Transborder: map of resistance against the european borderregime

The map is an outcome of the transborder conference in Istanbul in March 2012. The participants came from Copenhagen to Bamako and from Tangier to Uzhgorod: in March 2012 about sixty activists from fourteen countries met in Istanbul to exchange and discuss the experiences gained in their projects and campaigns at the external borders of the EU.

It mainly features the attending groups and organisations, their network connections and their common activities. Additionally it includes some  key-incidents of struggles from the last five years against the background of the repressive European migration regime and its continuous externalisation to the east and south. This regime is sketched - very briefly - on the back side of the map. Of course this map does not claim to cover the full picture of resistance against the EU-border regime, but it gives an overview of an increasing number of simultaneous initiatives all over Europe and beyond. Hopefully the list of contacts will inspire more peope and groups to join and interconnect, or to participate with their own projects.

Thus we propose to use this map as yet another tool and as a kind of platform to be completed and updated, in order to foster the transnational approach and the understanding of the struggles for freedom of movement.

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