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last update: november 2018

The Western Mediterranean migration route is the busiest this year.  There are strong border controls and deportation agreements between the Spanish state and Sub-saharan countries or Morocco to return third-country nationals. Still, the number of people who manage to enter Spanish territory increases every year.

There are several possibilities of obtaining a residence permit in Spain. Whatever your personal decision, we want to inform you that there are ways of regularization that do not exist in other European countries, such as the so-called "Arraigo Social". Above all we want to support you in finding your way and your place, keeping your right to stay where you want. During the last years there has been an improvement of the asylum system in the Spanish state, it can be a good way to regularize your situation if you want to stay in Spain.

Depending on whether you arrive in Ceuta, Melilla or the peninsula your situation will be different and for that reason we want to summarize all the possibilities and offer you some clues to face possible difficulties.

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