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Last update: November 2016

How are the living conditions in the closed camps?

There are two kinds of closed camps (detention). Immigration detention is for those people who do not ask for asylum. If you are in an immigration detention, you are in the process of being deported from the country. If you are in immigration detention, you can also ask for asylum. Then you might be transferred to asylum detention. You can see the map of the camps here.

The conditions in asylum detention are very bad. It changes a bit from camp to a camp, but you have very limited internet access, from 15min/day to an hour/every few days. We know that you also want to talk to your family when you are in detention, but it is also good to send a Facebook message or email to the Hungarian Helsinki Committee. You can also write to Migszol: with us, you will talk about the conditions in the closed camps, but for legal advise we will send your contact details to the lawyers we trust from the Hungarian Helsinki Committee.

The food is usually bad in the camps, and there are limited opportunities for reading, etc. It can be very frustrating to be inside detention. Sometimes there are protests inside detention centers, but it is difficult for us, outside of detention, to get information of what happens inside. That’s why we are happy if you write to us.


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