Detention in Lithuania

If you have entered the country "illegally", you can be detained as illegal immigrant if you don't apply for asylum.

Undocumented immigrants are detained in the Foreigners’ Registration Centre (near the border of Belarus). This centre is a former military base and has two sections: one for undocumented immigrants with movements restrictions and one for asylum seekers (during their application procedure). Section for asylum seekers is an open camp (they have right to leave this place for 24 hours) and renovated, but living conditions are still very poor and not suitable for a longer stay. There are lack of activities and the treatment of wards is harsh. The law does not foresee a maximum duration of the stay in this place. Such accommodations occasionally last one year or more and during this period you are not allowed to work. Many asylum seekers use the right to leave for 24 hours and flee.

There is possibility to choose another place to stay during the application procedure, but you have to live on your own and being crossed and stayed in the country legal. Noteworthy is what most of asylum seekers do not have many chances to get visa or valid travel documents from the state they left, so almost all of them are housed in the Foreigners’ Registration Centre.

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