Turkey > Contacts

Useful contacts in Turkey (for legal advice, humanitarian aid, of solidarity organisations and of UNHCR).

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Risks, Rights & Safety at Sea - Aegean Sea: Greece/Turkey

These informations are for people who are considering to cross the sea between Turkey and Greece. They aim neither at deterring people from, nor at encouraging people to attempt the crossing, but rather at providing objective informations and sharing experiences about risks, rights, and vital safety measures to take at sea.

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Interception or Readmission/Deportation to Turkey

Information on what to do in case of Interceptions or Readmission/ Deportation to Turkey

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Turkey > Asylum

Seeking Asylum: Legal Situation – Applying for International Protection in Turkey:

Most information here is not concerning Syrians!  There is a specific section for Syrians called “Temporary Protection”. This section explains seeking international protection in Turkey for non-Syrians.

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Turkey > Temporary Protection for Syrian Refugees

The “temporary protection” (TP) regime establishes a safeguard against the return of individuals under “temporary protection” to Syria against their will for those registered with Turkish authorities. Finally, the “temporary protection” enables registered individuals to access fundamental rights & entitlements including health care services, education, social assistance and interpretation.

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Turkey > Detention and Deportation

If you enter Turkey irregularly (illegaly) and get apprehended before applying for asylum; if you over stay your visa and have not applied for asylum and thus if you are in irregular situation (illegal situtation); if you are apprehended while trying to exit Turkey irregularly (illegally) for ex by fake passport/visa, by boat etc; if you failed to comply with your obligations as international protection applicant (for example not going to the migration office to give your signature 3 times in a row) or if you are considered to be threat to public security, you can be detained in a detention center whose official name in Turkey is “Removal Center”.

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