Contacts in Belgium:

Last update: August 2015
Information about rights for migrants in Belgium (in french). //
Toutes les informations sur les droits des étrangers en Belgique (FR) Asile
Comité Belge d'Aide aux Réfugiés/ Belgisch Comité voor Hulp aan Vluchtelingen Rue Defacqzstraat 1 b 10 1000 Bruxelles Tel 0032-(0)2/537.82.20 Fax 0032-(0)2/537.89.82 Social and legal support (in french) Social and legal support (in dutch) Detention gettingthevoiceout (FR,NL,Engl) Blog to give a voice to those who are imprisoned, abused and deported
at the hands of Belgian detention centres every year.
We want their voices to be heard. Liège

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