Asylum in Lithuania

Granting asylum in Lithuania means receiving permanent (refugee status) or temporary residence permit and integration program for 1-1,5 years.

Permanent residents have access to full labor market and full social assistance. They can stay in the country unlimited, they have the right to family reunification, to work and get free medical aid. But it is very difficult to get permanent residence permit. In 2008 only 2,8 % of all applicants have got  permanent residence permit, 2009 – 2,4 %, 2010 – 0,2 %. 

Temporary residents are allowed to work, and employer pays for compulsory health insurance. If they do not have a legal job, they have to pay for medical assistance. Temporary residents are also not allowed for family reunification.    

According to officially information, asylum seekers can submit an application at the state border crossing point, city (district) territorial police services or Foreigners’ Registration Centre (Pabradė, Švenčionys district). In reality not everyone is allowed to use this right. International organisations are criticising the country turning back asylum seekers without having their claims reviewed. Old but still adequate to reality example is from 2002 when Lithuanian border guards refused an entry to 26 Chechens and returned them to Belarus linking Chechens with terrorists.

After applying for asylum you will be interviewed and asked to present all available documents and travel tickets, report personal data, reasons for seeking asylum and information about your travel route. 

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