Contacts in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Last update : February 2020

The section will be updated often. The situation in Bosnia is changing rapidly. International organizations and local authorities are managing living structures and services for refugees. Still, the conditions are deplorable. Many independent entities, both domestic and international collectives, individuals, provide the most necessary help. The situation is not stable for people on the move because of the border violence implemented by the EU border regime. Scroll down for the list of contacts in different cities.


No Name Kitchen

We are an independent organization providing services in Velika Kladusa, Sid, and Patras. Closed borders of European Union and administrative silence towards applications for asylum, brings thousands of people to spend years living outdoors without rights and with their basic needs uncovered. All of us are volunteers.
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Call: +34 655 28 35 71

S.O.S Team Ljuta Krajina

We are independent volunteers working in Velika Kladuša with migrants on their way. Mainly we provide basic needs, support people as much as we can.

Web page and inbox for SMS


Red Cross Bihac

Call: +387 37 226-086
FB of Red Cross Bihać
Website of Red Cross Bihać

Udruženje “Žene sa Une” (working with women and children, present in camps)

Street: Krupska 26, 77 000 Bihać
Call: +387 37 220 855
Žene sa Une Website

Udruženje Solidarnost Bosna

Support in the streets of Bihać
Call: +387 61 604 093


Tuzlanski volonteri (Tuzla volunteers)

A local civil/grassroots initiative is helping refugees sleeping in the streets and outside of the main bus (train) stations.
Web page on FB

Care Center for refugees in Tuzla

Care Center for refugees in Tuzla is a separate program of the Center for community services PUZ, which specializes in the protection of exceptionally vulnerable refugees and immigrants transiting through the city of Tuzla.

Street: Bosne Srebrene 60
75000 Tuzla
Call: +387 35 277-054
Care center for refugees in Tuzla
They reply within minutes

SARAJEVO, a local charity, provides support in camps in Sarajevo and runs a center in Tuzla

Street: Dr. Fetaha Bećirbegovića br. 8
Call: +387 62 839 000
They reply within one hour.

Free legal aid

Street: Safeta Hadžića 66a
71000 Sarajevo
Call: +387 33 789 105
Fax: +387 33 789 106
Legal rights in English
Need free legal aid?


U.G. “Zajedno za naš grad” Mostar

Providing support in Mostar, in the streets
Ul. Maršala Tita 177
Call: +387 60 31 79 641
FB contact of UG Zajedno za naš grad