last update: February 2012

Since 2011, the authorities’ first goal is to deport minors back to their home countries. This is only possible if the authorities can prove that you have family and know where your family is staying. To prove your identity, your home-country and the localization of your family they will also contact the Consul and Embassy.
If they cannot find your family they will try to contact a governmental office of youth welfare to be responsible for you. If they can't find anyone or any institution to be responsible for you, you have the right to stay in
Spain. If you are in danger of persecution in your home country they don't have the right to send you back.
In the case that they are not sure that you are a minor, they take you to the doctor for medical examinations to prove your age. They will examine your bones by taking x-rays. Don’t hesitate to appeal the decision if your age is wrongly.
As a minor, the Spanish government should be responsible for you. They have to assign you a place in a ‘center of incorporation’ and you have to participate in certain ‘integration programs’. If you stay in Spain for nine months, you can receive a residence permit.  If you, as a minor become 18 years old, whilst the Spanish government is responsible for you, you can apply for a resident permit claiming exceptional circumstances.
The condition for getting the resident permit is dependent on your full participation in the integration and education courses.

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