DublinII in France

last update: Decembre 2012

Booklets on DublinII in France in different languages (English, Farsi, French, Arabic, Somali and Russian) can be downloaded from the Website of Dublin Transnational Project (by Forum Refugiés). If you go to the website, then the booklets are in the left side column:


Dublin II from France to Greece

last update: May 2013

France stoped deporting asylum seekers to Greece. People who have left their fingerprints in Greece can therefore apply for asylum in France.

You can challenge your placement in Dublin II procedure by appealing to the administrative court. Sometimes the prefecture did not well respect forms of procedure, in which case you can get it cancelled and get your asylum application to be considered by France. You can also show that you risk abuse in the country where you would be returned. Get help from an association.

In case of other "Dublin-problems" contact:

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Collectif de soutien des exilés du 10ème
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exiles10 (at) rezo.net

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