Info leaflet on the "Security Decree" or "Salvini Decree" of December 2018 in English, French and Italian (Last update: March 2019)

Italy > Contacts

Note that some numbers may be active only on some days or only during working hours (i.e. only in the morning and/or afternoon and/or only from Monday to Friday). If you don't  find here the contacts for your region or city where you are now, look for contacts nearest to your region or town or call the national contacts. For any emergency and information, you can always write to or
IMPORTANT: the services and activities provided by contacts included in this section are free.
Remember: If you do not have an Italian phone number, you have to type 0039 at the beginning of the number.

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Italy > Overview

"Welcome to Italy" guide (May 2018): you can read and download all the versions of the guide in the printings section or directly here below:
English language:    long/web version       short/print version
Italian language:      long/web version        short/print version
French language:    long/web version       short/print version
Arabic language:     long/web version       short/print version   
Farsi language:       long/web version    short/print version

Tigrinya language: long/web version     short/print version

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Italy > Safety at Sea

For twenty years, the EU has been denying visas to most applicants. Many of them wish to emigrate anyway and attempt to cross the sea clandestinely. This crossing constitutes an offence, and is above all dangerous: during the last twenty years, more than 17,000 deaths have been recorded at the maritime borders of the European Union. This document aims neither at deterring people from nor encouraging them to attempt the crossing, but rather at providing objective information about risks, rights and vital safety measures to take at sea. Part of it can save your life but will not make the crossing any safer for all that.

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Italy > Dublin III

You will find here informations for asylum-seekers about:
  • Going to another country in the European Union
  • Travelling to another European country after obtaining the residence permit in Italy
  • In case you arrived from another European country (so-called Dublinato)
  • Possible news in Italy and Europe from end of 2015 (hotspots, relocation, forced returns and bilateral agreements)

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Italy > Asylum

You'll find here a lot of informations on:
2. Your arrival in Italy
4. General about asylum and laws
5. How to apply for asylum as well as procedure, decision and claim
2.4. Forced return in order to Dublin convention from another country (so-called "Dublinato") as well as possible news on hotspots, relocations, forced returns and bilateral agreements.
You can also download the whole guide for better reading and printing.

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Italy > Gender

You have the right to special measures of help if you are a minor, an unaccompanied minor, a disabled person, a senior, a pregnant woman, a parent alone with a minor, a victim of trafficking or torture, a person with a serious illness or mental disorders.

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Italy > Minors

Rights of minors and vulnerable people

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Italy > Detention

You will find here informations about what happens if your asylum claim was refused and the Identification and Expulsion centers (CIE).

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Italy > Deportation

You will find here informations about what happens if your asylum claim was refused and about "assisted voluntary return".

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Italy > Living

Italy > Medical Assistance

The Italian Constitution protects health as a fundamental right of the individual. It is a right that should be guaranteed to ALL, even to those who are not in possession of a regular permit of stay. In Italy EVERYBODY has the right to healthcare in public and private structures credited to the national health system (S. S. N.).

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