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Activist from Basel produced a guide for undocumented people in several languages to survive in Basel. You can find it here : http://bleibeguide.noblogs.org/files/2014/03/BG.Vs_.22.3.2014Web.pdf.

Also in Geneva one similar guide in French, English and Spanish exists which unfortunately isn’t in the net. The guide was produced by Collectif de soutien aux Sans-Papiers de Genève (CSSP) and is called Vivre à Genève, informations pratiques pour les immigré(e)s non européen(ne)s (Living in Geneva, practical informations for non-european immigrants. You can order the guide here : http://www.ccsi.ch/index.php/nous-contacter.

Finally, also in Zurich you can get one similar guide in German (for free for undocumented people): http://www.bleiberecht.ch/2010/06/bleibefuhrer-zurich-der-etwas-andere-reisefuhrer/.

About living conditions for refugees and migrants in Switzerland you may find various hints on migraweb.ch. The website is in 15 languages. Besides general information there is also a possibility to ask direct questions: www.migraweb.ch

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