Last update : July 2014

“Trapped in Europe’s Quagmire: The situation of asylum seekers and refugees in Bulgaria” (2014) is’s latest report on Bulgaria

The making of the report was undertaken by four independent researchers and follows structural conditions in the country which place asylum-seekers and refugees in an extremely vulnerable position as well as their current precarious situation.

The themes covered in the report are as follows:

I. Push-backs and violence at the Bulgarian border
II. From overcrowded camps to the production of homelessness
III. Integration in flux: a path to exclusion in a state of chaos
IV. Xenophobia and racists assaults: institutions, far-right, street violence
V. Asylum procedures: the legal experts’ opinion
VI. Europe’s most unwanted: restrictions on free movement

Bordermonitoring advises against the conduct of Dublin returns to Bulgaria until the country can ensure dignified treatment of all asylum-seekers and refuges on its territory. Bordermonitoring continues to closely follow the developments in Bulgaria.

The report is available for download at the blog of the Bordermonitoring Bulgaria project: