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Last update: 26.8.2018

The government has published November 28 2012, a regularisation circular. Contrary to what was done in the past, this is not a one-time adjustment (people can apply at one moment, and then it's over), this circular is of continuous application. We may as well submitting our application in six months, a year or more. This is important, because it is better to wait to meet the criteria to file his application.

Regulation criteria are the length of stay in France, work (which means that we have evidence that we have worked), private and family life (children at school, spouse in legal situation, exceptional humanitarian circumstances) or have arrived in France as a minor and get to the age of 18.

The circular refers to the criteria defined by the law and the jurisprudence, and suggests some improvements. Despite these improvements, these criteria are very restrictive.

So beware:
- it is a simple circular, each prefecture may choose to apply in its own way, and you can not use the criteria of the circular to attack a negative decision of the prefecture before the courts;

- apply only if you enter criteria, a negative response to your request will be accompanied by a OQTF (obligation to leave French territory), and you will become expellable at the first identity check.

Don't hesitate to ask advises from a support organisation if you want to apply for regularisation. You may find their contacts here:

More information in French at:


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