Contacts in Spain

last update november 2018


In this chapter you will find contacts of organizations/associations all over Spain that can support you. If you don't find one in your city look for one that is close to you or call the national organizations. If no one picks up the phone, try again later. Some organizations only work during the morning hours, most of them have a pause between 14h and 17h and they don't usually work on weekends.


Remember: In several regions of the Spanish state, especially in Catalunya, The Basque Country and Galicia, there are diverse cultural identities and languages, and political struggles for autonomy and independence. It’s important to be aware and sensitive to this, since it is very important to a big part of the population.


National Contacts

In case of emergency:
112: this number is valid for any kind of emergency. Use it in case of: medical emergencies (ambulance), fire etc. (firemen) or if you want the police to come. You can call this number always, even if you don't have any money on your phone.


There are some Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) present all over Spain. You can find out if they have an office close to you on their websites . If you can’t find the information online, you can also ask people around you as these organizations are quite well-known.




Accommodation, legal/social assistance, courses




Accommodation, legal assistance especially for asylum seekers


Cruz Roja

Accommodation, social/sanitary assistance, courses




Accommodation, legal/social assistance, courses


MPDL (Movimiento por la Paz)


Accommodation, legal/social assistance, courses


Red Acoge

Legal/social assistance, courses


For women:
Programa Onna Adoratrices

+34 693231533


Assistance for victims of human trafficking or forced prostitution

Spanish cities on the African continent



Asociación Elín

Calle Las Adoratrices s/n, 51002 Ceuta
+34 956521476

Spanish classes, general information, fight for your rights, intercultural activities


Centro San Antonio

Carr. Red Permanente, 60-64, frente al polideportivo "Santa Amelia"
51004 Ceuta
Tel: +34 856 205 578 / +34 608 280 235

Spanish classes, leisure activities


Asociación GEUM DODOU

Calle Ibáñez Marín 19, Melilla
Spanish classes


Melilla Acoge
Plaza de las Victorias 6. 52005 Melilla/ Calle Cataluña 57. 52006 Melilla

Tlf: 952670893/ 952672850


Opening-hours: 9:00 a 14:00/ 16:00 a 20:00

Legal and social advice, sanitary assistance, professional training

Southern Spain





Algeciras-Tarifa-Barbate-Plataforma Estrecho +34-602660753


Cadiz - City


APDHA (Asociación Pro Derechos Humanos de Andalucía)

Calle Barbate, 62, 1ºC, 11012 Cádiz

Tlf: 956 22 85 11


Information, defense of human rights


Centro social “Padre Cuceyra”

Av: Agustín Bálsamo S/N

+34 956-668-555

Monday to Friday 9:00-14:00 h

Social work, food, showers, hairdressing


Comité Anti-sida - Campo de Gibraltar

C/ Gregorio Marañón S/N

+34 956-634-828

Monday to Friday 9:00-14:00h

Social work, breakfast (9:00-10:30h)


Jerez de la frontera


Red de Acogida a Inmigrantes de Jerez

Sindicato CNT. Edificio Sindicatos, plaza del Arenal, 20 - bajo - 11402 Jerez de la Frontera.

Contacts: Aurore: Tel.:+34-659748529 (French) and Manuel +34-640760935 (English)

Support at appointments, Spanish classes.



C/Vicario 16, 11403 Jerez de la frontera


Social assistance, legal advice, support at appointments



C / Cantarería 2, 11404 Jerez de la Frontera






Algeciras Acoge

C/ Sevilla, 35 Bajo. 11201 Algeciras

Tlfnos: +34 956 63 40 03 / +34 956 63 33 98


General information, legal advice, Spanish courses



Paseo de la conferencia 9, edificio las olas, bajo, 11207 Algeciras

Tel.: +34-956560946

Asylum, accommodation


For women:

Fundación Cruz Blanca

Paseo de la Conferencia, no 7

+34 956-603-490

Open 24h every day

Support for sex workers, support for women in vulnerable situations






Asociación Marroquí

Calle Jinetes, nº 5, 29012 Málaga
Tlf: +34 952.21.89.87

Legal and social advice, courses, special training for women, labour orientation



Oficina de Atención al Refugiado, 1st floor

c/ Cuarteles 33

Tel.: +34952 22 40 76

Legal advice


Liga Malagueña

C/ Cruz Verde 20

Tlf.: +34952210911

Opening-hours: Monday-Thursday: 8h-14h30, Tuesdays and Thursdays: 16h-19h30.

Legal advice about residency documents.


La casa invisible

c/Nosquera 11

29008 Malaga

It’s a self organisated social-cultural center, the yard opens daily 9h-22h30.

Ask there for “bienvenidos refugiados”


Centro Arrabal

c/ Sevilla 8, 29009 Málaga

Tlf.: 952 300 500

Opening-hours: Monday-Friday: 9h-14h, Monday-Thursday:16-19h

Monday and Friday morning they offer support for writing CVs. Make an appointment before.


Hermana de la Inmaculada

c/ la Victoria 72, 74

Opening-hours: Monday- Friday: 10h-12h30 and 18h30-20h30.

Support finding work, mainly for women in the domestic service area.






Granada Acoge

Calle Portería Santa Paula (no number), 18001 Granada

Tlf: +34 958 200 836 / +34 958 800 428

Monday to Thursday 9h-14h/17h-19h, Friday 9h-14h
General information, legal advice, support to get a health card, Spanish classes


Asociación Inlayapas

Calle Portería Santa Paula (no number), 3rd floor, 18001 Granada

Tlf: +34 958282929 / +34 638570784


Monday to Friday 10h-13h and Monday to Thursday 16h30-18h30

Support with labour issues, professional training


Bureau for migrants at the City Hall (SAI) del Ayuntamiento de Granada

c/ Santa Rosalía nº 6, Ground floor

Telf: +34 958180047

Information on legal and bureaucratic procedures

For women:

Fundación Amaranta

Tlf: +34 646887625


Support for sex workers and victims of human trafficking, psychological support for families



Support number to accompany and orientate:

Tel. :+34-637228214 and +34-631440134


Motril Acoge

Camino de las Cañas, 56

Monday- Friday 11am-1pm. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 5pm-7pm.

Spanish Class, support in issuing medical cards, support finding a job




Almería city



Avenida del Largo Caballero 52, Almería 950 271 575

C/ Padre Luque 11, 2º, Almería +34-950 271 575

Information for refugees and migrants, reception centers, international protection-processes



c/Jorge Guillén,1,Bajo, frente a Carrefour, Almería. Tel:+34-950170038 / +34-63727513.

Legal advice and political support


Médicos del Mundo

C/Juan de la Encina, 2, Almería, +34-950 25 24 32.

First Aid, medical healthcare


Cruz Roja Almería

Asamblea Provincial C/Nicolás Salmeron, 28, 04002
Tlf: +34-950257367.

Legal consultation, humanitarian aid, labor orientation


CODENAF (Asociación Cooperación al Desarrollo con el Norte de áfrica)

C/ San Antón, 4, Almería Teléfono +34-950273195

Correo: codenafalmeria[at]

Advice, Spanish classes, support with labour issues


For women:

Asociación de Cooperación e Investigación de Mujeres y Niños Inmigrantes

General Luque, 7, 1.º 5.ª, Almería, +34-669 329 209, ejbari[at]

Legal consultation, training, orientation for women and children


Mujeres en Zona de Conflicto

C/ Séneca 6, 04001 Almería

+34 950 100 546


Legal and psychological assistance,support with labour issues, social assistance for women and children



COLEGA Asociación Colectivo de Lesbianas, Gays, Bisexuales y Transexuales de Almería.

Local 1, Ctra. Sierra Alhamilla, 54, 04007 Almería, +34-950 65 00 09.

Legal, psychological and informative consultation for LGBTI people.


For minors

Asociación Innova

C/Fuente de los Molinos, 127, Almería Teléfono +34-950 22 79 84.

Information about education and labour for minors from 16 to 18 who are in the system of protection of minors and for people over 18 who have been in the system of protection of minors.


El Ejido



c/Toledo, 50, El Ejido,Tel:+34-950484558 / +34-61718551.

Consultation about legal situation, political support



Paraje Soto Molinero, 1, Hoya Bojar (Las Norias), El Ejido, +34-677 467 492

Reception, information for refugees and migrants, reception centers, international protection-processes





Travesía Bojares s/n en San Isidro,Nijar

Te.: +34-638223967

Consultation about your legal situation, political support



Calle Pantano, 2, Nijar, +34-687 102 184

Reception,information for refugees and migrants, reception centers, international protection-processes


Roquetas de Mar


Cruz Roja Roquetas de Mar (Área Migrantes y Refugiados)

Avd. Roquetas de Mar, 106, Roquetas de Mar Teléfono: +34-950322912

Correo: roquetas[at]

Legal consultation for the asylum process, clothes, food



Paseo de los Baños, 65, Roquetas de Mar, +34-950 321 880

Reception, information for refugees and migrants, reception centers, international protection-processes



For women:
MZC (Mujeres en zona de conflicto)

C/ Cartaya, 1 Bajo

21002 Huelva

+34 959 251 396


Legal/Psychological advice, support finding a job, assistance for women with children



Asisti Cuenca Minera
C/ La Huerta Nº 8, 21660 Minas De Ríotinto, Huelva

+34 615834477

asisticm[at] / fb: Asisti Cuenca Minera

Support for legal issues/sanitary assistance/searching for accommodation






ODS (Oficina de Derechos Sociales) Asociación Socio – Cultural Barrios

Plaza de Pumarejo, 3 (Centro Vecinal Pumarejo)

Tel. +34-658 647 986. E-mail: ods.sevilla.ods[at]

Opening-hours: Monday and Wednesday 10:00 to 14:00h

Legal, social and labour advice.


Asociación Sevilla Acoge

Avda. Cristo de la Expiración, s/n (Bajos del Puente del Cachorro) 41001 Sevilla, Bus C3, C4, 6.

Tel.: +34-954902960

Social and legal services and advices for migrants (information on accommodation). Spanish language courses. Special attention to minors and women.


CODENAF Sevilla (Cooperación y Desarrollo con el Norte de Africa)

Tlf: +34 954903541.

Sánchez Pizjuán, 9, local sótano. Sevilla, 41009


They provide legal advice Tuesdays and Wednesdays afternoon. Only with appointment.


Asociación Claver

Av. Eduardo Dato, 20, 41018 Sevilla

Tlf: +34 954 93 21 79

Social services and advice, courses, information about accommodation


Espacios Berakah
Calle Cervantes, nº 7

41003 Sevilla

Accommodation (when transferred from other organisations), spanish classes, intercultural activities


Movimiento por la Paz (M.P.D.L.)

c/Imagen 6, fourth floor, right side. Busses: 10, 11, 12, 15, 24, 27, 32, B2.
Tlf.: +34 954 22 21 34
Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10:00 – 13:00.

Accommodation and advice.


Centro de ayuda al refugiado (C.E.A.R)

Calle San Jorge 7, casa 2. 41010 Sevilla / Calle Relator, 6 41002 Sevilla / Avenida de Hytasa 10, 41006 Sevilla

Tlf.: +34 954 61 91 64
Assistance in obtaining administrative resources for refugees and asylum seekers


MAD África

C/Antonio Susillo 28-30 41002. Sevilla

Tlf: +34 954 905 867


Fight for your rights, participation in society, political actions


For women:

MZC (Mujeres en zona de conflicto)

C/ Manuel Villalobos,23

41009 Sevilla

+34 954 563 543


Legal/Social/Psychological assistance, assistance for women with children


Centro Alba

C/ Relator número 33, 41002 Sevilla

Tlf: +34 954 901 283 / +34 618 305 529


Monday-Thursday 10:00-14:00/16:30-20:30; Friday 10:00-14:00

Social assistance, information on work issues, assistance for sex workers, assistance for women with children

Villa Teresita - Sevilla
Tel: +34 95 492 39 51
Tel 24h: +34 605 094 074
Sanitary and social assistance to women in situation of prostitution or human trafficking


Asociación Mujeres entre Mundos
C/ Sebastián Llano, 28. 41.015 Sevilla (España)
Tlf: +34 954 379932
Opening-hours: Monday-Friday 9:00-14:00
Professional training and empowerment for women



C.C.O.O.(Comisiones Obreras)

C/ Trajano 1. A, Sevilla

Tlf: +34 954 222 997.
Monday and Wednesday 9:00 – 14:00 and 16:30 – 19:00, Tuesday and Thursday 7:30 – 15:00, Friday 7:30 – 14:30.

Trade union which offers specialized legal and employment advice for immigrants.


U.S.O. (Unión Sindical Obrera)

C/ Maria Coronel, 34 Sevilla. Bus 10, 11, 12 ,15.
Tlf: +34 954293017.
Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:45 – 13:00. Numbers in order of arrival, from 9:30.

Support for obtaining and renewing residence permits, working permits, visas, etc.


Asociación de Empleadxs del Hogar de Sevilla
Fb: @Empleadashogarsevilla

Fighting for the rights of domestic workers





For women:
MZC (Mujeres en zona de conflicto)

Calle San Pablo, nº 9 · 14002 Córdoba (España)

+34 957 082 000


Legal/Psychological advice, support finding work, assistance for women with children

Comunidad de MURCIA




Murcia Acoge
Calle Alberto Sevilla Nº 1, Bloque 1, Esc. 5. C.P. 30011, Murcia
Tlf:+34 968271652


Temporary accommodation, legal advice, support finding a job, Spanish classes



Murcia Acoge

Avda. Nueva Cartagena, 68 – bajo 7. 30310, Cartagena
Tlf: +34 968505301

General information, legal advice

Central Spain



València - City


València és refugi

València és


Ana (English, Farsi, Pashto, Arabic):Tel: +34-657789133

Lucia (French, Arabic):Tel.:+34-684413173

Support for migrants who are outside of the state funded support program


Valencia Acoge

C/San Juan Bosco 10, 46019 Valencia
Tlf: +3496 366 01 68
Legal and social advice, temporary accommodation and help to find accommodation, professional training




For women:
MZC (Mujeres en zona de conflicto)

C/Fernán Pérez,2 Bajo

06400 Don Benito, Badajoz

+34 924 090 890


Legal/Psychological advice, support finding a job, assistance for women with children



 Cáceres Capital

ADHEX (Asociación de Derechos Humanos de Extremadura)

Calle Amberes 10, 5b

10005 Cáceres

+34 927629370

Monday to Friday 8:00 to 15:00 only with appointment

Legal and social advice


For women:
MZC (Mujeres en zona de conflictos)

C/General Margallo,9.Bajo

10003 Cáceres

Tlf: +34 927 707 905


For victims of gender-based violence


Puebla de Obando

ADHEX (Asociación de Derechos Humanos de Extremadura)

+34 924109655


Legal and social advice, please make appointment via phone





Asociación de Sin Papeles de Madrid

C/ Olivar 47, Lavapiés (at the place of The Asociation Mbolo Moy Dole)

Legal advice for migrants every Thursday from 20:30 to 21:30.



Plaza Santa María Soledad Torres Acosta 2, 28004 Madrid

Tel: +34-915 31 23 12

Legal advice for refugees. Ask for an appointment

La Merced Migraciones

C/ Bocángel 2, 28028 Madrid

Tel: +34-913 55 55 50

Legal advice for refugees and migrants, professional training


San Carlos Borromeo

C/ Peironcely 2, 28053 Madrid

Tel. +34-914778578 Fx. 914778399

Móvil: +34-676058347

E-mail: sancarlos[at]

Church supporting migrants


CEAR (Comisión española de ayuda al refugiado)

Avenida de Asturias 33, Bajo, 28029 Madrid

Tel. +34-91 555 06 98

Fax. +34-91 555 54 16

Legal advice for migrants and refugees. Ask for an appointment


Fundación CEPAIM

Calle Nicolás Morales, 11, 28019 Madrid

Tel: +34-915 98 51 56

Legal advice for refugees and migrants


Pueblos Unidos

Calle Geranios, 30, 28029 Madrid

Tel: +34-917 32 06 91

Legal advice for refugees and migrants


Mundo en Movimiento

Interactive website with a complete guide of resources for immigrants in Madrid (currently in construction)


SOS Racismo Madrid

C/ Lavapiés nº 13,Madrid

Tel: +34-91 559 29 06

Office for information and complaints (ask for an appointment)



c/ Santa Engracia 140

Tel.:+34-9155 31873

Reception, legal assistance, labour orientation, food and clothes


Samour Social

Carrera de san Fransisco 10


Accommodation, social assistance


Centro SocialLa Ingobernable

C/ Gobernador 39, 28014 Madrid

Wednesday at 8 p.m. assembly of the “Welcome Refugees Solidarity Network”

Red Solidaria de Acogida (Welcome Refugees Solidarity Network)


Facebook:Red de Acogida Solidaria Twitter:RSAcogida

Wednesday at 8 p.m. assembly at Centro Social La Ingobernable

Canal Refugiadxs

Tel./Telegram/whatsapp (Helena y Juan): +34 722 339 745

National network of activists and organizations in support of migrants and refugees


For women:

MZC (Mujeres en zona de conflicto)

Callejón de Murcia, 06 local

28017 Madrid

+34 91 831 6419


Legal and psychological advice, job searching, social assistance for women with children




C/ Esparteros 1, 3º Puerta 5 , 28012 – Madrid

Horario: de lunes a viernes 9:00 a 14:00 y 16:00 a 19:00

Opening-Hours: from monday-friday 9:00 to 14:00 and 16:00 to 19:00

Tel. +34-915 211 174.


For LGBTIQ people: Legal consultation, reception, support in the asylum process, Spanish-classes


For minors:

Fundación Raíces

C/ Las Pedroñeras 41, 28043 Madrid

Tel: +34 91 388 30 76

legal advice: Tel: +34 91 388 27 70

Defending the rights of unaccompanied minors, accompanying minors, helping with asylum applications





Burgos Acoge

Avda. Castilla y León, 34, 09006 Burgos

Tel.: +34 947 232303

Legal advice, general information, temporary accommodation, Spanish classes, professional training

Northern Spain



El espacio del Inmigrante
Carrer d’Agustí Duran i Sanpere, 1, 08001 Barcelona
mail: einmigrante[at]
Space to meet, debate and cooperate
Assembly: Tuesday 20h
Legal advice: Wednesday from 20h on and Friday from 17h on.
Medical assistance: Friday from 20h on
Psychological assistance: Friday from 20h on

Punt de suport de persones migrants
Appointment via email:
accompanying to and support for appointments, information for people on the move

Sindicato Popular de Vendedores Ambulantes
C/ d’En Roig 13, 08001 Barcelona
Selforganized collective of street sellers in defense of social and labour rights

C/Aragó 281 2-2, 08009 Barcelona
Tel.: +34-934 87 38 16
Opening hours: Monday-Thursday: 09:00-14:00
Accommodation, asylum

Servicio de Atención a los Inmigrantes, Extranjeros y Refugiados (SAIER)
Avinguda Parallel, 202, Metro: Espanya (L3). Tel:+34-93 256 27 00ón-a-los-inmigrantes-extranjeros-y-refugiados_4786
City council service: First social support no matter the administrative situation, legal advice (also for documents), specific support for asylum seekers, professional training and language courses

Comissió Catalana d'Ajuda al Refugiat-CCAR
c/ Junta del comerç 26, baixos, 08001 Barcelona. Tel. +34-93 301 25 39

first arrival support, legal advice, training and job support, interpreters service. Advocacy for asylum seekers rights

Cruz Roja Barcelona
Carrer de Joan d'Àustria, 118-120, 08018 Barcelona
Teléfono: +34 933 00 65 65
Accommodation, asylum

Fundació Migrastudium
C/ Palau, 3, 08002 Barcelona - Tel. +34 934 120 934
Support for inmates in the Closed Immigration Centre (CIE) of Barcelona, clothes, Spanish classes

Comunidad de Sant’Egidio
Calle Hospital 140, 08001 Barcelona,
Tel.:+34-934 41 81 23
Language courses and other services

Accomodation and Basic Needs:

Kasa de la muntanya - Associació d’Amics del Reciclatge
Avda Santuari de Sant Josep de la Muntanya 31-35. CP 08024. Barcelona.
Tel. +34-679078071/+34-605951012 (SMS, whatsapp o telegram).
e-mail: kmuntanya[at]
Temporary accommodation and support in collective coexistence, especially to women, children and people who suffer from persecution because of their sexual orientation or identity. Space squatted in 1989 as community housing.

Centro de urgencias y emergencias sociales de Barcelona (CUESB)
Carrer de la Llacuna, 25, 08005 Barcelona. Tel.: +34-900 703 030
24 hours service
Medical service, food, urgent accommodation

Arrels Fundació
Carrer de la Riereta, 24, 08001 Barcelona. Tel.: +34-934 41 29 90
Accommodation for people in the street

Social kitchens (food for free):

Comedor social “La Terrasseta”
C/ Fraternitat, 40, 08012 Barcelona, Grácia
Only dinner.

Comedor Social Paral.lel
Avenida Paral·lel, 97*LB, 08004 Barcelona,Sants-Montjuïc
Only lunch.

Comedor Social Navas
Avenida Meridiana, 238*240, 08027 Barcelona, Sant Andreu
Only lunch.

Comedor Social “Cor de Maria”
Calle Grassot, 28*32, 08025 Barcelona
Only lunch

For Women

Mujeres Pa’lante
L'Hospitalet de Llobregat - Collblanc
C/ Creu Roja, 8. Local.,Tel.: +34-93 263 3765
Monday - Friday: 11h-14h / 17h-20h
Sant Andreu
C/ Cuba 2-6, 1er piso, oficina 2B., Tel. +34-93 312 2168
With appointment
C/ Villarroel 10, bajos. Tel. +34-93 106 7222 / +34-653 367 983
Monday - Friday: 10h-14h / 17h-20h
legal advice, psychological advice, support with labour issues, professional training

Calle Rocafort 242 Bis piso 1 Despacho D-11, Tel.:+34 931630442
Email: aomicat[at]
Facebook: Asociación Mujeres Migrantes en Cataluña
Information, professional training. Only with appointment.

taller de intervenciones críticas transfeministas antirracistas combativas
C/Santa Dorotea 9* [ M L3 – pl. España ], 08004 – Barcelona
email: tallerintervencionescriticas[at]
Ask for timetable via mail
Information talks, workshops, psychological and social support

For minors:

Dirección General de Atención a la Infancia y la Adolescencia (DGAIA)(menores no acompañados)
Avenida Paralelo 52, 08001 Barcelona
Tel.: +34-934 83 10 00
Public service for unaccompanied minors



Ongi Etorri
C/ Pelota 2, bajo
Opening hours: Monday - Friday 11h30 - 13h30 and Monday - Thursday also 18h  - 20h
Legal consultation, information about resources, cultural activities

SMUS (Service Municipale d’Urgences sociales)
C/ Uribitarte 11, bajo
Tel.: +34-944701460
Monday-friday: 9-13h and 16-20h
Accommodation, food and other social services

For women:
Proyecto Maitesuma - Adoratrices
Calle Monte Arno nº5 -48007- Bilbao
+34 944731920
Social assistance for women in vulnerable situations


Donostia / San Sebastián

Red Ciudadana de Acogida
Gaztetxe Txantxarreka Paseo Heriz, 22 San Sebastián (Barrio del Antiguo).
Support for migrants in transit to other European countries, information on public resources, temporary accommodation, useful information for the journey

SOS Racismo
C/ Duque de Mandas 36. Donostia San Sebastián. Tel. +34-943 321811.
Information and legal consultation, information about the journey, contacts to support groups and -places

Cruz Roja San Sebastián
Avda. Ategorrieta, 10, 20013 San Sebastián.
Tel. +34-943 22 22 22
Paseo de Mons 3. Donostia / San Sebastián.
Tel. +34-943 32 64 80
Accommodation center, hosts people passing through the city. Maximum stay 3 days, 5 days in case of special vulnerability. A person can be hosted again after one month.
Cruz Roja also offers: clothes, showers, food, urgent medical assistance

Parroquía de la Sagrada Familia de Amara. San Sebastián.
Accommodation center with 25 beds, social kitchen (breakfast, lunch, dinner), hygiene and medical assistance, laundry


SOS Racismo
Calle Pablo Iglesias 11, 2º piso.
Tel. +34-658749756
General information, legal advice, useful information for the journey, contact to support structures

Centro Municipal de Acogida Social “Gaztelutxo”
Calle Miguel de Alduncin, 20. Errenteria. Tel. +34- 943 51 18 03
Accommodation for people passing through the city. Maximum stay 3 days. A person can be hosted again after one month. General information, food and hygiene.


Gaztetxe Lakaxita
Calle Anaka Kalea 20.  Irún. Tel. +34-688812330
Support for migrants in transit to other European countries, information on public resources, temporary accommodation, useful information for the journey

Cruz Roja Irún
Avenida Euskal Herria 14 - local 1 y 2 – Irún.Tel. +34-943621162
irun[at]  /
Cruz Roja Irun coordinates the accommodation center “Martindozenea”. Maximum stay 3 days, vulnerable cases 5 days. It provides: clothes, food and urgent medical assistance.


For women:
Malen Etxea
San Telmo Kalea, 24, 20750 Zumaia
+34 943 576095 / +34 653 729 117 / +34 688 641 917
Advice, professional training



No Borders Asturias Ensin Muries
Contact via Mail:ensinmuries[at]
Support with appointments


Asturias Acoge
C/ Oscura, 3, 1º Dcha., 33009 Oviedo
Whatsapp: +34 691584228
Tel.: +34-985203992
Monday - Thursday: 16:30 - 20:00
Legal and social assistance


A Coruña
A Coruña

Phone the number 010for information about the city and its offerings.

WIFIopen and for free in all municipal libraries.

Equus Zebra
C/ Villa de Negreira, 9, 15011
Tel.:+34-881 898 930
Spanish classes, labour-orientation, legal consultation, psychological consultation, food

Plaza José Toubes Pego 1, 2º, 15007
Tel: +34-981.16.88.97
Spanish classes, urgent accommodation, legal consultation, psychological consultation

Ecos do Sur
Avenida Finisterre 109, 15004
Tel.:+34-881 965 692
Legal consultation, labour-orientation, Spanish classes, support with medical healthcare, support for mothers, support for victims of human trafficking

Tel.:+34-881 88 94 60
Support for mothers, education, labour-orientation, professional training

SOS Racismo
C/ Alcalde Lens 34, 1ºC, 15010
Tel.:+34-881 963 797/ 698 163 742
Legal consultation, reporting racial discrimination

UAMI(servicio municipal)
Plaza de nuestra Señora s/n piso 3º, 15007
Tel.:+34-981 184 377 / Tel.:+34-981 189 867
Legal consultation, labour orientation

Ecodesarroio Gaia
C/ Antonio Pereira, 15007
Tel.:+34-629 81 75 81
Spanish classes, first reception and information

Juan Soñador – Teranga
Plaza de María Auxiliadora, 7, 15003
Tel.:+34-981 102 978 / Tel.:+34-607 577 395
Spanish classes, Galician classes, labour orientation

Biblioteca de la Sagrada Familia
C/ Antonio Pereira 1, bajo, 15007
Tel.:+34-981 18 43 92

C/ Reyes Magos 8, bajo, 15007
Tel.:+34-981 26 98 39
Professional training, Spanish classes

Centro Eduardo Pondal
C/ Educación, 3 (edificio de la UNED), 15011
Spanish classes, Galician classes, reading and writing classes

C/ Alberto Datas Panero 12, 15007
Tel.:+34-981 24 92 21
Urgent accommodation, food distribution, Spanish classes, clothes distribution

Centro de baja exigencia Abeiro
Plaza Luis Rodríguez Lago s/n 15002
Tel.:+34-981 184 200
Urgent accommodation

Padres Rubinos
Ronda de Outeiro 325, 15011
Tel.:+34-981 90 11 22
Showers, food, urgent accommodation, clothes, laundry

Cocina Económica
C/Cordelería, 10, 15003
Food, showers, laundry

Casco- Comité anti sida de A Coruña
c/ Padre Sarmiento, 24, 15005
Tel.:+34-881923908 / Tel.:+34-698188896
comicasco[at] / comicasco[at]
Urgent accommodation, food, clothes, laundry.

Ejército de Salvación
C/ Francisco Añón, 9, 15010
Food distribution, breakfast, clothes, showers, laundry

For women
Fundación Mujeres
Avenida de onelos 121, 1º, 15009
Tel.:+34-981 294 097
Labour-support, consultation, information about labour rights, support for care-workers.

Santiago de Compostela

Médicos del Mundo
C/ Galeras, 13, 15705
Tel.:+34-981 57 81 82
Support to get the health card (access to public health care)

Fundación Ronsel
Calle Galeras, nº 13. 1ª planta, oficina 8, 15705
Tel.:+34-881 087 241
Support for labour issues, legal advice

C/ Rúa da Carreira do Conde, 14, 15701
Tel.:+34-981 55 44 33
Support for labour issues

Cruz Roja
Avenida de Lugo, 42, 15703
Tel.:+34-981 58 69 69
Support for labour issues

Juan Soñador - Teranga.
C/ Peña Trevinca, 8 – Baixo./ 32005 Ourense
Tel.: +34-988 511 674  /+34- 636 964 509
Professional training, support for labour issues, social orientation

Moratín Nº 2 de Ourense
Tel.: +34-988613822 / +34-698131032
Migrants’ self organization, women

La Asociación de Inmigrantes Senegaleses de Ourense (Aiso)
Rúa Calpurnia Abana, 1/
Tel.:+34-988 04 43 65
email: aisourense[at]

Asociación Personas Venezolanas Alma Llanera
Programa de Inmigrantes y Emigrantes Retornados
C./ Bispo Carrascosa, número 8
Legal assistance

Cruz Roja Ourense
Díaz de la Banda, 40, CP. 32004
Tel.: +34-988 222 484

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