Deportation from Austria

last update: March 2016

Legally, deportation is not acceptable if, in the country of destination, the applicant is threatened with persecution or will be subjected to inhumane penalties, the death penalty or torture. An assessment to rule out deportation can be applied for during deportation proceedings.

 If due to real, factual reasons deportation proves impossible (for example: due to missing travel documents) or that a ban on deportation is not acceptable, deportation can be postponed each time for a period not exceeding one year. This postponement can be made because of a person’s job or on application, often with related conditions (for example: obligation to report oneself - to the police or asylum authorities - at regular intervals).

 Please note that, like in all EU countries, unfortunately experiences show that deportations have taken place (sometimes very spontaneous) even though they were neither expected nor legally covered.


In the case of illegal residence/stay in Austria, missing travel documents, etc an administrative penalty/fine can be issued. Of course, it is possible to lodge an appeal against such penalties. Try to contact legal aid as soon as possible.

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