Deportations from Italy

last update: January 2016

If your application for international protection is declined and you receive a denial by the territorial Commission, you can contact a lawyer to appeal to the Court. The court which hears your appeal is the one located in the capital of the District of the Court of appeal in which the territorial Commission is established or the SPAR if you are in such a centre. From the date of refusal by the Commission, you have 30 days to file an appeal, upon expiry of which you no longer have the right to stay in Italy legally.

If you are in a “CIE” or “CARA” you have 15 days to file an appeal.

Please refer to the operators of your reception centre or at the organisations close to where you are to find a lawyer to take your appeal.  You can ask an Italian State aid called "legal aid" i.e.. the possibility to appeal against the refusal free of charge if you have an income less than approximately 11,000 euro.



If you are in Italy and would like to return to your home country, you must know that the Italian Government has activated a series of assisted repatriation plans through the International Organisation for Migration (IOM). As this programme has been initiated, it is necessary for you to declare your desire to go back to your home country. You can call the free number 800 722071 for more information about the programme.

These programmes can provide concrete help in arranging the trip, pay the costs, in obtaining the necessary documents and give you any support with social and economic reintegration in your home country.

IMPORTANT! You cannot receive  assisted voluntary return if you have been issued a deportation order .

IMPORTANT! If you decide to join the programme, you will lose your status and your residence permit in Italy.



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