Contacts in Sweden:

last update: January 2017



FARR (Flyktinggruppernas Riksråd) is a politically and religiously independent umbrella organization for individuals and groups working to strengthen the right of asylum.

Phone: 08-7100245. Email:

Chairperson: Sanna Vestin, Stockholm,



These groups support asylum seekers and undocumented refugees. If you cannot find a group in your city, you can write to



Svea Integration

Phone: 0708-73 37 38



Borlänge Asylkommitté

Phonel: 0709-25 99 89, Email:



Asylum counselling of the churches in Borås.

Phone: 0706-62 88 66, Email:



Hallands Asylkommitté

Phone: 0346-58316, 0735-753866.



Flyktinggruppen i Falun

Phonel: 023-25005, 023-33815. Email:,;

Ingen är illegal - No one is illegal


Asylkommittén i Gävleborg,



Ingen Människa är Illegal No One is Illegal

Phone: 0704-37 75 24. Emergency email:, email group:


For legal advice in Göteborg, contact


Fristad Göteborg

Works with sanctuarys

E-mail: info(at)


Asylrättstudenterna (asylum rights students) Göteborg

Law students supporting asylum seekers with legal advice every other Thursday 5pm - 7pm.

You can book a time via email: Place: Kortedala Bibliotek, Kortedala Torg 9, Göteborg.


Södra Dalarnas Asylkommitté



Helgeandssystrarna (Alsike Kloster) (Alsike monastary)

Phone: 018-38 30 02, 0708-48 24 44. Email:



Asylrättsstudenterna Malmö & Lund / asylum rights students Malmö & Lund

Law students who give legal advice to asylum seekers

Facebook: Asylrättstudenterna Malmö och Lund




E-mail: asylgruppenlund(at)

Phone: 0046 (0) 76 - 24 11 422



Asylgruppen i Malmö



Centrum för Sociala Rättigheter

Phone.: 0704-309098.,



Kontrapunkts group ASYLSTÖD (asylum support) offers practical and legal advice for asylum seekers. It happens every other Thursday 6pm-8pm.

From Monday to Thursday, 5pm-8pm, you can also get free food and clothes at Kontrapunkt.

During the winter, Kontrapunkt is also open at night (8pm-7am) so you can stay there if you do not have a home.

Västanforsgatan 21, 214 50 Malmö. Email:


Skåne Stadsmission

0720-63 19 86,


Unga Forum

Legal advice and practical support for children, families with children, and young people up to 25 years.

0720 – 631986


Refugees Welcome Sverige


Noomi, Hela Människan i Malmö

Emergency accomodation for women that have been victim for trafficking or prostitution

040-632 35 21, email:,


Ensamkommandes Förbund/Mötesplats Otto

Ensamkommandes Förbund is an organization for unaccompanied minors. At meeting point Otto, you can get legal advice, help with homework and meet new friends.


Asylgruppen i Norrköping / Asylum group in Norrköping

0737-80 27 77. email:


Ingen illegal  - No one is illegal


Simrishamn, Borrby

Österlens stödförening för flyktingar

Österlen’s support organization for refugees



Simrishamn, Skillinge

Act For Integration




SMIA (Skelleftebor mot inhumana avvisningar) (people from Skellefteå against inhumande depportations)

Phone: 0761-34 21 46,,






Asylkommittén i Sverige - asylum committe in Sweden

0708-16 21 61 (best with SMS)

For legal advice: Contact MR-group, Läkare i Världen (Doctors of the World) at 08-6646687


Ingen Människa är Illegal - No One is Illegal

Phone only for booking of advice: 0707-33 61 07.



Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS Sweden)

08-505 780 06. Email:



The Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Rights

Gives advice to  Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer refugees and

Have the network RFSL newcomers that is meeting places for LGBTQ refugees.

0736-60 32 46. Email:,


RFSL Ungdom/RFSL Youth

0707-66 46 64. Email:


Stockholms Stadsmission

Phone 08-684 230 00,


Sundsvalls Asylkommitté (asylum committee)

0762-41 02 24. email:


Refugees Welcome to Tjörn



Ingen Människa är Illegal - No One is Illegal

Answering machine: 0738-48 49 69. Email:,



Ingen Människa är Illegal - No one is illegal



Uppsala Ekumeniska Fristadsgrupp
Christian sanctuary group



Ingen Människa är Illegal - No One is Illegal



Asylgruppen Örebro /Asylum group Örebro




Ingen Människa är Illegal - No One is Illegal

0764 - 27 54 57. Email:

Other organizations

Working with asylum and refugee questions


Amnesty International, Swedish section
After a thorough investigation and if it’s possible to confirm the risk for persecution Swedish Amnesty can in a few cases Amnesty can go in and appeal to the authorities.

Box 4719, 116 92 Stockholm. 0771-266 37 89, Fax: 08-729 02 01. Email:



Focuses on EU-migrants but also open for others.

Stockholm: Open activity: weekdays 8.00-12.30, Monday and Wednesday 8.00-15.30; Tullvaktsvägen 2, 115 56 Stockholm. Closest Metro station: Gärdet.

Phone: 08-68423 150. Email:

Malmö: Mon-Thu 8.00-11.30, Saturday & Sunday: 8.00-10.00

Breakfast every day 8.00-9.00

0766 – 47 15 27


Ingen människa är illegal - No one is illigal


The No One is Illegal Network (Ingen människa är illegal in Swedish) works to provide practical support to people who are forced to live undocumented after having had their applications for asylum refused. They demand permanent right of residence for all people who have arrived in Sweden and wish to remain. They believe in a world without borders, a world where no one is illegal. You can find more information in different languages on their website and contact in different places in Sweden:

Network that are fighting for a world without borders. Supports undocumented refugees with practical stuff, living, food, etc.


Email:,Phone: 0704-377524, Phone: 0764-275457, Phone: 0768-841957


Liberala flyktingfonden / Liberal refugee fund

Run by the Liberal partys youth organization. Collect money and then spread out the money to those that need it. If you are undocumented you can turn to them for some help with money.

Liberala flyktingfonden, Box 2253, 113 16 Stockholm. Phone: 08- 559 227 43. Email:


Rosa Stationen / Pink station

A meeting place for new and established Swedes. Run by Refugees Welcome Stockholm together with Birkagården. They offer juridical advice. Rosa Stationen have activity on tuesdays

6pm - 8.30pm.



RSFL – The Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Rights

Gives advice to  Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer refugees and

Have the network RFSL newcomers that is meeting places for LGBTQ refugees.

Sveavägen 59, Box 350, 101 26 Stockholm. Phone: 08-501 629 00. Email:

Newcomers: Phone: 0761-84 88 17. Email:


Rådgivningsbyrån för asylsökande och flyktingar

Free juridical advice and if you need help getting land information.
For help call on phone between  monday to wednesday  9.00-11.00

Taptogatan 6, 115 26 Stockholm.

0200-88 00 66. Fax: 08-665 09 40


Barnens Asylrättscentrum (Rådgivningsbyrån) - Childrens asylum center

Advice by phone for children, or people working with children every thursday 09.00-11.00.

Reception for juridical advice thursdays 12.00-14.00. For advice at the reception book a time. Childrens advice call  0200-75 17 03. Email:


RådRum, Skåne (southern sweden)
Helps in the contact with swedish society. For example if you need help with translating a letter you recived or to fill in a form. It is free and have various languages. To find RådRum in Skåne:


Rädda Barnen - Save the children

International orgaization works with childrens rights. Some local organizations envolve them selves in refugee children.

107 88 Stockholm.

Phone: 08-698 90 00. Fax: 08-698 90 10. Email:


Röda korset - Red cross

Supports asylum seekers and can help with family reunification

Hornsgatan 54, Box 17563, 118 91 Stockholm. Email:

Phone: 08-452 46 00 (växel), 020-41 50 00 tuesday - thursday 9.30-12.00 ( legal advice, family reunification and more)


Svenska Kyrkan - the Swedish church

Churches all over sweden and in a lot of them they in someway work with refugees. Contact the church to see what your local church is doing.

Svenska Kyrkan, 751 70 Uppsala. Phone: 018-16 95 00. Email:


UNHCR Regional Office for the Baltic and Nordic Countries

FN:s high commisioner for refugees regional office. Work with handling juridical questions partly about asylum. They also give adive to governments, authoreties and organizations and informs the public.

Ynglingagatan 14, 6 tr, 113 47 Stockholm. Phone: 08-457 48 80. Email:


Vänsterpartiets fristadsfond - left partys fund for sanctuary
Helps refugees that are treathend by deportation. They can help with money to get a good layer.




HIV- Sverige - HIV-Sweden

Organization that is run by and for hiv positive people.

Tjurbergsgatan 29, 118 56 Stockholm. 08-714 54 10. Email:


Liljengrenska stiftelsen, Varberg

Phone: 0768-93 95 93. Email:


Läkare i Världen - Médecins du Monde


Luleå: every Tuesday evening at 6pm in the EFS church,

Malmö: every Thursday evening 6-8 pm, close to S:ta Maria church at Södervärnsgatan 8, 073-954 68 69,

Stockholm: every Wednesday evening 6pm to 9pm, Artemisgatan 10 in Hjorthagen, Stockholm Phone: 08-664 66 87. Email:


Umeå: every other Tuesday 7pm-8.30pm at Pingstkyrkan; every other Sunday 4pm-6pm at Härbärget Backengården,

Östersund: every other Tuesday 6.30-8pm at Svenska kyrkans församlingslokal,


Porten, Borås

Healthcare for undocumented every other wednesday between 5.30 pm to 7pm

Phone: 0735-63 20 80. Email:


Rosengrenska kliniken, Göteborg

Rosengrenska run the “care for undocumented” (”Vård för papperslösa”). Which is a network of volontary care staff taht works specifically with undocumented. It run by an uncall phone.

Phone: 0704-06 66 70, 031-7416207. Email:


Rädda Barnens centrum - Save the childrens center for kids and youths offers treatments and support for unaccompanied children and youths or with families with or without documents.

Phone: 08-698 90 00, ask to talk to centre for youths and kids .



Röda Korset / Red cross Stockholm

An independent network of doctors, midwives, psychologists and other professions with different medical background, working volontarily and giving healthcare to undocumented refugees. The care is free of cahrge and you have to book beforehand.

Phone: 020-211 000 (Mon-Thu 9.30am-11.30am, free), 0709-406723 (only SMS).


Tinnerökliniken, Linköping/Norrköping

Works mostly with EU-migrants but also help undocumented refugees to get access to public health care



Other places

There can be contact persons. Contact with the networks in Göteborg or Stockholm for information.




Kris- och Traumacentrum (Crisis and trauma center)

Torture diagnosis, torture assessment etc.

Wollmar Yxkullsgatan 25, 118 50 Stockholm

Phone: 08-515 167 50. Fax: 08-655 77 56. Email:


Red Cross Center for tortured refugees in Stockholm

Phone: 08-772 19 80. Email:


Röda Korsets behandlingscenter för krigsskadade och torterade (Red Cross treatment center for victims of war and torture)

The Red Cross’ different treatment centers for victims of war and torture are there for refugees and their families who suffer of consequences after torture and war.


Malmö/Hässleholm phone: 040-32 65 30. Email:


Skellefteå/Luleå/Umeå phone: 0910-71 78 56/52. Email:


Skövde phone: 0500-42 49 95. Email:


Uppsala/Hedemora phone: 018-18 75 68. Email:


Göteborg phone: 031-711 75 11. Email:



Here, only a few helplines are mentioned. More women’s helplines help undocumented peoples, for example the local women’s helpline in Göteborg.


Kvinnojouren Ada (Women’s helpline Ada)

Non-profit association who operates protected housing for women, girls and childre who need to flee their homes because of violence and threat.

Phone: 031-13 11 66. Email:


Kvinnors nätverk (women’s network)

For women who neet advice and help. Phone: 08-646 10 70.

Helpline for young people. Phone: 020-40 70 40 (9am -10pm, free).



RFSL:s Brottsofferjour

RFSL:s Brottsofferjour (RFSL:s helpline for crime victims) helps and supports LGBT persons about the violence they have been victim for. You can talk to them via phone or email or come to Sveavägen 59 in Stockholm.

Phone: 020-34 13 16 (free number). Email:


Systerjouren Somaya

Systerjouren Somaya offers support dialogues and advice to women and girls in several languages, both via phone and in person. They also have protected housing and conversation groups.

Phone: 020-81 82 83 (working days 9am-16pm, closed for lunch 12am-1pm).

Email: (for women), (for girls)



Operates among others a nationwide helpline, shelter for women and girls and legal advice for girls and women who are subject to violence in close relations. The helpline gives support and legal advice to vulnerable women in more than 40 languages.

Box 891, 101 37 Stockholm.

Phone: 020-52 10 10. Email:



Fackligt Center för Papperslösa (Trade union Center for undocumented refugees)

The Center helps undocumented refugees and asylumseekers to safeguard their rights in the employment market, through information and contact with trade unions. Open Mondays 4pm-7pm.

Rågsveds Folkets Hus, Rågsvedstorget, 124 65 Bandhagen.

Phone: 020-160 10 06. Email:


SAC Syndikalisterna

Syndikalisterna is a trade union organisation where also undocumented refugees can be organized

Sveavägen 98, Box 6507, 113 83 Stockholm.

Phone: 08-522 45 630. Email:



European Court of Human rights


European Council on Refugees and Exiles. Links to conventions about human rights and EU-directives.


Information about the asylum system in other countries List over organisations in other countries (ELENA)


Database with country information

Immigrants instiute. Has an extensive list of organizations for immigrans and refugees


Updates about the situation in many countries


The Migration Acency’s country information


The governments homepage with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs annual reports about human rights in the countries of the world

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