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Last update: January 2013

Family reunification (regular residence permit)

•    Family reunification:

when your husband or wife (or when you are a minor: your father or mother) has a residency permit in the Netherlands. In general, you need a valid passport, a valid mvv (visa for a stay longer than 3 months) from the Dutch embassy or consulate in your (or neighboring) country of origin, and have passed the Dutch language and integration exam in your country of origin. The person legally residing in the Netherlands needs to have a job contract for the whole next year or longer and to have at least minimum income. There are additional requirements for other family members. There are exemptions from the mvv requirement.

•    Right on family and private life (8EVRM):

When deportation to your country of origin would mean a violation of your family life (family life can be with your minor child, partner, or other family members when there are more emotional ties). You need a valid passport. Often this is the case for a parent who wants to stay with her or his minor child, who was born when you had legal stay and the relationship with the other parent is over.

•    EU-route:

When your partner or minor child has or obtained the Dutch (or another European) nationality and moves to another EU member state for about 6 months, you have the right to accompany this person and obtain legal residence in that country. You should not rely on welfare services of that EU country, you need an identity document and you need to register your place of residence to the local authorities. After a minimum of 3 months (in practice it may take 6 months), when the person you accompany returns to the Netherlands, you obtain a Dutch residence permit.

Family member of someone with an asylum permit (asylum permit)

When you are a spouse, or a minor child of a person that recently obtained an asylum status in the Netherlands and you entered the Netherlands at the same time or within 3 months after this person arrived here, you can get a permit as well. This is also possible when you are a partner or grown-up child and you are very dependent on this person. Note: the government plans to change this.

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