Last update : August 2023

Table of Contents

  • Belaady

    Organisation for Human Rights

    Service Area: Tripoli, Libya
    Tel: +216 53 664 254
    +216 20 038 001
    Facebook address:
    Services provided: Legal aid, Food, Advocacy, Medical care, Financial services.

  • Refugees in Libya

    Refugees in Libya is an organization that includes refugees, asylum seekers, and migrants, regardless of their ‘official’ status. The organization was born out of a need to voice the grave concerns of a large heterogenous group of people residing in Libya who are being subjected to violence and made vulnerable through other means. The demands of the organisation are that refugees are evacuated to safe countries, that refugees are fairly treated by UNHCR, that the EU abolished the funding of the Libyan coast guard and migrant detention centers, that justice is delivered to those who have been murdered, tortured and arbitrarily detained, and to lobby with Libya to sign the 1951 Refugee Convention.

    Refugees in Libya includes members in European countries after they successfully escaped from Libya.
    Refugees in Libya will soon open an office in the italian city of Bologna.

    A person present in Libya:
    +356 9969 1151 (WhatsApp only)
    +218 91-4464829 (Telephone call)
    Persons in Europe:
    +218 91-0828945
    (WhatsApp, telephone, signal, telegram)
    Instagram: Refugeesinlibya
    Twitter: Refugeesinlibya

    Services provided:
    Food, Advocacy, Medical care, testimony collection, storytelling, guidance for survivor, safe migration alternative information, community mobilising, facilitates Voluntary Return program via IOM. facilitates and advocates for registration of asylum seekers through UNHCR the refugee agency, individual empowerment, organises awareness campaigns in and outside Libya.