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last update: July 2015

There are very few non-governmental organizations working with  refugees. There is no non-governmental organization working with undocumented migrants, the focus is on asylum seekers. The most prominent organizations include:

  • APC – Asylum protection centre (  – has offered free legal advice to asylum seekers since the creation of the Serbian asylum system in 2008. They also  provide programs of psycho-social assistance to asylum seekers. If the police refuses to give you the 72-hours-paper (potvrda o izrazenoj nameri za trazenje azila: expression of an intention to seek asylum) you can contact them, go to their office, express this intention there and you’ll get a statement of them with which the police shouldn’t refuse to give you this paper.
Contacts: tel:  +381 11 2457-376
mob: +381 63 704-7080 ( the number of the lawyer you can call )
email: sediste(at)
Open every working day from 8 am to 16 pm.
  • BCHR – Belgrade Centre for Human Rights ( -- see also their website about asylum, including information for  asylum seekers in English, French, Russian, Farsi, Pashto and Arabic: – has also been offering free legal and psychological help to asylum seekers, since the beginning of 2012.
Tel/fax :+381 11 3085 328 
Mail: bgcentar[at]
  • Infomobile Serbia - a non-hierarchal, non-profit, self-organized network of no-border activists. The aim of the group, on the one hand, is to support migrants by organizing migrant solidarity actions and on the other hand to document the situation of migrants and police harassment in Serbia. Fighting for a freedom of movement and settlement for all, against all border regimes and “migration management”.

Mail: noborderserbia[at]
Tel.: +381(0)61 64 50 529


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