups (FARR)
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London -
Hackney Migrants Centre: Spensley Walk (near Clissold Park, off Stoke Newington Church Street),Hackney N16 9ES.Tel. 07504 332 706. Open Wednesdays 12.30-3.30pm.

Refugee Action
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Glasgow -
Glasgow Unity Centre:
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Bristol -
Refugee Action
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Oxford -
Asylum Welcome
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Contacts in Greece
Greek Council for Refugees (GCR) is a Greek Non Governmental Organization found to support refugees and asylum seekers in Greece. GCR offers legal advice, psychological services and can help to get access to hostels (only for people who have applied for asylum in Greece).
Opening hours: every morning.
Solomou 25, Exarheia, (0030)210-3814710 

Ecumenical Refugee Program provides assistance to refugees and asylum seekers.
Iridanou 4A, Ilissia
Tel: (0030)-210-72.95.926
Mondays 12-16, Tuesdays-Thursdays-Fridays 9-13:30 

Network of Social Support to Immigrants and Refugees: provides information on legal/ social needs (every afternoon from 5-9), free lessons of Greek language and computer. For people who have or don’t have papers.
Tsamadou 13, Exarheia, Tel. 210-3813928
Group of lawyers for the rights of migrants and refugees: legal counseling to migrants and refugees in all matters relating to their legal status. Every Monday and Wednesday from 5-7. For people who have or don’t have papers. Spiridonos Trikoupi 21, Exarheia - Email: omadadikigorwn (at)

23 Taigetou Str.
154 52 Palaio Psychico
Tel.: (0030)210-67 26 462/3
Fax: (0030)210-67 56 800 

Caritas Hellas
Kapodistriou 52, Athens
Vathis Square
Tel: (0030) 210-52.47.879
E-mail: caritashellas (at)

Greek Red Cross
Sector of Social Care
Lykavittou 1, Athens
Tel: (0030) 210-36.39.538
Email: swd (at)

The information on this flyer may have changed. Although we try to update it regularly, you should contact the local NGOs, lawyers or support-groups listed to be sure about what to expect. If on your journey you notice any changes that might be important for others, please inform us:

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Many inhuman forces are at work at the outer borders of Europe. Refusal of entry, imprisonment and deportation. Nevertheless and every day, people challenge the borders and the European anti-migration systems. Welcome To Europe wants to support all those on their way, seeking refuge or simply a better life.

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We want to wish all those on their way a good and safe journey.
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